Dem Rep Seen Rapping In Leaked Video, Calling Trump Supporters ‘Racist’ And ‘Loony’

Posted By telegraphlocal 58 minutes ago on Entertainment - By | Been Written Contributing Writer | Telegraph Local A September 2019 video allegedly featuring  Democrat Representative Sean Casten rapping and taking aim at Trump supporters has surfaced online. Fox News reports that in the video, Casten says things such as “There’s so many problems in the world today, and so many politicians are unwilling to say […]

12 Factors that Could Impact Your Internet Speed

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There are a lot of determinants that impact the speed and reliability of your internet connection. The number of people sharing the internet connection with location and the devices you… Read more »
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Kuno-The Zero-energy Cooler Fridge

Posted By Tekkaus 2 hours 23 minutes ago on Creative Lifestyle - Each year young innovators from across the globe will be gathered to search for the champion who will receive the coveted James Dyson Award (JDA). This year two students from the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology have earned the title of  National Winner at the 2020 James Dyson Award; The award celebrates, encourages and inspires the next generation of inventors and design engineers. The 2020's National Champion for Malaysia is the unbelievable Kuno, which is a sustainable cooler fridge that needs ZERO electricity to run. Yes! ZERO!The problem That Kuno Strives To SolveIt is saddening to note that many developing countries are still lacking in basic access to electricity. While access to electricity has been growing amongst the global population in the last three decad

Singapore Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 Light-Up

Posted By ScribblingGeek 6 hours ago on Entertainment - The post Singapore Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 Light-Up appeared first on The Scribbling Geek.Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 light-up photo essay. Though smaller in scale compared to previous years, it’s still a step in the return to normal life.The post Singapore Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 Light-Up appeared first on The Scribbling Geek.

Spirulina and Moringa Superfood Balls for an Easy Breakfast

Posted By KateFreer 9 hours ago on Health - Today I am sharing a special recipe which I use for breakfast many mornings. I hope you get inspired and enjoy trying it for your family. It tastes good and is good for you. Moringa/Spirulina Balls are what I make for our breakfast often. It contains protein and a full load of micro-nutrients for energy and good health. They are very filling and satisfying. Three of these balls have more protein than the majority of the cereals you give your family. You make them the night before so there is no work in the morning.  I pop these for a mid afternoon snack too for an energy boost. Moringa and Spirulina are two of the greatest super-foods to include in your daily meals.  Most of our food is now devoid of micro-nutrients and vitamins, has a list of chemicals to preserve the cere

How To Make $1,000 A Month Dog Sitting And Dog Walking

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Here’s the question for the day. Do you love making money? I know I do. How about dogs, do you love them? If your answer is yes for both, then this might be the perfect site also for you! You can actually make very good money dog sitting and dog walking! In 2014, the pet […]
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8 Of The Best Mindfulness Journals

Posted By jronc23 12 hours ago on Body and Mind - Mindfulness turns down the pressure that you feel regarding future concerns or past regrets. It pulls you entirely into the present moment, allowing you to appreciate and savor your experiences. The concept arises from meditation practices in which you focus on the here and now without judgment. Mindful breathing and guided imagery can release stress ...
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