Book Summary: “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy

Posted By fastertomaster 13 minutes ago on Self Improvement - 14 MINUTE READ Perfect for you if: You’d like some practical advice on cultivating and stamping out habits. You’re frustrated that your life isn’t changing as fast as you’d like it to. You’re sick of “quick wins” and you’re ready for serious long-term self-development. Darren Hardy’s Compound Effect is in my favourite class of productivity books: it’s concise, [...]Read more on FASTER TO MASTER

Finding Metal Roofing Companies for Metal Roof Installations

Posted By inscmag 15 minutes ago on Sports - Not all of us are aware that metal roofing can look astonishing. People often picture metal roof as rusty, greyish and steel corrugated covering only found in industrial setups or agricultural burns. There are also rumours that metal roofing creates loud noises as it rains and can even attract lightning. Residential metal roof systems are […]The post Finding Metal Roofing Companies for Metal Roof Installations appeared first on INSCMagazine.

Exclusive first images from the politically inspired horror ‘Election Night’

Posted By BlazingMinds 2 hours 56 minutes ago on Entertainment - In a new exclusive on Blazing Minds we have the first images from the upcoming home invasion horror Election Night. Inspired by the politics of a divided country, its themes are now more relevant than ever with the uncertainly regarding Brexit. Five friends hold an Election Night party in a politically divided Britain – A […]The post Exclusive first images from the politically inspired horror ‘Election Night’ appeared first on Blazing Minds by Philip Rogers

Just How Important is Customer Service?

Posted By ivanpw 3 hours ago on Business - We all hear so much about customer service, and the importance of it. However, in reality just how important of a role does it play in running a successful business, whether your store is a brick and mortar or online? All this talk about customer service isn’t for nothing — it’s serious stuff.The bottom line is it is one of the most important aspects in running a business that will grow and be successful. You can have every other aspect of the business in tip top shape; your inventory, your site usability, selection, price etc., but if you do not stand behind your products and support your customers throughout their purchasing process and beyond, you will not be nearly as successful as you can be.…The post Just How Important is Customer Service? appeared first on SMALL B

MBA for the Business Owner: How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from an MBA Degree

Posted By ivanpw 4 hours ago on Business - Generally, it’s an employee that considers getting a Master’s degree in Business Administration to further develop as a professional. However,…The post MBA for the Business Owner: How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from an MBA Degree appeared first on Biz Epic.

Why Link Building Is the Best Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Posted By ivanpw 6 hours ago on Business - Small businesses are constantly looking for valuable marketing and advertising opportunities, but are often limited by tight budgets or minimal knowledge on the subject. While there are hundreds of common marketing tactics to choose from, some are demonstratively more effective than others, with a higher return on investment, a wider range of effects, and a lower barrier to entry.Among these strategies is link building, the practice of writing valuable content for offsite publishers and earning links pointing back to the pages of your site. It sounds simple, and it’s true that you can learn the fundamentals of link building in the span of an afternoon, but it takes years to truly master.…The post Why Link Building Is the Best Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses appeared first on

HELL FEST – Doesn’t Follow The Rules! – Movie Review

Posted By BlazingMinds 6 hours ago on Entertainment - There’s always something rather satisfying in sitting back and enjoying one of those eighties slasher movies. You know, the ones where a group of kids go off to camp, or to a mall, or to babysit, or to a deserted cabin in the woods … only to find death waiting for them in the form […]The post HELL FEST – Doesn’t Follow The Rules! – Movie Review appeared first on Blazing Minds by David Howe

How To Setup Your Own Giveaway

Posted By Seansupplee 8 hours ago on Business - Setting up your own giveaway can be a huge task if it is the first time you are running one. With running my own for the last two years I wanted to share what I have learned and how you can launch your own giveaway quickly and successfully.

WonderlandMC : Bling Me To Life

Posted By Thunderella666 8 hours ago on Fashion - Oi Royal Bank of Scotland ! I did warn you with the help of my friend Robert Halford of Judas Priest that ‘Some Heads Are Gonna Roll’. So why all the fuss about my latest spending spree?? [Reader tip for 2018 : when any customer service starts pissing you off, blast ‘Some Heads Are Gonna Roll’ down […]

The Branding Blueprint!: What Is The Importance Of Branding? [UPDATED 2019]

Posted By DerekMarshall 8 hours ago on Blogging - Have you ever wondered what is the importance of Branding? Did you know that it is one of the most important and essential aspect of blogging and building a powerful and sustainable business online is?  Without good branding, I can almost guarantee you will struggle in all aspects of building a successful site and long term business, […]

Best Books on Money: 35 Books on Investing and Personal Finance (2019)

Posted By fastertomaster 8 hours ago on Self Improvement - 4 MINUTE READ There’s no topic as immediately impactful, as widely misunderstood or as desperately vital as mastering our personal finances. And few posts on FASTER TO MASTER have made me pause for as much thought as choosing this book list. What I’ve ended up with below are the top 35 books I’d read to get smart on [...]Read more on FASTER TO MASTER

Images: Mondo Tees Releases Hitchcock's Psycho and Vertigo Art Prints

Posted By themoviesleuth 9 hours ago on Entertainment - Just when you thought Mondo couldn't get any cooler, they put out some sweet new Hitchock art from Matthew Woodson and the Phantom City Creative. Both pieces capture the essence of the classic films in these stunning new prints. Both posters will be available tomorrow, 3/26 via the mondotees website. Check them out here at The Movie Sleuth and see if you can grab your own copy before they're gone.  (function() { var zergnet = document.createElement('script'); zergnet.type = 'text/javascript'; zergnet.async = true; zergnet.src = (document.location.protocol == "https:" ? "https:" : "http:") + '//'; var znscr = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; znscr.parentNode.insertBefore(zergnet, znscr); })();

Top 12 Graphic Design Trends For 2019

Posted By fershid 9 hours ago on Design - Previously, we featured the top trends in logo design, web design, colors, and images for 2019. In today’s post, we focus on the biggest graphic design trends with the help of this handy video by GraphicMama.

2019 is all about vivid colors, bold typography, open compositions, and alternative art. Expect to see more use of three-dimensional geometric shapes, dreamy color combos, fluid/liquid effects, and flat + real mixed compositions. GraphicMama’s video covers all the latest trends, with examples. Watch here.