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Mandevilla: Complete Planting, Growing, and Care Guide

Posted By planetnatural on Home - Mandevilla, also known as rocktrumpet, is a classic tropical vine and a great way to brighten up and add a pop of color to any sunny area in your garden. It’s native to Central and South America and is growing in popularity as more and more gardeners learn about their stunning blooms. They feature showy trumpet-shaped five-petaled flowers, which usually come in shades of red, white, pink, or with occasional yellow throats. Their pleasant fragrance is especially attractive to pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Mandevilla vines are an especially popular patio plant that’s well-suited to containers. They’ve experienced a comeback in popularity in recent years, and breeding efforts to broaden the vine’s variety continue. Some species in the genus have smaller, more abundant blooms, while others have fewer, larger blooms. This tender perennial can be grown outside all year long in frost-free climates, as an annual in colder climates, or as a houseplant from year to year when overwintered. Although they can bloom all year in warm climates, they typically bloom in the summer and can last into the fall, with their ovate leaves typically having a lustrous green color. These fast-growing vines should be planted in mid-to-late... Read more

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