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The Lamoda Shoe Scam

Posted By Thunderella666 9 days ago on Fashion - Don’t you love faithfully and merrily clicking ‘Pay‘ against a specific amount of money, full of joy for your soon-to-be foot bling, only for triple the amount to be shockingly deducted from your hard-working corporate slave funds? Well, it seems someone clicked too fast on the publish button last night … And that would be […]

I Goth Work To Do ! (Fashion Edit)

Posted By Thunderella666 9 days ago on Fashion - One of the things I find frustrating with the current Goff Instagram aesthetics (GoFF stands for fake as feck– ps : I am only censoring so this gets into your inbox safely folks, I am nice like that) is that the ‘casual’ looks are completely unrealistic/ unfit / totally not relatable to anybody over the age […]

Keep The Faith … In Yourself

Posted By Thunderella666 11 days ago on Fashion - As I made my way out of my first Metal Belly Dance Class today (Yesssss, there is such a thing, and it is bloody awesome, despite the fact that I cannot coordinate my booty to anything else attached to me), I stumbled upon this intriguing poster, which tingled my alternative senses. My Oh My! How […]

London Brexit Snapshots & Cheapshots

Posted By Thunderella666 16 days ago on Fashion - Note from the author: no shots were drank whilst this article was being written. But shots may have been fired… Lots of things repel/ annoy / frustrate/ me at the moment, and I am unexpectedly hesitant about unleashing a torrent of written vociferation about each topic that is causing these feels (yes I know, it […]

Barcelona Street Photography Heavy Metal Style

Posted By Thunderella666 23 days ago on Fashion - On this gloomy, cold and miserable day, I have decided to rewind to a warmer time; a time when I was walking carefree down in Barcelona, Spain … Alas no, I have not worked out a fancy time machine; instead, I have finally edited the content of my August memory card. I have decided to […]

What’s the Story, Graveyard Glory

Posted By Thunderella666 25 days ago on Fashion -   Today we are going to talk about things that have been buried for a long time, and have unsuccessfully attempted to ressurect themselves. Nope, this is not about KISS’s 200th reunion tour (OMYGOD I HATE THIS BAND SO MUCH). I am going to talk about some feelings. Feelings of self-hatred more precisely. Due to […]

Nasty (Goth) Gal : Fashion Picks

Posted By Thunderella666 26 days ago on Fashion - Black Friday you say? Hunny, in my world, it is Black Century! (yes, I plan on living to a 100 years old and earn the title of  The Century Goth;  to hell with this ‘Millenial’ bullshit). As I have been lying sick for many days in a row, I have been able to scour the internet […]

Boohoo Rocks ! Alternative Fashion Picks

Posted By Thunderella666 38 days ago on Fashion - “Some people like to pick online fights; I like to pick items online in my basket. Teehee!” –  Thunderella, November 2019 Yes, the Fashion Picks are back; and I will be doing these weekly or as I pay off my credit card and spend some more …muffled screaming bank account noise.  Nah, actually it is all […]

Whitby Goth Weekend 2019

Posted By Thunderella666 40 days ago on Fashion - Last weekend, I made my way oop norff (“up north” for my non-British friends) for one of my favourite events of the year : Whitby Goth Weekend. … Aaaand because it is only one day post-Halloween, I have decided to share a spooky pic with you dear folks of the virtual land : a geeky […]

Alternative Modelling Competition 2019 : Or The Revenge of An Average Girl

Posted By Thunderella666 50 days ago on Fashion - ….Yes! you read that right; and no, this isn’t a joke, or a new super hero movie I am plugging. I seriously want to talk about the Average Girl Syndrome. Because I am –  well, scrap that, I WAS a victim of it. The Average Girl Syndrome is a creation from modern society.  In a sea […]