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Should I hire employees? #ABC2020

Posted By diselva 8 hours ago on Technology - If you are asking yourself, “Should I hire employees?” perhaps it’s time to ponder and look into options. You started all alone and everything was great. You still remember crossing fingers and hoping that things would work out. Well, congratulations, because they did and your business is growing faster than you imagined. Now you definitely+ Read MoreThe post Should I hire employees? #ABC2020 appeared first on DIYA SELVA.

New Premium Leather Messenger Bag - Just Arrived!

Posted By MacCase 11 hours ago on Technology - Everyone at MacCase is buzzing about the 10 year anniversary of our Premium Leather Collection. No MacCase model stands as a testament to the long term success of of this venture than our Premium Leather Messenger Bag. Part of the original line launched 10 years ago, the leather Messenger Bag has recently had it's first update. (It took long enough huh?!) This post is going to cover the changes to this venerable stalwart of the MacCase leather line

History of the leather Messenger Bag
A leather messenger bag was included in the original Premium Leather Collection launched 10 years ago because the nylon messenger bags that was part of the MacCase lineup were such a hit. One of the ideas behind the leather line was to "knock ourselves off". Take the most successful bags, cases and sleeves

Motivation. Am I good enough for this? #ABC2020

Posted By diselva 20 hours ago on Technology - Am I good enough for… ? Whoa! Let me start with a spoiler, yes you are! It’s a common fear among entrepreneurs that whenever they lack motivation or something goes wrong, we suck up the blame and think we are not good enough for this. Day 5 of April Blogging Challenge. I’m enjoying it so+ Read MoreThe post Motivation. Am I good enough for this? #ABC2020 appeared first on DIYA SELVA.

Best 13 MacBook Pro Touch Bar Sleeve? One Man Thinks So

Posted By MacCase 23 hours ago on Technology - Recently we received a message on twitter from a professional photographer named Otis Harville of Framed Lightscap3s, LLC who inquired whether our 13" MacBook Pro Sleeve would work with his new 13" MacBook Pro Touch Bar.
We informed him that it would. He replied back with a few more questions which we quickly answered. On thing about interacting with potential customers on social media is that you can get a snapshot of who they are and what they are about by their profile. 

In Otis's case, he is about capturing the beauty of the natural world in his photographs. When MacCase started way back in 1999, many Apple laptop users were creative professionals. They became our customers. One of the reasons we feel MacCase has been successful over the years is because we are the customer. We are o

Technology scares me! #ABC2020

Posted By diselva 1 day 8 hours ago on Technology - Technology scares me! I like doing things old school…. I used to imagine that technology overwhelms only the older generations. But I was shocked as I had to coach through three people in their 30s and push them really hard towards embracing relevant technology. Everyone is comfortable with email and browsing the Internet. But mention+ Read MoreThe post Technology scares me! #ABC2020 appeared first on DIYA SELVA.

Share Your MacCase Story - One Man's Life Changing Day

Posted By MacCase 1 day 11 hours ago on Technology - Recently, MacCase has had a influx of orders from some high profile customers including Ralph Lauren, Neil Diamond and Hollywood actor Vince Lozano of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. 
As we celebrate bringing these new customers into the MacCase family, no story moved us in the way that the story I am about to share with you did.
Long time customer Joey R wrote to us to share his story about his brother and how his MacCase Premium Leather iPad Pro 12.9 Flight Jacket was part of a very special, life altering day. After discussing it further with Joey, he gave us permission to share his story with you. 

Joey wrote:
"I just wanted you to know that this last Saturday was a life-altering day in my life. My brother, who died in Los Angeles 28 years ago, was a decorated Army Sergeant wh

Custom Apple Laptop Cases - The MacCase Program

Posted By MacCase 1 day 23 hours ago on Technology -
MacCase invented the market for Apple laptop cases in 1998. In 2007, they reinvented it with a line of Apple laptop bags called the Premium Leather Collection.
Now in 2017, MacCase is taking the market for Apple MacBook Pro cases and iPad Pro cases to a whole new level by introducing the MacCase Custom Program.
This is latest in a series of interviews about the story behind the design of MacCase products, or in this case, a new MacCase program. For this interview, we are again speaking to MacCase President and Chief Creative Officer Michael Santoro about the company's new Custom Apple Laptop Cases program.
The new Custom Program will allow customers to choose a whole host of options to build a unique, one of a kind case to transport and protect their Apple laptop.

Custom Apple Cases for

What's The Best MacBook Pro Backpack? (Expert Advice)

Posted By MacCase 2 days ago on Technology - The following review for the MacCase 15" MacBook Pro Backpack was reprinted here by permission from the Joseph Watt / Razormaid Productions Facbook page.
Mr. Watt has been using a MacCase Backpack for, in his words, "the last 100 years". He is currently using our MacBook Pro 17" MacPack Combo Backpack from the early 2000s and our latest 15" MacBook Pro Backpack.

The Man, the Myth the Legend

Mr. Watt is the owner and co-founder of RazorMaid Productions which is a subscription based remix service for DJs. They once released 12" records and still produce CDs containing exclusive dance remixes of songs by various artists. The company was founded in 1984. If you come of age in the 80's or 90's you know his work. 
Razormaid has released remixed tracks by numerous well-known artists, includin

Find the Best iPad Pro 12.9 Bag: Backpack, Messenger Bag or Sling

Posted By MacCase 2 days ago on Technology - Many potential customers come to MacCase to find what they consider the best iPad Pro 12.9 bag. Here at MacCase, our Premium Leather models get a lot of attention and rightly so. In many cases though, someones prefect iPad Pro bag is not leather, but nylon.
Nylon iPad Pro 12.9 bags are lighter and more cost effective than their leather brethren. MacCase has made iPad Pro bags since the Apple's largest 12.9 and then 9.7 tablets were released. Let's take a quick look at the options MacCase currently offers in an iPad Pro carry bag. 

Best Backpack for iPad Pro 12.9
Like it's cousin, the Messenger Bag below, the MacCase iPad Pro Backpack sets itself apart from the heard by including a custom designed sleeve specifically for the 12.9 iPad Pro. 
The tablet goes in the sleeve, the sleeve go

Finding a Personalized iPad Case - Build Yours Here!

Posted By MacCase 3 days ago on Technology - The new MacCase Custom Program allows customers to choose a whole host of options to build a unique, one of a kind, personalized iPad case to transport and protect their Apple tablet. For this interview, we are again speaking to MacCase President and Chief Creative Officer Michael Santoro. 

JKD: You speak a lot about wanting to build the best. What makes these the best custom leather iPad cases?
MS: We use some of the finest hides. Each piece is literally handmade by a single crafts person. The customers gets to choose from over 4800 options and receives this beautifully crafted, one of a kind piece. If you're someone who appreciates this sort of thing, these are the best personalized leather folios of their kind, period.
JKD: The MacCase Custom Program was designed to deliver a here