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Why Some Designers Are More Valuable Than Others

Posted By fershid 4 days ago on Design - How is it that some designers are able to charge significantly more than others? What makes them worth their price? What makes them more valuable? In this insightful video by The Futur, Chris Do explains how your value as a designer is determined by the quality of the questions you ask.

Low value questions like “Do you want red or blue, small or big font?” are pedantic and make you an order-taker. High value questions like “Why is this important, how will you judge if this is successful?” are qualitative and they invite the client to collaborate and participate with you. Know more in this video.

Top 15 Graphic Design Trends For 2018

Posted By fershid 5 days ago on Design - Visual trends are an important aspect of marketing for entrepreneurs and businesses. Using the latest design, imagery, and typography styles makes your brand appear contemporary to your customers, the marketplace, and to your competition.

For designers and creative professionals, understanding and being able to recognize visual trends is even more important because you have to be able to provide them to your clients. Implementing the latest trends in your work shows that you are up-to-date, you’re paying attention, and you’re creating contemporary design that will benefit the client’s brand.

Branding and design veteran Philip VanDusen has come up with an excellent video in which he describes and illustrates 15 key trends in graphic design for 2018. Watch here.

‘Pen Tool King’ Patrick Seymour Shares The Creative Process Behind His Amazing Line Art

Posted By fershid 9 days ago on Design - Patrick Seymour is a Canadian illustrator and art director known for the beautiful, rhythmic line art he creates using just the pen and blend tools in Adobe Illustrator. His most famous work is probably the lion illustration on the Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 splash screen.

Interestingly, Patrick only started illustrating because the ad agency he worked for couldn’t afford to hire an illustrator. He developed a distinctive style of his own and has since then worked with clients like Adobe, Reebok, Nike, The Oscars Academy, Emmy Awards, Daft Punk, Usher, and more.

In this video by The Futur, Patrick talks about his creative journey and the development of his unique style of art. He shares his design...

Graphic Designer Pranks Restaurant Owner With Phallic Logos In Response To Job Ad

Posted By fershid 10 days ago on Design - A couple who opened an Italian restaurant placed an ad on Craigslist looking for a graphic designer who could design their restaurant logo, menu, and various other things.

A ‘cocky’ graphic designer (pun intended) decided to prank the restaurant owners with a series of phallic logos that left them speechless. Check out the conversation here.

Vibrant, Dream-Like Illustrations Made With Gradients And Blend Modes

Posted By fershid 11 days ago on Design - Russian designer Ilya Shapko has created a series of vibrant, neon-style artworks using gradients, blend modes, and transparency in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The project, titled ‘Fantasy Light’, showcases colorful illustrated shapes intricately placed over each other to form abstract animals and objects against dark backgrounds. Shapko’s inspiration for this project came from oriental symbols and images from Russian fairy tales and other folklore. Check out the illustrations here.

Learn In 60 Seconds How To Kern Properly Between Different Types Of Letters

Posted By fershid 12 days ago on Design - The difference between good type and great type is the kerning. In this short video by The Futur, typography and lettering instructor Nils Lindstrom shows you how to kern effectively between different kinds of letters – curved, straight, and diagonal. Nils explains how different letterforms create different kinds of optical spacing between characters, and how proper kerning helps maintain optical uniformity. Watch here.

20 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Always Trust Product Packaging

Posted By fershid 16 days ago on Design - How many times have you opened a bag of chips just to find it half-empty? The bag deflates faster than a pin-pricked balloon and you realise that 50% of the bag was just air. But that’s nothing compared to what some brands do to mislead consumers. Imagine a pizza box that’s shows you pepperoni toppings on the visible side, but when you open it, there’s no pepperoni on the other side. How about a sandwich box that’s double the length of the sandwich inside it? Or a pack of 12 sausage rolls that’s actually a pack of three sausage rolls cut into four pieces each.

We’ve compiled a list of 20 packaging designs by brands who just don’t gave a f*** about establishing a long-term relationship with the consumer. Most of these are funny while some of them are just pure evil. Check them out here.

How To Cut Out Hair From Busy Backgrounds In Photoshop

Posted By fershid 17 days ago on Design - Jesús Ramirez from Photoshop Training Channel has come up with an excellent tutorial that shows you how to mask hair from busy backgrounds in Photoshop. The tutorial begins with a quick crash course on layer masks and the Select and Mask workspace. Ramirez then shows you how to cut out hair from solid and busy backgrounds.

You will also learn how to create brushes in Photoshop to help you recreate hair when you can’t extract it from its background. Watch here.

This Clever Photoshop Trick Lets You Convert Low-Res Graphics To High-Res

Posted By fershid 18 days ago on Design - Mumbai-based designer and Photoshop educator Unmesh Dinda has come up with a brilliant tutorial on his YouTube channel PiXimperfect that shows you how to transform low-res graphics to high-res using the concept of contrast and curves.

Unmesh uses a clever technique in which he scales up the graphic, blurs it, and then uses the Curves tool to sharpen the edges. Note that this method can only be used for graphics that have no more than two colors. Watch here.

Magazine’s Epic Photoshop Fail Leaves Oprah Winfrey With 3 Hands, Reese Witherspoon With 3 Legs

Posted By fershid 19 days ago on Design - From acting, directing, and producing, to running companies and businesses – how do Hollywood A-listers Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon manage to play so many different professional roles? How are they able to multitask and get so much done in 24 hours? Turns out that, unlike the rest of us mere mortals, Oprah and Reese are gifted with an extra set of limbs. Vanity Fair helped uncover this mystery in their 2018 Hollywood Issue. Check it out here.

How To Deal With A Boss Who Wants You To Work Overtime For Free

Posted By fershid 25 days ago on Design - How do you deal with a manager or a boss who asks you to work overtime, without extra pay? Should you work the extra hours for free just because everyone else is still in office?

The answer is NO, you shouldn’t, if it’s outside of your contract. The creative industry has made it a norm to work overtime, but if you’re not able to finish your work in the stipulated time, you need to work on your productivity. It’s also important that you negotiate the terms of your contract, before you take on a job.

In this short video, Chris Do and Greg Gunn from The Futur indulge in a little role play and show you how to tackle an unreasonable boss who tries to corner you on your way out. Greg plays the overly pushy boss and Chris plays the freelancer. Watch here.

Los Angeles Is Looking For Graphic Designers, And Their Ad Proves They Desperately Need One

Posted By fershid 26 days ago on Design - The City of Los Angeles is looking for a full-time graphic designer to create ads, brochures, displays, and exhibits for informational, educational, and promotional purposes. The remuneration offered is $46,708 – $103,230 annually.

To advertise this position, the official Facebook page of the ‘City of Los Angeles – Job Opportunities‘ posted an ad that looks like it was drawn by a 4-year-old on MS Paint. Check it out here.