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Our Favorite Books: Pretend I’m Dead // Jen Beagin

Posted By elmandsparrow 3 days ago on Environmental - “I’ve always liked the word ‘cleave’ because it has two opposite meanings: to split or divide and to adhere or cling. Those two tendencies have been operating in me simultaneously for as long as I can remember.”

Pretend I’m Dead by Jen Beagin is essentially a series of four short stories focusing on the same main character.

Mona is an incredibly honest, likable 24-year-old who cleans houses for a living and has a penchant for photography. She is a dreamer but has no real direction or goals and seems to be aimlessly drifting through life. Mona seems to live in her own head a lot and enjoys speculating about other people’s lives based on the things she finds while cleaning their home

Please Be Kind to Snakes

Posted By elmandsparrow 13 days ago on Environmental - It is estimated that about a third of the population admit to being scared of snakes. I don’t think many people are watching snake videos online in their free time the same way we watch dog and cat videos. Snakes are typically the last type of animal to get any sort of love, but I’m here to tell you why you should be nice to snakes. I’m not saying you have to be best friends with them. I’m not saying you have to let them move into your house. I’m just saying that these creatures deserve more respect than they currently receive and there is no justification for the sick violence they sometimes encounter from humans. We can do better.

Why Should You Care?

The Food Chain: Snakes are an important part of the food chain. They are in the middle of it ea

Charities We Love: Brown Dog Foundation

Posted By elmandsparrow 14 days ago on Environmental -

Who: Brown Dog Foundation, Inc.

Mission: The mission of the Brown Dog Foundation is to bridge the financial gap between the cost of vet care and saving the life of a family pet. The Foundation provides grants to families who, due to unforeseen circumstances, are presently unable to fully afford the cost of emergency veterinary care for the family pet.

History: The Brown Dog Foundation was founded in 2006 by Carol Smock who owned a labrador named Chocolate Chip. Chip was a loving and happy dog who unfortunately developed cancer. Carol had recently found herself unexpectedly unemployed and was not sure that she would be able to afford treatment for Chip. Eventually, it became clear that letting Chip go was the right decision. After Chip’s passing, Carol founded the Brown D

Doggo Birthday Cake!

Posted By elmandsparrow 14 days ago on Environmental - My sweet boy, Rupert’s 4th doggie birthday was January 1st so of course, I had to throw him a dog birthday party and bake him a special dog birthday cake!

If your dog is anything like mine then they love a good treat. All we have to do is say the “b-word” (bone) and both dog’s ears perk up. They know exactly what that word means and they both turn around in circles and run down the stairs to get their treat when we say the word. Needless to say when they saw this cake their tails started wagging! 

Rupert’s birthday party was complete with this yummy cake, party hats, and some special birthday gifts. He loved it!

This recipe calls for all sort of yummy ingredients that your pupper will love. I used some store bought bones for t

What To Do If You Find a Baby Bird

Posted By elmandsparrow 15 days ago on Environmental - It’s that time again! Spring and summer is nesting season for birds and it never fails every year I see somebody online appealing to the people on Facebook for information on what to do with the baby bird they just found. So what should you do if you find a baby bird on the ground? The correct action depends on a couple of things. Let’s talk about it.

Nestling or Fledgling?

If you find a baby bird on the ground, the first thing you need to determine is if it is a nestling or a fledgling. So what is the difference?

A fledgling will have feathers and be able to hop and flutter around.

A nestling will be sparsely feathered and cannot hop, walk, or flit around.

Should You Intervene?

In most cases, there is no need for human intervention in nature. Us

Pumpkin Spice Bars

Posted By elmandsparrow 16 days ago on Environmental - Happy fall! Fall means it’s time for football, bonfires, sweaters, and… of course, pumpkin spice! Is it even fall if you don’t partake of the pumpkin spice? I think not! This pumpkin spice bar recipe is here for you!

I have a small confession… I don’t know how to say this… I feel like I’m committing treason against fall but… I am not a fan of Starbuck’s oh so famous Pumpkin Spice Lattes! Ahh… I know. It’s wild! It’s crazy! How do I even function through the months of September and October? Right? Ha. However, I am a fan of this pumpkin spice bar recipe, and if you love all things pumpkin and spice, I think you will be too!

I tested this pumpkin bar recipe a lot because I wanted the texture to be soft an

Top 6 Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips

Posted By elmandsparrow 16 days ago on Environmental - Who doesn’t love a good load of laundry, am I right? Okay, I don’t actually love doing laundry, but I do love it when it’s done and I have nice clean towels and sheets. How can we do laundry in a way that is more eco-friendly for the planet and the animals who call it home? Keep reading for a few tips!

Use eco-friendly detergent

All the water that runs through your house, including your washing machine, will eventually end up going back to our oceans, rivers, and lakes. Many detergents on the market today contain harsh chemicals, dyes, chlorine, and phosphates. You can make an impact by choosing an environmentally friendly detergent that uses more natural ingredients and fewer chemicals. On that same note, skip the chlroine bleach as well!

Use cold water