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Top 10 Key Features for a Two-Sided Online Marketplace

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - A two-sided marketplace, as the name suggests, involves two parties. One is for demand, and the second is for supply. When a trailer is listed on RVshare, it is a supply. And when you are planning a road trip across the country, it leads to a demand for a trailer. To build a marketplace website that will evolve into a proficient business, you should treat the needs of buyers and sellers equally.   The Most Desirable E-Marketplace Features to Today's Buyers In this article, I will provide five tips per each side that will absolutely make your platform far easier to use.   Easy and Intuitive Checkout Process Are you facing an unexpected abandonment rate on your e-commerce website? Probably the checkout is way too difficult and tricky. Here, you see tips that will help you optimize the checkout and, therefore, put an end to abandonment tendency: Make a shopping cart visible on any page of your marketplace; Make a guest checkout option available; Allow sign-in via credible third-party accounts like Google and Apple; Provide users with multiple payment gateways; Secure your e-marketplace platform. In addition, you really should pay huge attention to mobile app UX. Data shows that mobile e-commerce is continuously growing, which is not going to change in the future. The chart below displays how a share of mobile shopping has been increasing from 2016 to 2021: Image Source: Statista   Search and Filters Let your website visitors be specific about what they’re looking for. This can be: Name of a product Brand Where an item has been made Price range Color Set number Eco-friendly You get the idea. Create a tool that allows filtering search results by features and pricing options. Additionally, make an autocomplete so people won't need to manually type every character.   Customizable...

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