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I Am Back!

Posted By Thunderella666 36 days ago on Fashion - Time heals. Time also tells me I have had two cocktails in Bournemouth pier, and that I probably shouldn’t be writing this but oh well !! #rebelcocktailyell #2for1Queen David Bowie said in “No Control”: Stay away from the future Back away from the light It’s all deranged – no control Sit tight in your corner […]

Polymetal : A New Club Night in London

Posted By Thunderella666 98 days ago on Fashion - Alright Peeps! I am really pleased to be doing a shoutout for a new alternative night hitting the London shores this month : the Polymetal Club Night which you can find on Facebook here. As a (sadly) former club night/scene participant, I am rather excited to not only attend this event, but to also be supporting […]

For Those About To Bollock…

Posted By Thunderella666 113 days ago on Fashion - I rebuke youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Oh. I know what you may be thinking….”What a nice introduction eh?!” (alternatively you may also be singing along to the original tune, in which case I actually salute you). ​​SMXLL You see, I used to run a blog years ago … A blog that was as shiny as Dave Mustaine’s mane, and as funny […]

Paracetamol To The Wall

Posted By Thunderella666 113 days ago on Fashion - In a typical turn of events, the day I decide to be productive (e.g. write silly stuff, take silly pictures and play silly metal), my body decides to go on strike, like a true French representative of the lazy derrière. I literally woke up feeling like Maiden’s Eddie would feel after a night of tantric yoga with […]

Sad But (Sing) True

Posted By Thunderella666 114 days ago on Fashion - One of my latest objectives is to transition from the lyrical version of Jason Voorhees (massacres everything even in silence)  into the lyrical version of Hannibal Lecter (massacres everything with class, precision and a glass of Merlot). Basically, I have started taking singing lessons (and guitar lessons). This is happening after years of singing and […]

Rage Against The Meeting

Posted By Thunderella666 114 days ago on Fashion - UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH.  Meeting in the name of! Meeting in the name of! In a few days, I have to go back to what is deemed the “real” world, eg assume the crouching fatso hidden worker position behind my desk at home, and start hunting for more crouching fatso hidden worker positions via Linkedin and other job […]

Take Me Down to Greenwich City

Posted By Thunderella666 115 days ago on Fashion - Soooooooo I am going to pretend I am the Axl Rose of writing and come up with the excuse that I am late in submitting blog posts because I have been busy watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV : The Secret of the Booze …  Eh, if Axl got away with it, then why not me? After […]

Bethnal Green, The Market of The Beast

Posted By Thunderella666 115 days ago on Fashion - My name is Mel, and I am a blingaholic.   I do not just own shiny rings and sparkly necklaces, studded collars and spiky wristbands; I cake my body and my walls with bling. I wake up with bling, I go to bed with bling and I will probably die under a pile of carefully […]

Alt Seller of The Month : Skully Bunting

Posted By Thunderella666 116 days ago on Fashion - Greetings Darklings! As you may have noticed, I love to buy stuff. But I love to buy unique stuff – be it thrifted or from smaller marketplaces such as Etsy.  The shopping experience feels more personal and you end up with something cool that has been produced ethically. And most of all, you actually support […]

Turbo Leather : Delivering The Goods

Posted By Thunderella666 116 days ago on Fashion - There I was completely wasted,  out of work and down (I wasn’t wasted, just caffeinated to the Gods) All inside it’s so frustrating as I drift from town to town (Kentish Town to Camden Town these days) Feel as though nobody cares if I live or die (yep but i am planning to do both […]

Let The Stinkies Hit The Floor

Posted By Thunderella666 117 days ago on Fashion - I hate commuting in the mobile fart incubator known as the Tube … especially in the mornings when a fair proportion of the professional minion community does the tightest version of the YMCA dance, armpits raised to the Gods of Anti Perspirants, holding on to the sticky, sweaty poles (sometimes used as arse crack holders […]

Bark At The Moon With an Iphone 7 in a Paradise City

Posted By Thunderella666 117 days ago on Fashion - About 6 months ago,  I came out of the Dark Ages and ditched my BlackBerry for an Iphone 7. It wasn’t easy coming out of the closet – in fact it took about 3 years of jokes, 102 looks of horror and most frightening : the prospect of a Mobile Phone Nose Job.  Yep, I […]

Back In Black

Posted By Thunderella666 118 days ago on Fashion - Back in the days when I was a size 6, and should have been posting way more selfies and bootyfies than I do now, I used to run a fashion blog which was pure style with moaning intervals. Now? I am just switching to lots of moaning with stylish intervals. Pattern explained below :  2007: […]

Bank Holiday : Budget Value Up My Irons

Posted By Thunderella666 118 days ago on Fashion - After living for over a decade in the UK, I have come to the conclusion that over here,  for a lot of people most Bank Holiday weekends either turn into Crank Holidays, Drank Holidays or both.  Either the weather fails the population on its day off work – and it’s being remediated by copious amount […]