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Serene Cards Pond Reflections by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

Posted By MadeFromRI on Photography - Walking away from Moonstone Beach in the late afternoon, I look to the east, to my right. Looking upward in the wires, I look to check for fishing lines and a lure. They are there, always different, but always there from someone's errant cast.

This is Card's Pond. This is on the small pedestrian causeway that allows access to Moonstone Beach. It is always calm and serene due to its protection from almost all winds.

Cards Pond is a transitional life metaphor. It's that place that we do not our destination but serves as a transition point that sets our attitudes. We go to the beach with anticipation of a pleasant experience. We leave having had that experience. Somehow, this serene image is what anchors our attitudes hours and days later.

Serenity and peace of mind are the ultimate destinations.

Cards Pond Reflections

Reflections on a stilled Card's Pond in late afternoon light near Moonstone Beach in South Kingstown, Rhode Island

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