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Magento and GDPR: How Does it Affect Your Online Store?

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - GDPR!Post the mayhem with “GDPR” buzzing amidst the IT sector, let me explain in depth what it actually means.The abbreviation can be termed as General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR is a directive by the EU parliament aimed at securing the privacy of every guest and was approved on May 25.Subsequently, all the companies are revamping their privacy policies, sending emails to every customer seeking consent prior to the usage of their personal data.There are experts contemplating the pros and cons of GDPR, with scholars having perspectives on its long and short term effects.No organisation is exempted by this law!GDPR has created a drastic impact on the e-commerce industries.Whether you occupy a part of EU or elsewhere, complying with this regulation is mandatory. Magento comprises of th

11 Best PHP Frameworks you ought to know(for 2018)

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - Why use a PhP framework in the first place?Are you better of doing hand-coding instead?If you are a PhP developer and has not yet used a PhP MVC framework, then you should read this article.What is a PhP Framework?Basically,  a framework is a structure that can be used to build your program on. It has a collection of classes which help you develop a web application.For a large scale project(especially enterprise), it's helpful to provide you with a lot of reusable code.With the help of the right php framework, one can ease out the process and lessen the time required for development.These frameworks come with different advantages and functionalities for targeted developers having different levels of experiences and expertise.These PHP frameworks are built with  RAD(Rapid Application Devel

Best WordPress Page Builder Guide 2018

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - Do you want to create or customize a wordpress blog?We will reveal the best WordPress page builders that will help you build an interactive blog or website.We have conducted individual tests to find which WP builders offer reliable content, plugins, and themes management.After conducting tests, we came up with following top WP builders that offer effective website building and customization to users.Below is a list of WordPress page builders that have scored high due to their features and individual offerings:Beaver BuilderBeaver Builder offers front-end editing feature, providing users with real-time visualization about what a finalized site would look like.Through using Beaver Builder, a person editing a site can view it as a visitor at the time of editing. Beaver Builder offers modules

Top 5 push notification tools that bloggers can use to boost traffic

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - Web push notifications are a great marketing channel for bloggers.They are permission based and are capable of pushing personalized content to prospects.Right from delivering relevant and targeted content to building a strong base of loyal audience, web push notifications can do everything to enhance customer re-engagement.Given the multitude of choices, it can be a difficult task to choose the best push notification tool. The express purpose of this article is to keep you informed on the best 5 push notification tools.Let’s delve into details.1. PushCrewThis web-based push notification platform is popular among online content publishers and ecommerce store owners. And what’s worth mentioning is the fact that it enjoys huge popularity among SAAS and B2B marketers.PushCrew lets digital mar

A Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain Development

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - The essence of learning how Blockchain development works lies in understanding why businesses are opting for it in the first place.There are a number of reasons that are behind this mass adoption of technology irrespective of what industry you look at.Let us look at some of them.Benefits of Blockchain1.TransparencySince Blockchain is an open technology, everything that happens on the platform is open for all the involved parties to view. Also, there is no way for someone to make changes in the information entered in the blockchain without others not seeing or approving it first.This level of transparency makes the technology one of the most secure technologies of the present time. In fact, it is because of this transparency that a number of banks and even governments are now moving toward

How To Create Awesome Product Images for Your eCommerce Store

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - [caption id="attachment_12798" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Create awesome pictures for ecommerce store[/caption]Before delving into the eCommerce world, I thought shooting products was easy: “You just need to grab a camera, use a bright light, and the photos will come out okay, right?”Any retailer that has tried DIY product photography knows this is not the case.Product photography is more complicated than it seems.It requires the right lighting, tools, set up, and editing to make images look professional.Luckily, nowadays, there are many affordable or even free solutions to get great photos.Therefore, expensive equipment is not always necessary. It’s all about knowing the best practices and different steps to prep, shoot, and edit photos.That’s what makes the difference between a po

Top 10 Shopify Themes For Your Ecommerce Stores

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - When setting up an online shop, there are ample choices of CMS’s to consider, but, these days, Shopify is emerging as a spectacular choice for designing eCommerce websites.  Hosted with avant-garde features, Shopify gets your online store started up in a matter of seconds.In an eCommerce website, it is important to have a design that leads your business towards success. However, with Shopify, it becomes easier to create a website from the scratch.This is possible with the help of large number of feature-rich themes that look great on every device from wide monitors to smartphones.Customizable, SEO-friendly and device compatibleIn addition, these themes help you take your brand to elevated heights with a website that is feature-rich, error-free, customizable, SEO-friendly, and device compa

Top 10 jQuery Plugins You Just Cannot Afford To Miss

Posted By itechiesnet on Coding - The latest version of jQuery, i.e. jQuery 3.0 is finally here and developers across the world are working towards using the new functionality.jQuery 3 comes packed with some powerful and high-performing features that are meant to enhance the front-end website experience.Other than this, jQuery also comes packed with some enticing plugins that not only accelerate the performance but also give your website a unique look and feel.

How AI Impacts Reshaping of E-Commerce Marketing

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - AI, Artificial intelligence, is nothing new to discuss.But everyone is keen to learn how Artificial intelligence and deep learning are reshaping the modern marketing of today.In conventional days, these technological advancements were confined to direct or email marketing.But, with the passage of time, things have broadened in different ways, from reporting to decision-making, task performance to data analytics and now intelligence to prediction.This is when AI comes into existence.You might be aware that AI is the process of mimicking the human brain where machines can perform the human-like tasks.Like other sectors, eCommerce has also adopted AI largely to get closer to its consumers.And the result comes as a different kind of business environment by implementing intelligence externally

5 Additional Income Sources for Bloggers – Make Money Online in 2018

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - So, you have a knack for writing and you really know your way around words?Then, blogging might be the profession of your dreams – you can ditch the exhausting and uninspiring 9-to-5 routine and escape a dreadful Groundhog Day scenario of counting days till the next weekend and agonizing over the impending Monday looming up on the horizon.Flextime, working from the comfort of your living room, a nearby coffee shop, or a park, and writing about the things you’re genuinely interested in, are some of the perks of this job.However, while a handful of pro-bloggers managed to rake in average $138,046, not-yet-pros earned $9,497 in 2017 according to a survey.So, don’t expect six-figure salary right from the start as the success in this field requires a great deal of hard work, persistence, and d