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5 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

Posted By ravikumarnama 21 days ago on Health - It is that time of the year when the sweltering heat will soon make it a struggle for you to keep yourself calm. Well, the summer season is approaching and is going to extend till mid-September. With the continuous rise in temperature over the years, the season is going to bring in a lot of illnesses with it such as dehydration, mosquito-borne diseases, nose bleeding, etc.

All this brings us to the prime question- how to beat the heat this summer?

Tips to Manage Your Medication Effectively

Posted By Pharmica 42 days ago on Health - Effective management of medication plays a vital role in managing the health condition. When one has more than one medication, it is essential to manage your medications to avoid errors which can have unwanted side effects.

Apps That Pay You To Walk

Posted By Seansupplee 43 days ago on Health - We all do it every day right. Walking around at home cleaning, working or just going to a brisk jog in the morning.

Did you know there are apps that pay you to walk ?

Here are the top paying apps for doing what you already do.