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Estate planning is incredibly important if you want to ensure that your friends and loved ones receive the assets you’d like bequeathed to them after your passing. Many people nevertheless ignore estate planning because they don’t like to think about death, are concerned that they may mess up the process, or have no idea where to begin when it comes to making long-term plans for your belongings. Rather than hoping for the best after your death, you should be taking proactive steps right now to ensure that your estate is managed according to your whims no matter what occurs in…
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001: Shiny Treasure or That Time SoraRabbit Blogged a Blog

Posted By SoraRabbit77 19 minutes ago on Entertainment - Hello internets and people crawling on the internets. Welcome to my blog! Several things have brought me to start this thing. First off, several years ago my then-girlfriend now-wife suggested I try my hand at blogging about video games. Her reasoning was that she likes listening to me talk about the games I’ve played, so maybe others would too. I gave it a shot (more on that later) but didn't keep up with it. But now I find myself at a point where I can give it a more solid attempt. Almost two weeks ago the idea expanded and took hold and refused to let me go. So here I am now. I’ve got my coffee, my overheating laptop, the Final Fantasy IV OST playing for background, and I’m ready to blog the hell out of this blog. (I think that's the right terminology.)So who am I? You can call me Sora

Home Haircuts Are Increasing While People Are Distancing, Wahl Helps With Tips And Tools

Posted By Fashionedits 1 hour 19 minutes ago on Fashion - Press Release –Pr News Wire -In the wake of COVID-19 distancing measures, now more than ever, people are trying home haircuts — grooming leader Wahl wants to help You’ve heard the famous saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” This may be why in the wake of sweeping COVID-19 changes like social … Home Haircuts Are Increasing While People Are Distancing, Wahl Helps With Tips And Tools Read More »The post Home Haircuts Are Increasing While People Are Distancing, Wahl Helps With Tips And Tools appeared first on FashionEdits.No related posts.

5 Ways Google Reviews Will Boost Your SEO Efforts (And How To Get Better Ones)

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Sense Super Mesh Tank $7.95 (USA)

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Here's an insane discount on the Sense Super Mesh Tank! Get one for just $7.95! No code needed for this sale price. Free shipping is included when spending $50 or more. There's three color options available for purchase. GET THIS DEAL! The Sense Super Mesh Sub Ohm Tank an overall diameter of 25mm, matching those larger mods perfectly. A great feature
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Tips for Successfully Working From Home With Kids (From the Child’s Point of View)

Posted By scottayres 3 hours ago on Marketing -   Are you working from home while the kids are home, too? Check out these tried-and-true ideas about successfully juggling...

15-minutes of exercise creates optimal brain state for mastering new motor skills

Posted By pollystevens 3 hours ago on Self Improvement - If you want to learn to walk a tightrope, it’s a good idea to go for a short run after each practice session. That’s because a recent study in NeuroImage demonstrates that exercise performed immediately after practicing a new motor skill improves its long-term retention. More specifically, the research shows, for the first time, that as little […]The post 15-minutes of exercise creates optimal brain state for mastering new motor skills appeared first on Wise Life Lessons.

Tips for Small Space Living for the Adventurous RVer

Posted By iExplore 3 hours ago on Travel - We’ve all heard horror stories about housing in big cities like one bedroom apartments with five roommates and a sixth in the bathroom. More and more frequently, people are paying to live in crawl spaces and walk-in closets. If they’re lucky, they get enough room for a bed and a coffeepot.

Five Tips for First Time RVers

Posted By iExplore 7 hours ago on Travel - It was a beautiful day as we drove north on the 101 freeway towards Santa Barbara. The rugged sandy bluffs rose high along the California coast while the sunshine sparkled across the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Thing 1 and Thing 2, then 8 and 5, were trying to sit patiently in the backseat as we drove towards our campground. This was our first outing in our new-to-us folding camping trailer.

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uSocial is a freemium service that allows pumping up views, likes and shares on any website with the help of social media buttons. There’s a rich collection of button designs, an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, easy code snippet generation, statistics, metadata builder, Social Locker, etc. — you can take advantage of all these and other features. In fact, social media was created for people to connect online. But the past few years have seen a real social media revolution, and content sharing along with promotion has become an integral part of any business. Now, you can garner subscribers to your website, manage and monitor their subscriptions through social media.…
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002: SoraRabbit Loves Godzilla

Posted By SoraRabbit77 8 hours ago on Entertainment - Welcome back, everyone. I’m very pleased and flattered at the response to my first entry. It will take some time to gather a following, but so far I’ve had more readers than I expected. Now the trick will be in keeping you all coming back.I mentioned last time that this blog will not just be about video games, but rather about anything and everything that catches my interest. This means that quite often there will be some entries that are entirely self-indulgent. (Such as this one.) But hey, that’s what makes it fun for me. And I’ll try to keep it just as fun for all of you. Now, if we’re talking self-indulgence, there would be no better focus for this entry than this. I always used to tell people that Godzilla was my hero. I also told people I wanted to be Godzilla when I grow up. I wond