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The Beginner's Guide To Time Travel

Posted By davidmcsweeney 339 days ago on Sci-Fi - Is time travel possible? And if it is, what problems does it potentially cause? This beginner's guide to time travel takes a deep dive into the potential ways we might be able to travel into the past and future.

Is Ceres Station on 'The Expanse' on the verge of falling Apart?

Posted By sciwriterdave 563 days ago on Sci-Fi - Spinning up the dwarf planet Ceres on the hit TV show, The Expanse, has put the planetoid under considerable strain, enough that it may fall apart at the slightest disturbance.

Is Star Trek's Famous Transporter Really a Death Machine?

Posted By sciwriterdave 943 days ago on Sci-Fi - The physics of Star Trek's transporter indicates it could be a suicide machine. Anyone who steps in could die and someone else steps out on the other side. Or is something else happening?

Explosive Decompression in "The Expanse"

Posted By sciwriterdave 1013 days ago on Sci-Fi - During a space battle, the MCRN Donnager suffers damage after fighting the same ships that took out the Canterbury on the TV show, The Expanse. With breached hull and air slowly leaking out a hole, does the crew of the Canterbury have enough time to seal the hole and survive their ordeal? Physics may have the answer and tell us whether the show got it right.

What Historical Era Do I Belong In?

Posted By loupdargentonline 1618 days ago on Sci-Fi - I'm actually very pleased with the results for that quiz... I love technology too much to be told that I belong in a time where there was no television or, even worse, no internet (the fact that I've managed to cope all these years before the internet was invented still amazes me).