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Project Management that includes the developer angle – Waffle

Posted By supermonitoring 19 days ago on Software - Waffle is integrating GitHub with premium project management features, it helps engineers as well as managers share ideas and track work progress in a much easier manner.

5 services that won't increase your sales, but will reduce your losses

Posted By supermonitoring 76 days ago on Software - Sometimes you need to face the darker side of online trading. Read about main reasons that cause these situations or about tools that allow you to minimize losses.

What Everyone Is Saying About These 10 Top Web Development Trends(2018)

Posted By itechiesnet 111 days ago on Coding - Web development is a crucial element in appealing to visitors and consumers. What web development trends are going to rule 2018? Find out.

Code Minifier to Compress your CSS, JS & HTML Files.

Posted By stunningmesh 116 days ago on Coding - Minification is a fast and easy way to reduce a web application’s resource usage. Even with standard compression techniques, minification can improve the time needed to render a page by over 60%. Minifying your website can lead to large performance gains without compromising your users’ experience.

How to monitor the proper functioning of an online store

Posted By supermonitoring 133 days ago on Software - You are certainly tracking users' traffic in your store, your position in Google and mentions on the Internet. But do you monitor the availability and proper functioning?

HTTPS your website: which SSL Certificate to choose and where to buy

Posted By supermonitoring 168 days ago on Software - Switching from HTTP to HTTPS can be easy and painless if you do it right. All you need to do is: 1) Purchase an SSL certificate, 2) Have this certificate installed, 3) Change links on your website and create redirections for all URLs.

Mastering Microsoft Excel: 6 Tips and Tricks to Get You Going

Posted By ivanpw 181 days ago on Software - Microsoft Excel is still the tool of choice when it comes to spreadsheets. If you are new to this software, here are the best Excel tips to help beginners break through the tough early stages on the road to mastering the software.

OST to PST Converter Free Tool or Paid?

Posted By giriu 211 days ago on Software - OST to PST Converter Free Tool or paid tool? Find out what you will get and what you won’t in both of these categories of tools. By the end of this post, you will be fully knowing how to convert your files in the most effective manner.
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Google Login And Registration For Android Using Firebase Authentication

Posted By aditya29best 215 days ago on Coding - In this tutorial, we will learn how to build simple google login and registration for android using Firebase Authentication. We have added Email & Password login and Google Account login feature. Firebase automatically stores user information in the database.

Import OST to Office 365 for Mac and Windows

Posted By giriu 216 days ago on Software - Import OST to Office 365 (Mac & Windows) – Try it and See it for Yourself Why It is So Frequently Recommended. It offers wide range and modern functionality than your usual data migration applications. It is not often that an email migration tool has all the functionality that one requires to migrate data effectively. […]
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Get Your Data from Google MBOX into Outlook

Posted By giriu 217 days ago on Software - Here’s How You Can Quickly Get Your Data from Google MBOX into Outlook. Are you an Outlook user who just downloaded the .zip or .mbox file from Google? Then you must be wondering how you can open it in Outlook. Here’s how you can use the Google MBOX file (from Google Takeout) in your Outlook […]
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How to Fix Broken Outlook (PST file)

Posted By giriu 221 days ago on Software - How to Fix Broken Outlook – 7 Simple Tricks to Fix Outlook’s Constantly Freezing or Hanging Problems. Is Outlook not opening properly or at all? Is it constantly crashing or freezing, making it a difficult to work with emails. Here are some tips to solve the issue. Outlook is truly an excellent software product from […]
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