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Hostgator Black Friday Sale 2017

Posted By Hamim 1 day 15 hours ago on Advertising - Looking for Hostgator Black Friday sale Special offer? Then you are in right place. Here we are sharing 80% off Hostgator Black friday coupons.

Here we listed down all hostgator black friday sale time and discount.

hostgator is one of the most popular webhosting company in the web. Most of the webmaster and bloggers are recommend hostgator hosting. Even This blog is also running on hostgator. I'm using hostgator hosting for more than 5 years and I always refer their hosting to all my blog users and clients. In a year many time hostgator offer several discount on their webhosting packages. But in the black friday time hostgator offer the maximum discount price that they ever shared in that year. So every year black friday is the best time to grab hostgator hosting in a very cheap p

CC 072: Duplicate Content (SEO Essentials)

Posted By contentchampion 2 days ago on Marketing - Welcome back to another ​show in the SEO Essentials series of the Content Champion podcast. A common issue with many of our new client websites is duplicate content. Duplicate content can play a significant role in your site’s ability to rank well on search engines such as Google.

Track Customer Conversations using Cloohawk

Posted By shameel 2 days ago on Marketing - It is important to engage with customers on the social media. But with millions of conversations on different social media sites, it is quite a task to identify the conversation that relates to your brand.
But with tools like Cloohawk, it is possible to identify customer conversations. It increases your chances of engaging with your customers.

CC 071: Canonicalization (SEO Essentials)

Posted By contentchampion 9 days ago on Marketing - ​​Welcome back to the SEO Essentials Series of the Content Champion Podcast. In this episode, I'm ​discussing canonicalization with highly experienced SEO, Tom Peary. Yes we know, don't let your eyes glaze over quite yet - as getting this right could save your organic traffic.

Tom ​is the Head of ​SEO here at Content Champion, and ​also specialises in optimizing Google Shopping feeds. Between the two of us, ​we have over 30 years' experience in the content marketing and SEO industries.

CC 070: Introducing The SEO Essentials Series

Posted By contentchampion 17 days ago on Marketing - ​In this 'housekeeping' episode of The Content Champion Podcast, I set the scene for our new series of shows called 'SEO Essentials', where we discuss the prerequisite on-page SEO steps you ​must take to maximise your long term success with both SEO and content marketing.

Guy Creates Spoof Ad To Sell His Girlfriend’s Crappy Car, And The Price Goes Up 300 Times

Posted By fershid 17 days ago on Advertising - Max Lanman is a writer and director based in Los Angeles, California. When his girlfriend needed to sell her 1996 Honda Accord, he decided to help her out by putting his skills to use and creating a professional commercial. He hired an entire creative team – an actress, a cinematographer, stunt driver, voice artist, music composer, and a sound designer. Max wrote and directed the spot himself, and also piloted the drone for the aerial shots.

But a visually-polished commercial wasn’t enough to sell ‘Greenie’, as they call it. To improve their chances of a sale, Max decided to pitch his girlfriend’s Accord as a “car for people who have life figured out and just want to get somewhere.” Using tongue-in-cheek humor, the voice-over explains how the car’s obsolete condition is an advantage an

Six Video Ideas For Your Small Business In Q4 2017

Posted By divahound 23 days ago on Marketing - We’ve already reached the home stretch of the year: quarter four! While it feels like the time has flown by, there’s a lot that can still be accomplished this year. With the busiest shopping season still upon us, small businesses can cash in using social media, and video in particular. Here are some ideas for you to get those creative wheels turning and make your best videos of the year yet!

5 reasons why you should use Adobe XD, even if you’re NOT a UX designer

Posted By ArthurForever 31 days ago on Marketing - I know what you are thinking, ‘not another creative application to get your head around,’ but if you are in any way involved in web design or development you should take time out to have a look into Adobe XD. Adobe XD is a Creative Cloud app for UX designers, it helps to take your […]
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12 Traditional Marketing Tactics That Can Have Huge Returns

Posted By FireRock 33 days ago on Marketing - In today’s world of online digital marketing, traditional marketing tactics can be overlooked.  But it is often some of the old school ideas that result in big returns.  Take a look at some of these ideas and see where you need to shift your efforts to go where your competitors have abandoned. 12 Traditional Marketing […]The post 12 Traditional Marketing Tactics That Can Have Huge Returns appeared first on FireRock Marketing.

Flipboard’s Update Is a Real Game Changer.

Posted By websuccessteam 37 days ago on Marketing - Last week Flipboard launched a very important update. One that will make you think twice about the app. It’s a self-service program that helps publishers be discovered on the platform.

If you are looking to get more visitors to your website, now is the time to get on Flipboard and submit your RSS feed!

22 Clever Posters That Show The Differences Between Copywriters And Art Directors

Posted By fershid 40 days ago on Advertising - In the late 1950s, advertising legend Bill Bernbach came up with the idea of pairing art directors and copywriters into teams. The strategy worked and DDB ended up creating some of the most iconic work of that era. Since then, the art-copy team structure came into existence at most, if not all, agencies.

They may be working towards a common goal, but as a creative species, copywriters and art directors are not all that similar. Their differences are best highlighted on a Facebook page called CW Versus AD where Caio Pena (art director), Henrique Parada (art director) and Letícia Hanower (copywriter) share their cool, quirky illustrations on this subject. Check them out here.