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Dyson cooling fan’s mini-me?

Posted By michael.aulia 20 hours ago on Technology - Dyson Pure Cool Me is Dyson’s latest Air Purifiers. It’s a personal purifying fan, which comes in a compact dimension to deliver purified air straight to you. Compared to the traditional air purifiers like the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier, the Pure Cool Me is not designed to fill the whole room. Instead, it’s to […]

Microsoft Edge Beta is available for you to try

Posted By michael.aulia 2 days ago on Technology - There are plenty of other web browsers around but if you are still a fan of Microsoft Edge, or want to give it another go, then this might be the right time. The new, Microsoft Edge Beta is out for you to try before its final release coming soon. It has: Better web compatibility Faster […]

Adnroid Q named as Android 10

Posted By aditya29best 2 days ago on Mobile - Google has always naming its Past android version on Sweet names. The last sweet or dessert to grace the name of a version of Google’s Android operating system is officially Android Pie.The new Android version would be called Android 10.

2019 Guide to the Best White Label Software and Service Programs

Posted By AppInstitute 5 days ago on Technology -

White label software and services are a great way for agencies or businesses to expand their offering. This, in turn, can lead to increases in revenue and profits, as well as the opportunity to bring in new clients. Agencies that use white label products just need to focus on selling and marketing the product; the...Read More
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Apple’s “Netflix” to be launched in November this year

Posted By michael.aulia 5 days ago on Technology - Apple TV+ was announced by Tim Cook earlier this year during the WWDC 2019. It’s basically Apple’s own take on movie streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Stan, etc. However, lots of details were missing like pricing or when it’s going to be launched. According to Bloomberg, it looks like Apple is targeting to release the […]

LIFX announced new smart light products: the Candle Colour & Z TV

Posted By michael.aulia 6 days ago on Technology - LIFX was actually founded right here in Melbourne, Australia, and it’s one of the leading smart light manufacturers in the world. They just unveiled two new products leading up to Christmas and from what we see so far, they will be very popular at many homes around Australia. LIFX Candle Colour It’s the first lightbulb […]

Google Assistant gets a new, useful feature

Posted By michael.aulia 9 days ago on Technology - When you get married and live in the same house, there are times when you have to remind your partner of a certain thing. Usually, you’d create a reminder for yourself, to actually remind your other half. While it works so far most of the time, there is a better way now. You can ask […]

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Posted By michael.aulia 10 days ago on Technology - Just a few more weeks left for Father’s Day 2019 here in Australia and if you are looking for some great gadgets as a gift, you’ve come at the right place. We are approaching Christmas but we have certainly reviewed many gadgets along the year here at Craving Tech and can recommend many of them […]

The 4 Do’s and Don’ts of Push Notifications

Posted By AppInstitute 11 days ago on Technology -

In a hyper-digitalized society, push notifications are your best bet for communicating with users of your mobile app. The majority of marketing emails are caught by spam filters, and we tend to ignore the ones that make it to our inbox. SMS is clunky and unreliable, can cost both the sender and the receiver money,...Read More
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You can now use Nanoleaf panels to control all your smart home devices

Posted By michael.aulia 12 days ago on Technology - In an exciting update from Nanoleaf, it appears that you can now use the Nanoleaf touch panels to control your other smart home devices. Previously, you can touch the panels to change the panel colours but you cannot for example, use them to turn your Philips Hue Outdoor Lily spotlights at the backyard off. If […]

What can you get from a less-than-$200 phone? Alcatel 1X 2019 Review

Posted By michael.aulia 13 days ago on Technology - Alcatel 1X 2019 Review – If you were told that, you could only spend up to $200 on a mobile phone, what would you buy? Maybe for you who couldn’t care less about the latest phone or who seem to always leave your phone in public transport (accidentally of course). Then, perhaps you should read […]