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Our Contract

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 382 days ago on Adult - This contract supersedes all other versions of this contract as of the date it is published. It will stand until a new Ownership Contract has been published in its place. This contract is an agreement to a 24/7 live in Mistress/slave dynamic. Kate and Hannah are married; Hannah is Kate’s owned and collared slave. This … Continue reading Our Contract


Posted By serviceslavesecrets 383 days ago on Adult - Entrees Pot Roast* Season boneless chuck roast, four to five pounds (salt/pepper/paprika), sear on all sides (optional).  Add water to cover, pound of baby carrots, three to four cups tomato sauce, and simmer in pot on stove or crock pot on high with liner for six to eight hours, stirring now and then.  Serve on … Continue reading Recipes

What Protocol Really Says, Again

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 418 days ago on Adult - Dinner is on the table at six as always.  Lemon chicken and corn, lemons courtesy of the neighbors and their tree.  I send the requisite, Dinner is ready, Mistress, and wait in the standard position.  (Since then, we’ve gotten a pager system that covers this message.)  Now that the house is silent after the bubbling … Continue reading What Protocol Really Says, Again

Lifestyle Masochism: What I Talk About When I Talk About Masochism

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 459 days ago on Adult - Lifestyle masochism. Every now and then, there’s a word or phrase that goes floating around the local community or FetLife that’s useful, relatable, and catches on as part of the widespread vocabulary. While lifestyle masochism is a phrase that came to me basically at random and, to my knowledge, currently lives only inside my head, … Continue reading Lifestyle Masochism: What I Talk About When I Talk About Masochism

“But How Do You Just Hang Out?”: High Protocol in 24/7 Dynamics

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 526 days ago on Adult - “But how do you just… hang out?”  Outside of maybe but how do you remember all that (a great question for another day), it’s probably the number one question I get when I talk about high protocol in the context of my dynamic, which is 24/7, live in, just two of us in the house … Continue reading “But How Do You Just Hang Out?”: High Protocol in 24/7 Dynamics

Recommended Resources

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 533 days ago on Adult - BDSM Dear Raven and Joshua by Raven Kaldera and Joshua Tenpenny Manual Creation by Machele Kindle Master/slave Mastery – Updated by Robert Rubel and M. Jen Fairfield Paradigms of Power by Raven Kaldera Science of BDSM Slave-ography by Slave Patrick SM 101 by Jay Wiseman So you want to be a slave: The Realities – … Continue reading Recommended Resources

My Typical Day, Told in Slave Positions

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 607 days ago on Adult - Unleashing.  First thing in the morning.  Reaching over the edge of the bed for my phone and sending the message, Good morning, Mistress. May I get up, please?  Heart emoji.  Sleepily trying to get into position before she comes in.  Moving a cat off my leg.  Sitting up, cross legged on the bed, the leash … Continue reading My Typical Day, Told in Slave Positions

On Asking Permission vs. Being Offered It

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 636 days ago on Adult - My uniform code specifies no hair styling or makeup or jewelry unless you count my collar and watch; no tattoos, piercings, hair cutting or coloring.  It occurs to me very rarely to ask to shake it up; fashion has never been my thing, especially over convenience.    There’s one dress that’s not my uniform that’s… Continue reading →

Noticing the Fork: How the Little Protocols Add Up

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 654 days ago on Adult - 6 PM, and so dinner.  “You may sit,” Mistress said as she took her own place at the table.  I did.  I was moving my napkin to my lap when she added, “You may also start setting my fork on the right side.”  She moved the misplaced utensil.   I stared at the fork for a… Continue reading →

The Benefits of Silence

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 674 days ago on Adult - When I was fifteen, I decided to take a week long vow of silence for a school project.  It required a bit of negotiating with other teachers, and writing was deemed necessary, but a week without speech was deemed doable.  I carried a small makeshift whiteboard mostly to maintain participation points in class, attend extracurriculars,… Continue reading →