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Override the negative self-talk

Posted By Ruth 11 hours ago on Creative Lifestyle - Hey can I talk to yo...yes you ? I look at my life now and as I reflect. I can remember the downward spiral of negative thought patterns and the limiting beliefs that I struggled with in order to get out of bed every mo...

Why We Ask You To Subscribe

Posted By PixiteBlog 2 days ago on Creative Lifestyle - What do you value? What’s worth your time, energy, money? For artists and
non-artists alike, creativity is an important piece of overall mental,
physical, and spiritual health. Today we are talking about the intersection
between the beauty of creating, the digital marketplace, and the deal with
app subscriptions.

Dealing with Depression During the Pandemic

Posted By Ruth 4 days ago on Creative Lifestyle - The Covid 19 Pandemic has posed many challenges. Do you know anyone with depression or maybe you are fighting the battle yourself. Depression is very real and if you are going through this crippling disease. I pray tha...

6 Surprising Reasons to go to Therapy

Posted By itzsayantika 5 days ago on Creative Lifestyle - Going to therapy is sometimes still a taboo especially for women. Here are 6 reasons you should absolutely consider therapy for your mental self-care.
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The Power of Self-Care

Posted By PixiteBlog 7 days ago on Creative Lifestyle - Being stressed out, overworked, and generally overwhelmed can have negative
effects on your life. A great way to combat the stress you feel each day is
to start a little self-care regimen. Finding ways to incorporate self-care
into your daily life, such as journaling, can bring major improvements to
your mood, productivity, creativity, and overall well being.