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What to Know About Selling Specialty Real Estate

Posted By massrealty 1 day 3 hours ago on Real Estate - See what you need to know about selling specialty real estate including waterfront homes, luxury properties, over 55 housing and condos. See tips and advice at Maximum Real Estate Exposure.

The Risk of Waiving a Home Inspection is Significant

Posted By massrealty 6 days ago on Real Estate - See why waiving your right to a home inspection when purchasing a house could be a significant mistake. There are countless problems you could be stuck with when not doing a home inspection.

Bad Real Estate Practices: Dual Agency

Posted By massrealty 7 days ago on Real Estate - When you are buying or selling a home you should never let your real estate agent become a dual agent. In dual agency the real estate agent becomes a neutral party. They no longer represent your best interests in the sale.

Avoid The First Time Buyer Mistakes

Posted By massrealty 8 days ago on Real Estate - When buying a house for the first time it is easy to make mistakes. In the article at Maximum Real Estate Exposure, see thirteen mistakes to avoid when making a home purchase for the first time.

Eco-friendly Improvements to make Your Home More Sustainable

Posted By massrealty 12 days ago on Real Estate - Do you want to make your house more Eco-friendly? See some sustainable home improvements you can make to do just that at Massachusetts Real Estate News.