The real purpose behind repurposing content, explained for solopreneurs!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 2 hours 45 minutes ago on Marketing - Content repurposing is a heavy term for some fairly easy work for a solopreneur content marketer. In simple English, it just means that you take your main piece of content (a blog post?) and then break off parts of it for changing into different content formats – like infographics, videos, podcasts, slidedecks, ebooks etc.

Useful information for DJ´s

Posted By Ledyourparty 2 hours 47 minutes ago on Non English - Nowadays, everyone has a computer and It´s really amazing. We can use it for everything. It´s essential for work. No matter what kind of job we do, we´ll always see it. And also, for personal use. Who doesn´t use it for hobby?

Common Cybersecurity Problems Faced By Business Owners

Posted By ivanpw 3 hours ago on Business - Cybersecurity threats can come at your business from a variety of angles. Any time money and sensitive data are involved, there is a cybercriminal waiting in the wings trying to steal it. These criminals can operate from any location and are so digitally-savvy, they’re nearly impossible for authorities to catch.New cyberthreats emerge daily, meaning it can be difficult for even large corporations and cybersecurity professionals to keep up on the latest security issues. Software exploits are the predominant culprit as face-to-face scams and data theft from banking and credit cards become harder for criminals to get past. To prevent theft and embarrassment, you and your employees need to stay up to date; reading up on the latest cyberthreats on Google News, social media, etc.…

MLB: Is An Electronic Strike Zone Coming?

Posted By inscmag 6 hours ago on Sports - Cmon Blue!! That ball was outside!! Can we get some help Blue? Sound familiar? Yep, that’s the sounds of MLB dugouts arguing ball and strikes with umpires. The fact of the matter is, the umpires are getting worse each and every day. Now, being a former player myself, I never argued with any umpire when […]The post MLB: Is An Electronic Strike Zone Coming? appeared first on INSCMagazine.

If you subscribed to a VPN because of privacy concerns you might want to read this…

Posted By PasswordCoach 7 hours ago on Security - You may be surprised to learn that a VPN doesn’t provide 100% privacy whenit comes to your location. Google and others are able to determine yourlocation by looking at the wi-fi networks that you have nearby, and thenmapping those to known GPS coordinates. Even with a VPN, Google knows whereyou are sat.

Apple News Channel

Posted By elisebrown 7 hours ago on Sports - EB Tunnel Flyer is now LIVE on Apple News App Want to stay up to date with EB Tunnel Flyer news, articles you can now follow us on the Apple News App. Our channel is called:  EB Tunnel Flyer and the link is:     Elise Brown is an indoor […]
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Lifestyle: Trouble Finding A Healthy Balance Between Learning And Living

Posted By inscmag 10 hours ago on Sports - If you’re a university student, there’s a strong chance you’ve had moments where you doubted yourself. Doubted whether college was the right decision, whether you were healthy, whether the long hours in the library are really worth the energy you’re spending on them. After all, you’ve been sacrificing some of the best parts of a […]The post Lifestyle: Trouble Finding A Healthy Balance Between Learning And Living appeared first on INSCMagazine.

How Commercial and Wide Format Printing Has Helped Us in Our Daily Lives?

Posted By inscmag 14 hours ago on Sports - The existence of printing dates ages back when such advanced technology was unheard of. With the help of templates, printing was first done. All these commercial & wide format printing emerged in the later years. In the earlier times, apart from paper, different cylinder materials were used. Also, there was this woodblock form of printing […]The post How Commercial and Wide Format Printing Has Helped Us in Our Daily Lives? appeared first on INSCMagazine.

Billy Ocean Sets a 2019 Date for Venue Cymru in Llandudno

Posted By BlazingMinds 14 hours ago on Entertainment - When the going gets tough the tough get going over to Venue Cymru and in 2019 it’s the perfect chance to see Billy Ocean at the Llandudno venue as The Best of Billy Ocean Tour has added extra dates for the UK Tour. Following his amazing sold-out tour last year British Soul icon Billy Ocean […]The post Billy Ocean Sets a 2019 Date for Venue Cymru in Llandudno appeared first on Blazing Minds.

13 Things Client Servicing Executives Should Never Say To Graphic Designers

Posted By fershid 15 hours ago on Design - If you’ve ever worked in a creative agency, you must be aware of the love-hate (or hate-hate) relationship between client servicing executives and designers. CSEs have to manage client expectations and their primary objective is to keep the client happy. Designers want to keep the client happy too, but they don’t want to compromise on aesthetics and creativity.

Taking a light-hearted jab at this complex relationship, Mumbai-based designer Dinesh Vayadande has come up with a series of posters that feature 13 things client servicing executives should never say to graphic designers. Check them out here.

The Best Place for Strawberry Picking in Virginia Beach

Posted By iExplore 18 hours ago on Travel - Frolicking through strawberry fields in early summer may sound like something out of a fairy tale, and, in a way, it is. For locals and visitors in Virginia Beach each year, it's just one of the many ways to embrace the outdoors.

Shade Cloths: UV Resistant And Moisture Proof solutions

Posted By inscmag 18 hours ago on Sports - Shade cloth is an accessory used to protect outdoor areas of a house from sun and wind. It is made using weaving fabric like polyester or other material like aluminium. Shade cloth has resilience, strength, elasticity, and toughness to resist climatic disturbances such as moisture or excessive heat. Due to such desirable attributes, shade cloth […]The post Shade Cloths: UV Resistant And Moisture Proof solutions appeared first on INSCMagazine.