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Possible WordPress Vulnerabilities and How to Fix Them

Posted By wpnewsify 70 days ago on Security - Hackers and third-party malicious actors find WordPress a good target to exploit. In this article, we will be exploring the possible WordPress vulnerabilities and also learn how to fix them.

3 Fun Facts that Show Why Most Password Policies Don’t Work

Posted By PasswordCoach 196 days ago on Security - We’ve Reviewed the Password Policies of Some of the English-SpeakingWorld’s Most Popular Websites, and You’ll Be Surprised at What We Found…

Keep cybersecurity front-of-mind with a feed of 300+ free bite-sized educational posts for your media channels

Posted By PasswordCoach 336 days ago on Security - Keep cybersecurity front-of-mind with a feed of 300+ bite-sized educationalposts for your media channels. It’s free. It’s quick. And it’s easy. Asteady feed of cybersecurity awareness materials to keep everyone engaged.

If you subscribed to a VPN because of privacy concerns you might want to read this…

Posted By PasswordCoach 337 days ago on Security - You may be surprised to learn that a VPN doesn’t provide 100% privacy whenit comes to your location. Google and others are able to determine yourlocation by looking at the wi-fi networks that you have nearby, and thenmapping those to known GPS coordinates. Even with a VPN, Google knows whereyou are sat.

Browser isolation: Fail-safe protection against web-borne phishing and malware attacks

Posted By PasswordCoach 378 days ago on Security - To date, business has defended against infections such as ransomware withmandatory cybersecurity awareness training. Whilst essential, trainingrarely completely eradicates the vulnerability. People are going to makemistakes. The only way to 100% guarantee that the business isn’t going tofall victim to a damaging cyberattack (such as ransomware) is to move thebrowsing function away from the business altogether. This practice is knownas browser isolation.

10 Useful Resources to Learn About WordPress Security

Posted By wpnewsify 413 days ago on Security - Most of us rely on a complex security plugin and a little bit of good luck. That’s not bad, but it’s not enough. You have to stay up-to-date on what’s new in the web-security world and learn WordPress security.

Scammers are using international characters to impersonate legitimate cryptocurrency websites and steal your stuff

Posted By PasswordCoach 420 days ago on Security - Scammers are creating phoney phishing websites using look-a-likeinternational characters - a flavour of cybercrime called a homographattack. The goal of the attack is to steal your credentials and disappearwith your bitcoin and cryptocurrency tokens.

You’re not responsible for using dangerous passwords. But the business is…

Posted By PasswordCoach 422 days ago on Security - If you fail to use a secure password, it's not your fault. It's the faultof the business that asked you for the password.Phew. That's a weight off.

Now you too can jump on the cryptocurrency mining bandwagon. You may already be on it.

Posted By PasswordCoach 429 days ago on Security - Cryptojacking is the hot new scam coming to a computer, tablet or phonenear you soon. In a cryptojacking scam, the scammer is going to use yourdevice to mine (i.e. pull out of thin air) cryptocurrency. The good news isthat there is a pretty straight-forward way to avoid getting stung in thisway. Read on...

Statistics of WordPress Vulnerabilities for 2017 by ThreatPress

Posted By wpnewsify 432 days ago on Security - ThreatPress has published a summary of WordPress vulnerabilities for the 2017 year. The infographic provides statistical information collected from ThreatPress database of WordPress vulnerabilities and data available on the website.

Make sure that the bad guys aren’t the only ones checking that your Java install is up-to-date

Posted By PasswordCoach 450 days ago on Security - If your version of Java isn't up to date, then you could be at risk ofattack by cybercriminals. It will only takes a minute, but now would be agood time to check if you have Java configured for automatic updates.Instructions provided.

Vietnamese characters enable scammers to impersonate the websites of legitimate organisations

Posted By PasswordCoach 457 days ago on Security - Scammers are now using near-miss Vietnamese characters to register spoofdomains and impersonate the websites of legitimate organisations. Be on thelook out for dots underneath characters in website addresses and links.

When you push down on one corner of the biscuit tin, the other corner pops up.

Posted By PasswordCoach 463 days ago on Security - Operator of the defunct passwords-for-cash website ischarged with 'trafficking in identity information'. The website disappearedin 2017 but has since been replaced by another that has 50% more hackedcredentials available for sale. Most cryptocurrencies are supported.