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8 Tips for Product Discovery that Actually Work

Posted By AdNgin 10 days ago on all - Effective product discovery involves several members of your team exploring the problem space on an ongoing basis. To make the best use of all that information that your team uncovers, you need to make it organized and in one place.

The Complete API Security Checklist

Posted By AdNgin 12 days ago on all - API security is multi-faceted and requires a lot of attention to detail. Today, security cannot be an afterthought. With thousands of API connections being used in workloads, it is hard for security teams to do patch-up work once a build is done. With a complete checklist, organizations can standardize API security across teams.

How to Analyze the OWASP Dependency-Check?

Posted By AdNgin 25 days ago on all - OWASP Dependency-Check is a crucial tool for developers to manage application security. It is considered as a minimal or first-level checkpoint against software supply chain threats. This tool can be integrated with other paid tools that provide additional security against vulnerabilities and release a secure product.

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Data Protection Officer

Posted By AdNgin 40 days ago on all - Data protection officers play a key role in helping your organization comply with data protection and privacy standards. In this post, you learned what a DPO does, why your organization needs one, and the key responsibilities they need to focus on.

How to perform software composition analysis?

Posted By AdNgin 55 days ago on all - Older open-source libraries can be vulnerable and easy pickings for attackers. Specific versions of trusted libraries may be tampered with, leading an organization to a world of trouble. So, how do you ensure your open source code doesn’t become a gateway for attackers?

The Webinar Marketing Template with Free Download [XLS]

Posted By AdNgin 70 days ago on all - Video content rules right now, but B2B buyers aren’t looking for flash and spectacle. They need substantive, in-depth information solutions to make their critical purchasing decisions. Webinars can serve as one of the most effective and appropriate conduits for longer video content oriented toward education and problem-solving.