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Is Content Still King in 2021?

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - If you are not new to the world of marketing or business in general, we bet that you have heard the phrase “content is a king” more than once. For years on end, marketers have been investing heavily in their content strategies to meet several purposes simultaneously: Drive market engagement; Initiate new conversations with potential customers; Build strong pipelines; Close deals. Looking at all the goals it lets you achieve, it becomes easy to guess why for so many years, we used to believe that content is the key element of every marketing strategy. But, with so many different proven marketing tactics and new trends emerging every year, is this still true? Can we still say that content is the biggest driving power of your business's success? Let's try to figure it out!   What Is Content? Before we get down to explaining why content is (or isn't) still king in 2021, it's vital that we define the core term first. So, let's take a minute here and try to understand what the term “content” even means. According to the general, broad definition, content is pretty much any experience or piece of information that is meant for a specific audience or end-user. It's just that simple. But, at the same time, grasping the idea can be rather hard since the term is much broader than many of you can believe. For an amateur or someone not really related to the field of marketing, the word “content” will most likely associate with anything written, for example, a blog post, an article, a book, or even an essay you order on the DoMyEssay platform. All these examples indeed can be called content, but there is much more to it than it may seem. In today's digitally-driven world, content comes in a variety...

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