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Video Marketing: Social Media Video Marketing in 2020

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - Statistics tell us video content is growing in popularity. People are used to the ‘fast’ content that allows them to scroll through their newsfeed and get information in a few seconds. Internet users don’t even read text anymore, they just scan the words. The time that Internet US users spend watching videos weekly on smartphones is also growing, but joint first place goes to Turkey and Saudi Arabia, where 95% of users watch videos on their devices. It’s time to make use of all possible resources and embed videos into your marketing strategy. Studies show that internet users want to see more video content from their favorite brands and companies. During the pandemic, live streams and broadcasts have become the best and one of the most popular communication formats and the main tool  to connect users, bloggers, and celebrities. Thanks to life streamings’ popularity, 57% of marketers now use live videos in social networks to get more customers and increase click-through rates (CTR). Social Media Video Marketing Strategy Video marketing is based around embedding videos in your branding campaign. It’s no surprise that videos as an element of digital strategies are gaining in popularity. According to TechCrunch, people now watch 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube. But the question is how to embed videos in your marketing plan and where to start. Talking about social media video marketing, TikTok and Instagram are now two of the most popular platforms for videos. But it’s not just them. Thanks to video content popularity, viewers can now get video content in almost any form: virtual reality and 360° videos, branding promotion clips, interactive videos, and more. But despite the efficiency of videos in social media for business, some marketers still don’t have a full understanding of how to use this powerful tool....

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