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4 Factors That Lead Airlines to Soar to New Heights

Posted By shameel 307 days ago on Branding - Through a detailed analysis of 40,981 online consumer conversations, Clootrack has listed down the top 4 adoption drivers that consumers consider while booking low-cost airlines in Malaysia.

In this report we have presented the relative significance of each adoption driver in the form of a graph that can be used to compare the degree of importance consumers attach to various factors.

Mind over Mouth – How Brands Go Beyond The Tongue

Posted By rozdeba 366 days ago on Branding - Where does the taste of a brand fit? You guessed it, in the mouth. But even if your brand can’t fit into your customer’s mouth, this article may still provide you with wisdom about this unique portal to human consumption. The taste of any brand is more about what you think a brand is than what you think you experience.

5 Awesome Image Tools Every Webmaster should Know

Posted By adithyashettyh 765 days ago on Branding - Images are everywhere on the web, and despite the proliferation of videos that threaten to take the shine away from images, the fact is, there’s still no better way to augment a blog post or article than by sprinkling it with some good images or diagrams.

Personal Branding Reviews & Guide

Posted By RealtyWW 910 days ago on Branding - Such kind of branding can likewise be about the Word of Mouth promotion, which is remarkably powerful and popular approach to have the exposure. Essentially, term branding is attempting to set up an association between consumers and a specific service or product, and a customer’s feeling about the brand will find out the future success of the business.

A Brand with Feelings

Posted By rozdeba 921 days ago on Branding - “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou   Maya Angelou’s life lesson is something we have the pleasure of taking… Continue Reading →The post A Brand with Feelings appeared first on Rozdeba Brand & Co..

Have You Been Pronouncing These 30 Brand Names Incorrectly?

Posted By fershid 1330 days ago on Branding - If your friend wants to buy a "porsh" someday, tell him or her to at least pronounce the name right. Here's a handy infographic that shows you the correct pronunciation of 30 famous brand names that most people get wrong.

50 Common Words You Use Everyday That Are Actually Trademarked Brand Names

Posted By fershid 1675 days ago on Branding - Did you know that Band-Aid, Jacuzzi, Jet Ski, Memory Stick, Post-It, Super Glue, Taser, Vaseline, Velcro and Xerox are all legally protected trademarks? They might be used generically by consumers but cannot be used by their competitors. Here's a list of marks that have been registered as trademarks and are actively enforced by their trademark owners.

How To Design Your Own Logo In Less Than 5 Minutes For FREE

Posted By denisacinca 1866 days ago on Branding - Learn how to design your own logo for free using GIMP open source image editing software and a few awesome logos.
Creating your own logo doesn't have to be complicated, in fact is much easier than you may think.