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How To Do Keyword Research The Way Crafty Content Marketers Do!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 17 hours ago on Marketing - Keyword research is extremely important to content marketers, but not exactly for the reasons you may be thinking. Most content marketers think keyword research will help unearth what potential customers are looking for so that we can fill their requirements with our content and blog posts. This is partially correct, but it’s not the whole story. While this method shows you a glimmer of how keyword research could be done, it doesn’t help you strategize your keyword research to meet your own business goals better.

4 Tricks That Don’t Work In SEO Anymore, So Steer Clear Of These!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 2 days ago on Marketing - SEO has moved on … but have you? The field of search engine optimization has gone through so many changes, and keeps evolving so fast, that unless you keep your third eye on Google all the time, it’s hard to keep track of what’s working now, and what’s not working any longer. Even if you aren’t doing all the right things for your site to rank well on Google, you should at least not do what’s completely wrong and will demote you.

Latent Semantic Indexing Explained For Puzzled Content Marketers!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 3 days ago on Marketing - Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is the latest three letter word in SEO. Although a lot of experts talk about it, the jargon-itis is so prevalent that most SEO beginners fail to catch the real meaning and importance if it. In simple English, Google now has gained much higher “intelligence” than before. So, for example, when you use the word “apple” in your blog post, it looks at the surrounding words to know if you mean Apple the computer, or apple the fruit. For instance, if you’ve used words like “hard-drive, laptop, software”. with the word “apple”, Google guesses you mean the computer. If on the other hand you use words like “bananas, oranges, calories” with the word “apple”. Google knows you must mean the fruit.

How To Help Your Customer Cut Out The Noise And Hear Only You!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 4 days ago on Marketing - How To Help Your Customer Cut Out The Noise And Hear Only You? Given the information overload hitting the customers these days, it was only a matter of time before every solopreneur content-marketer had to ask himself or herself this question. Increasingly we now see blog posts and articles by very important organizations and experts about “noise-cutting” becoming the next big preoccupation for content marketers.

How To Write Headlines For Your Articles That Scream “Click Me”!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 4 days ago on Marketing - Write headline for your articles as if your life depended on it, which in a way it does! My first and greatest boss, David Ogilvy, used to tell us: “95% of people read only the headline. The rest may read the body copy”. He was, of course, talking of advertisements which were short anyway. But what he said then applies to 2000-word content even now, especially in these times of information overload and people with the attention span of a less than a goldfish!

Your Maverick Factor Must Underpin Your Solopreneur Brand Strategy!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 4 days ago on Marketing - Your “maverick factor” is crucial to you, as a success-eager and brand-conscious solopreneur. Your maverick factor is the psychological aspect of yourself that makes you think and act in an independent way, often behaving differently from the expected or usual way. Your chosen business niche alone cannot differentiate your brand. Your niche can give you a unique platform for deciding what your content will be, but what will underscore your “content brand difference” from competition in a marked and memorable way is your personal “maverickness”.

How To Deliver A Lead Magnet In Active Campaign (Without Sending Your Welcome Email Again)

Posted By contentchampion 9 days ago on Marketing - In this video, we're going to look at how to deliver a lead magnet in Active Campaign without sending your welcome email again. It took me ages to find a solution to this, which is why I want to share it with you.

Content Marketing Basics: 360° Smart Guide for Solopreneurs

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 9 days ago on Marketing - Content Marketing Basics? Beware of pushing away your potential customers with direct selling messages. Content Marketing is subtle play! Content Marketing normally includes all forms of information that add value and are relevant to consumers - and thereby indirectly promotes a business, brand, products, or services. Content marketing can happen both online and offline, but it's a more common phenomenon online where almost every marketer has wholesale adopted the process.

Solopreneur Business Success: 360° Smart Guide for Solopreneurs

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 9 days ago on Marketing - Solopreneur Business Success? If you are a solopreneur, congrats! If you're not yet one, get on the bus fast. There's room for new gazillionaires!

6 Effective Ways To Brand Yourself On Social Media

Posted By adamjc 10 days ago on Marketing - Who you are around your family is probably a little different than who you are around your significant other — and both are different than who you are alone, when you’re dancing in your underwear to Backstreet Boys.But with your blogging career, you are only your brand: when you’re writing, Read more »

Choosing A Free Video Editor: 21 Great Options To Create Amazing Videos

Posted By contentchampion 11 days ago on Marketing - ​Choosing a free video editor can be a difficult decision, not least because there are so many options available on the market.

Naturally, some are better than others - yet a surprising amount have advanced feature sets you'd expect to see on paid versions of video editing software.

Want To Create Ebooks? Follow This 4-Step Plan For Content Marketers!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 12 days ago on Marketing - Want to create ebooks? The whole jig is now ultra easy for content marketers, thanks to some excellent resources and tools. There are clever tricks in this article, grouped into 4 sections – planning your ebook, creating your ebook, protecting your ebook and promoting your ebook. The section on protecting your ebook has a nifty tool that can stop ebook pirates in their tracks and force them to do a rethink! Remember, ebooks are amongst the most popular Content Types and Formats that most content marketers like to begin with. As a content marketer, you may want to create a free downloadable ebook – or one for sale.

CC 078: Using Ubersuggest For Content Marketing With Neil Patel

Posted By contentchampion 14 days ago on Marketing - Ubersuggest is a powerful SEO analysis tool from renowned entrepreneur Neil Patel, who joins me for the second time on the podcast to discuss how we can use its advanced features for content marketing.