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Posted By WorldFoodStory 8 days ago on Humor - Manti is a traditional and widespread boiled dumpling dish in Turkish cuisine. Traditionally it is served with a yoghurt sauce and red pepper or tomato sauce. Similar dishes exist in other Asian and European countries. In Afghanistan, it is called mantu, while in Armenia and Georgia it is known as khinkali. This dish is also...
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Posted By WorldFoodStory 14 days ago on Humor - Pide is a traditional staple Turkish dish. In every city in Turkey, you can find specialist shops, called pideci. The shape of Pide is typically a long and narrow boat-shaped, with folded dough edges. Pide is usually made of dough with a meat topping. Besides meat, there are other toppings such as cheese and spinach,...
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Posted By WorldFoodStory 17 days ago on Humor - Kumpir is a very simple and popular street food dish in Turkey. It is actually a Turkish version of baked potato or jacked potato as it is called in the UK. Unlike the jacked potato, which is usually served with cheese, beans and butter, there are many different side dishes to go with the potato....
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Imam Bayildi

Posted By WorldFoodStory 33 days ago on Humor - Imam Bayildi is a traditional Turkish dish made from eggplant stuffed with vegetables and topped with olive oil. The stuffing is mostly made from tomatoes, garlic, parsley, onions and herbs. It can be served hot or cold and is most often served as an appetiser or part of an appetiser mix called meze. Imam Bayildi...
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