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Why Plagiarism Is Important in Content Marketing Strategies

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - When you are asked to write an article on marketing strategies do you think you are the only one who has written about this topic? The answer is NO. If you are writing an article, it is certainly expected of you that what you write in that article is the production of your own mind and you put your thought process in words on the page. This article will put light on the importance of integrity of the content you create on marketing strategies and how cheating or plagiarism needs to be removed.   Plagiarism Introduction It is very easy to copy and cheat from some one else’s work and not give a word of credit to them for their hard work. This is called plagiarism Plagiarism is one of the worst things that we face in this age of Internet. So much data is available on the Web that picking up someone else’s strategic work and state it as your own is a common practice now a days Plagiarism comes in three main branches   Complete Theft Complete theft is where you are clear in your intentions that you are only here to copy other persons work and using it on your website as your own. Here you pick up marketing strategies already implemented and in work and cheat them and present them as your own to get personal benefit This type of Plagiarism has serious repercussions under law. Your reputation takes a serious hit when you get caught. Your websites get banned by Google and other authorities and you lose all the money you made.   Rephrased Plagiarism Here you don’t do the whole copy-pasting of marketing strategic work, you change its words and the structure of writing and sentences and paste it on your website it can...

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