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13 dangerous mistakes people make and get their websites hacked. Safeguard your site with these tips now

Posted By bitgog 25 days ago on WebSites - If you are able to understand the techniques that hackers use to hack website, you can implement the safeguarding techniques to protect yourself from getting hacked. Check out 13 dangerous mistakes people make and get their websites hacked

10 Easy Steps to Share Your Photos to Your Friends with Sharezy

Posted By ravikumarnama 51 days ago on WebSites - It was painful to share the photos of any occasions to (y)our near & dear. Because of the huge size of photo images, it is difficult to share those photos through E-mail. Even some of your relatives or friends might not have E-Mail IDs or Computers. Distributing of CDs / Pen drives is also a painful job.

Forget about these difficulties. Sharezy is offering a nice and easy of way of sharing your Annual day photos / Wedding photos / Birthday Photos / Day-out Photos to your friends and relatives with few easy clicks from your PC or Mobile.

CLI Download Link in Sharezy - An Awesome Feature for Linux Developers

Posted By ravikumarnama 57 days ago on WebSites - is providing CLI Download link. Customer who is working on Windows will simply upload the files on Sharezy and just share the download link to the Developers. The Developer will now download the CLI download link and use that directly into Linux environment. No set-up or no installations required at both the ends, thus making the sharing process simple and secure.

3 Incredible Ways of File Sharing / File Transfer Options Available in

Posted By ravikumarnama 58 days ago on WebSites - Sharezy is an amazing File sharing / File Transfer application. You can share or transfer your files with very simple and minimal navigations. Generally most of the E-Mail service providers will not allow to share or transfer big files (of size > 5 MB) through their mailing service. Users have to split the files or zip the files or some times to store that file in any 3rd party Data Storage providers and will share the information.

Best File Sharing Solution for Small Businesses - Sharezy

Posted By ravikumarnama 71 days ago on WebSites - Are you running a small Business? Are you still Emailing important files or photos between your phone and computer? Still Tracking down lost USB drives for file sharing / transfers? Or worse, relying on a cloud storage device for your business documents that lacks sufficient encryption security? Or are you facing size restrictions on your E-Mail service?

Free website monitoring—is it worth anything?

Posted By supermonitoring 156 days ago on WebSites - Today, we’ll take a look at the ubiquitous offers of free monitoring of the availability of websites. Why are they free, how do they differ from paid services and is it worth using them?


Posted By christopherjanb 162 days ago on WebSites - Learn in this Clickfunnels vs Leadpages post how both sales funnel software works and which between the two is the best one for your business.


Posted By christopherjanb 162 days ago on WebSites - In this Instapage review, find out if this landing page software is comparable to the best ones in the market and whether or not you should purchase it.