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Anything having to do with science fiction and horror (movies, TV series, novels, etc...) are welcome here.

Exorcisms Have Been Part Of Christianity For Centuries Have Been Part Of Christianity For Centuries

Posted By loupdargentonline 152 days ago on Entertainment - "Forty-five years ago, "The Exorcist" terrified viewers with its portrayal of a practice that goes back several centuries and continues today in Christianity..."

Hollywood Icon Val Kilmer Joins BigSpeak's A-List Speakers

Posted By loupdargentonline 154 days ago on News - He dazzled you as Iceman, he blew you away as Jim Morrison, and saved the world as Batman, and now Val Kilmer is taking on a new role as an exclusive keynote speaker with BigSpeak Speakers Bureau.

Why Every Writer Is The Tardis (And Every Reader Is A Companion)

Posted By loupdargentonline 154 days ago on Entertainment - "Ever meet a Tardis that wasn't finicky? It will take you where it wants to take you, rarely where you want to go. As long as you are happy being lead around, you'll get along just fine...."

Chinese Mythical Creature Zouwu Appears In Hollywood Fantasy Film

Posted By loupdargentonline 163 days ago on Entertainment - "It is this ancient Chinese mythology written thousands of years ago that provided fresh inspiration to J.K. Rowling. In her interpretation, Zouwu is a terrifying beast that can be captured by nobody but Newt..."

Quantum Storey Teams Up With Sony Pictures Consumer Products to Create First-Ever Film-Based Full VR Book for 'Hotel Transylvania 3'

Posted By loupdargentonline 163 days ago on Entertainment - Immersed completely in the 360° world of the hit movie, readers create a deeper connection to the film's beloved characters.

Trunk Club Collaborates with 'Mary Poppins Returns' to Bring the Film's Iconic Costumes to Life

Posted By loupdargentonline 163 days ago on Entertainment - Current Trunk Club customers can contact their stylist and request a 'Mary Poppins Returns' Trunk to get the looks inspired by the film...

Inspired By Sci-Fi, An Airplane With No Moving Parts And A Blue Ionic Glow

Posted By loupdargentonline 172 days ago on Aviation - "Since their invention more than 100 years ago, airplanes have been moved through the air by the spinning surfaces of propellers or turbines. But watching science fiction movies like the “Star Wars,” “Star Trek” and “Back to the Future” series, I imagined that the propulsion systems of the future would be silent and still – maybe with some kind of blue glow and “whoosh” noise, but no moving parts, and no stream of pollution pouring out the back..."

Wrebbit Meets Westeros: New Line Of Game of Thrones 3D Puzzles Is Coming...

Posted By loupdargentonline 172 days ago on News - Wrebbit is in the design process for the first two Game of Thrones puzzle models of Winterfell and Red Keep, slated for market in early 2019, just in time for the lead-up to the much-anticipated final season of the series later in the year in April.

'Queen of Horror' Weds U.S. Navy War Hero in Star-Studded Celebrity Wedding

Posted By loupdargentonline 228 days ago on Entertainment - Celebrity author and Hollywood screenwriter, Mylo Carbia, marries U.S. Navy War Veteran, Kurt Lund, among fifty of their closest friends and family in Playa Mujeres, Mexico.

50 Years After Inventing the Zombie Apocalypse, George A. Romero's 'Night of the Living Dead' Returns to Movie Theaters Just Before Halloween

Posted By loupdargentonline 232 days ago on Entertainment - "Named one of the 10 best horror films of all time by Rolling Stone, "Night of the Living Dead" continues to influence pop culture and remains loved by films and critics alike: The film holds a 97 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes..."

Let's Fact Check The Game Of Thrones House Words

Posted By loupdargentonline 1121 days ago on Entertainment - Having just re-watched season five, it struck me that the sacred words of each major house in the Seven Kingdoms are never really called into question. An episode in that season is titled "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken" (the words for House Martell), and it's not entirely clear why. Sure, the Martells flex some muscle in that particular episode, but it's not as if there's a profound statement made regarding their resilience. The words just kind of sound nice...

'15 Things You Didn't Know About Star Trek' + 'Star Trek Uniform Guide' [Infographics]

Posted By loupdargentonline 1592 days ago on Entertainment - Today, (as you might have guessed from the title) we have a "two for the price of one" kind of post, with two Star Trek related infographics, for you guys...

Fictional Characters And Their Tattoos

Posted By loupdargentonline 1694 days ago on Movies - The point is tattoos are everywhere, and not just with our favourite movie stars when they’re off screen – a number of tattoos have made it on screen too, and in some cases they’re a very important part of the character and the movie itself...