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UX Design vs UI Design in 2021- The Differences

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - Have you ever stopped to wonder: “what do those terms UX and UI mean?” Believe it or not, even people who deal with design daily can confuse the two. As UXPlanet explains it: “User Experience and User Interface are some of the most confused and misused terms in the field”. This is not a secret language that you can't get information on. Phrases such as “great UX” and “bad UI” of a design are not slang that others use. These are used to describe the two most important things that make a website a success – or a failure. If you wish to learn what the two mean and how they are different, you’ve come to the right place.   Defining UX and UI Let’s begin by defining what these two terms mean. UI, or user interface, is anything that users interact with when using a design, digital product, or service. This term captures everything from sounds, lights, screens, keyboards, and behaviors. To understand it better, we should go back to when it all started. In the 1970s, people used a command-line interface when using a computer. It all began with the programming language and those confusing lines of codes, required to complete the simplest of tasks we do with ease nowadays. It was soon after this that a new invention changed technology altogether – the first graphical user interface. From this point forward, people could interact with computers by using icons, menus, and buttons. This certainly made things easier. It was at that point that the computer revolution began. Since then, designers have been putting all of their efforts into creating interfaces with the user in mind. If they didn’t do this, their products wouldn’t sell. Now that the technology world has advanced beyond anyone’s predictions in the past,...

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