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Published Blogs

10 Best Romance Movies Where Love Develops Slowly Over Time

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - Rom-coms come in a handful of styles, including love-at-first-sight. Though there's nothing wrong with those, it's not always realistic. Sometimes love develops over time, and that buildup is part of the joy of watching a film. Whether it's friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, or ships repeatedly passing, here are some movies with a slow-to-love ... Read more

10 Awesome and Most Rewatchable Fun Movies

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - Some movies aren't great, meaning we'll never rewatch them. Others are fantastic, but one viewing is still enough. However, some movies are so entertaining that we can watch them repeatedly. One movie-loving internet user has asked, “What are your most rewatchable fun movies?” These are some of the best answers people have posted. 1. Hot ... Read more

10 Boring Movies Still Regarded as Cinematic Masterpieces and Cult Classics

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - Which movie is boring but still regarded as a cult classic or masterpiece? I'll go first and say, No Country for Old Men. After writing several of these movie posts, I'd better see what was so great about this film on every internet list. I don't get the hype. After someone asked a film forum ... Read more

8 Unique Borders Between Countries

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - The division of our world into continents, countries, states, and provinces is defined by borders. These lines serve to distinguish cultural identities and traditions from each other. The existence of borders is essential for our societies' effective organization and governance. Many borders exist due to linguistic or physical differences, but some exist for much stranger ... Read more

9 of the Greatest Ancient Empires in Asia

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - Asia, the world's largest continent, boasts a rich history that dates back to ancient times. It is home to over forty-eight countries, each with its own unique culture and traditions. Many of these countries were once empires that spanned multiple cities, regions, and even other continents. These empires left an indelible mark on Asia and ... Read more

Can You Actually Earn Money With the Steady App

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - The U.S. has become a nation of side hustlers and freelancers. With an uncertain economy, nearly 50% of Americans engage in side hustles for extra money, and as of this year, 73.3 million freelancers are working in the U.S. The gig economy, which allows individuals and companies to hire independent workers for short-term projects, is ... Read more

10 Everyday Things That Are Glorified in Society That Shouldn’t Be

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - Is there a behavior or something you see celebrated or accepted in our culture that shouldn't be? You're not alone. After someone polled the internet, “What is glorified in our society but shouldn't be?” These are the top-voted responses. 1. Going Into Work Sick “Showing up to work while sick,” one suggested. “You would have ... Read more

10 Best Films To Lift Your Spirits When Having a Bad Day

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - When you've endured a layoff, suffered a breakup, or just find yourself singing the blues, it's best to find the healthiest remedy possible. While working out and having a good, old-fashioned cry can get you past the rut, you might also consider a movie. Or, more specifically, these movies. 1. O Brother, Where Art Thou? O Brother, ... Read more

Flying Solo: Reasons to Take a Break From Dating

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - Is the dating scene a little too daunting to face right now? You're not alone. Whether it's because of contagious layoffs, social distancing requirements, or generally low morale due to COVID-19, lots of people have been avoiding romantic entanglements in the last few years. So if you're feeling embarrassed about your decision to step back ... Read more

Missing the Party? Sneaky Excuses to Save the Day!

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - No matter how hard we try, life has a way of throwing us off course. We can plan for an event weeks in advance and make multiple lists to double-check every detail before embarking—yet sometimes things just don't work out the way we planned. If you've ever found yourself making excuses for why you couldn't ... Read more

Feathered Sweethearts: Meet the World’s Most Loveable Birds

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - If you love birds, you're not alone. Birds bring us joy with their bright colors and sweet melodies—and our friends on Reddit seem to agree. In fact, a recent survey found that these 12 magnificent feathered friends consistently topped the list as the most lovable birds around! From stunning parrots to majestic eagles, let's take ... Read more

Beyond the Ordinary: Unexplained and Peculiar Memories of the Human Mind

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - Do you ever suddenly remember the strangest thing that happened to you, and then wonder what the strange memories other people might have? We all have strange moments in life, and it's natural to recollect them occasionally. But thanks to modern technology, we can now look back at some truly bizarre memories other people have ... Read more

10 Things Americans Are Sick and Tired of Hearing

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - What is something that you, as an American, are tired of hearing? What do you think the most common responses would be? Many frequenters of a popular online forum had the same question. Someone asked, “Americans, what are you tired of hearing?” Here is how the internet responded. 1. Donald Trump The 45th president of ... Read more

10 Things People Actually Learned From Video Games

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - Since the early 1970s, video games have been popular. This was the time when people wanted to do anything other than go outside or read comic books for entertainment. However, as time has passed, people have eventually understood how these video games are essential to their mental well-being. We've compiled a list of the ten ... Read more

11 Times Women Ruled the Screen: Strong Female Characters in Movies and TV Shows

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - It's nothing new to have a lead man with macho bravado energy ready to beat the bad guys and protect his girl or the innocents. However, having a female with a well-written character who never backs down leaves us with a lasting impression. Do you know any movies or TV shows with a well-written, strong ... Read more

10 Incredible Movies That Should’ve Become Cult Classics

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - Cult classics are the films that have gained a dedicated following over the years despite not receiving widespread recognition upon their initial release. These movies are the hidden gems that fly under the radar but are beloved by those who discover them. After a Redditor asked for movies that should have become cult classics, these ... Read more

10 Great Lesser Known Psychological Thrillers To Chill Your Bones and Spark Your Mind

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - As with any genre, fans of psychological thrillers can find themselves searching for deeper cuts in the genre after exhausting the classics. From heavy hitters of the 1990s like Se7en and The Silence of the Lambs to almost Hitchcock's biggest hits like Vertigo and Psycho, many movies are classics of the psychological thriller genre. But ... Read more

10 Terrible Movies That Weren’t Intentionally Meant To Be Terrible

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - Who doesn't love a bad movie? The only thing better than a self-aware terrible movie is a bad movie trying to be good. There's a guilty pleasure in knowing that even some of the brightest, most talented filmmakers can flop sometimes. According to an online movie forum, these are the ten biggest flops meant to ... Read more

An Inheritance Windfall: Pay Off Debts, Save for the Future, and Splurge Smartly

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - Are you stuck in a rut feeling like nothing is exciting left to do? Think again! If you were lucky enough to inherit $100,000 suddenly, what would be the first thing on your bucket list? Redditors had plenty of ideas for how they'd spend their newfound fortune. From purchasing exotic vacations, high-end home renovations, virtual ... Read more

These Are the 6 Most Excruciatingly Boring Sports to Watch

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - The age-old debate of which sport is the most boring has gone on for far too long. Of course, every sports fan has their own opinion, but which one is so painfully dull that you can barely stay awake watching it?  It may come as no surprise that there is one particular sport that tends ... Read more