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Customer Expectations on E-Commerce Delivery

Posted By ivanpw 1 day 19 hours ago on Marketing - The post Customer Expectations on E-Commerce Delivery appeared first on Previso Media.“Shipping is truly the last frontier for commerce, and retailers who master the use of technology to optimize the process are giving themselves the best chance to not only survive but thrive in these trying times.” (Temando CEO, Carl Hartmann). We definitely agree with his statement as shipping is really a critical component in meeting […]

Banner Stands NYC | Retractable Banners | X Banner Stands

Posted By GuppuBoss 2 days ago on Advertising - Whether you’re manning a trade show booth, promoting a product, or selling farm stand vegetables, an attractive eye-catching banner stand is one of the most prominent ways to turn heads and introduce yourself to everyone walking by.

With both retractable and non-retractable banner stands available — made just for our custom banner stands printing — we can put together the perfect custom display needed for your store or next big event.

“What The Bot?” Here’s How To Welcome Looming AI Domination With Your Content

Posted By adamjc 2 days ago on Marketing - Robots coming for our jobs?In the 50’s, that might’ve felt like something you’d see in a black and white horror film, while sitting in a dingy cinema with a bucket of popcorn.In 2019, it’s a real threat.But unlike cringy horror films from over half a century ago, Read more »

Content Marketing Definitions: 15 Smart, Thought-Provoking Angles!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 4 days ago on Marketing - Here are Content Marketing Definitions from 15 different thought leaders coming at the subject from their different angles. But see how they all focus on “how content marketing can serve your business goals”.

9 Types Of Content To Master To Be A Content Marketing Crackerjack!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 4 days ago on Marketing - There are many types of content that solopreneurs can use on their sites to make the variety engaging and interesting to their audiences. Some experts have even listed up to 115 different types of content!

10 Content Marketing Examples Of Small Businesses With Big Ideas!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 4 days ago on Marketing - Content Marketing Examples of niche small businesses may be more awesome than big brands … because they succeed by spending brain-power than money-power.

25 Content Marketing Books That Bend Your Mind Towards Success!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 4 days ago on Marketing - Content Marketing Books are aplenty on Amazon, but you have to pick and choose carefully. Look for the books by people who have themselves become immensely successful content marketers, because experience teaches like nothing else can.

The Definitive Guide To Instagram Hashtags

Posted By adamjc 8 days ago on Marketing - You know you need to use Instagram hashtags, but aren’t really sure how?Want to learn EXACTLY how to research hashtags that are tailored to your specific account?This extensive Guide to Instagram Hashtags in 2019 will teach you how to create an effective hashtag strategy that will boost the reach of your posts and ultimately help you gain more followers. Read more »

How To Acquire Backlinks That Will Grow Your Blog Traffic

Posted By adamjc 9 days ago on Marketing - There’s a peculiar fact that is not often brought up in the community:The majority of backlinks don’t actually drive referral traffic.Take a look at it has over 30k referring domains:Source: Ahrefs.comBut only 500 of them are sending real visitors. Read more »

What is Content Marketing? A 360° Intelligent Guide for Solopreneurs!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 16 days ago on Marketing - What is content marketing? Transform from marketer to "publisher". Build trust with your quality content. Your credibility lets you influence purchases.

My Top Marketing Websites (To Help You Grow Your Online Business)

Posted By contentchampion 16 days ago on Marketing - I love reading marketing websites and blogs. As a small business owner I've learnt so much over the years from fellow marketers and their courses.

5 things I’ve learned about the power of influencer-hosted webinars

Posted By erikemanuelli 16 days ago on Marketing - Influencer webinars let you build an audience and validate your topic before the content is delivered, generate high quality leads, and quickly grow your audience by leveraging others in your niche.

To start successfully working them into your marketing strategy, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

“Miss The Start, Miss The Story” – Clever Ads By Sky TV Promote Its Restart Movie Feature

Posted By fershid 17 days ago on Advertising - Most people in Germany watch linear TV instead of on-demand TV, because they don’t like to spend too much time choosing what movie to watch. They tend to just turn on the television and watch what’s running.

Sky offers movies on-demand, and also on linear channels. The restart function from Sky Q let’s you watch movies on linear TV from the start, by accessing the same movie in Sky’s on-demand library. This gives the viewer the benefits of linear TV and on-demand TV.