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What Cheer Port Of Providence by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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What Cheer ProvidenceThe Providence skyline as seen from the Port of Providence

"What Cheer Netop?" is a hybrid greeting bringing the English term, "What cheer do you bring?" and "Netop" meaning "neighbor" or "friend" in the Narragansett language. It is a greeting that is part of the history of Providence.

In 1636, Roger Williams left the Massachusetts Bay Colony seeking religious freedom. After crossing the Seekonk River into what would become Providence. As Williams approached the banks of the river in his canoe, "What Cheer Netop" was the greeting from the Narragansetts.

There is something similar that one feels approaching the Port of Providence in a ship. The skyline of Providence is impressive as the currents make paths leading to the apex.

As The River Runs

As The River RunsViewing up the Providence River and into the city of Providence, Rhode Island

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