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Setting Recurring Tasks: What Comes Next

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 3 days ago on Adult - I’ve talked before about adding your own recurring tasks in anticipatory service—or proposing them—and thought I should elaborate a bit on what it can look like after that new task gets added.  I recently went to a lovely Zoom class on anticipatory service, and discussion covered ways to serve throughout the day—from first thing in… Continue reading →

Uniforms and Challenges, the Literal and a Metaphor

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 4 days ago on Adult - Our contract is a simply formatted, single spaced seven or so pages, and this one phrase in it sometimes gives me more conundrums than any others: nice, clean, and of an appropriate size.  This phrase is in the uniform section, and the fact is, being a slave, as wonderful as it is, is messy.    Cooking… Continue reading →

Service Skill: Event Debriefs

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 27 days ago on Adult - Event Debriefs: What Are They? Event debriefs are relatively what they sound like.  The type I’m talking about here is the private post-event reflection for the host (sharing with co-hosts and whatnot can come later).   An “event” is what you make it out to be, and you should set your own standards for what… Continue reading →

Why I Chose Irrevocable Consent as a Label, What It Means to Me, and Why I Write About It

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 29 days ago on Adult - TPE, TAT, no safewords, no limits, no way out, no “no”, owned, CNC, irrevocable consent, blanket consent, slave, property—  There are a lot of words, phrases, and acronyms used to talk about this area, many of which have other definitions, too.  It’s a lot to sum up.  It can sound simple, but the totality of… Continue reading →

On Potato Peeling and Shakespearean Sonnets (Or, “Is It More Submissive to Enjoy Everything You’re Ordered to Do, or to Dislike Those Tasks but Do Them Anyway?”)

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 30 days ago on Adult - It’s amazing how much time I spend peeling potatoes, I message my mom, because her first message of the day, always around the time she settles in at home after work and the time I am beginning to prepare dinner, again has found me peeling potatoes, perhaps the third time in a bit over a… Continue reading →

Balancing Control and Decision-Making as a Service

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 31 days ago on Adult - I’ve touched on the spectrum between control-oriented and service-oriented dynamics before.  Dynamics based at their core in the active exertion of power, authority, and structure, enforcing rules, protocols, and routines, versus dynamics based on the idea of being useful, helpful, and completing tasks, chores, and assignments.    There is no reason a dynamic can’t include… Continue reading →

Invisible Anticipatory Service, Setting Your Own Recurring Tasks, and Some Advice

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 32 days ago on Adult - Recently I proposed extending our meal plan, currently based around dinner, to include a light brunch. Like dinner, on the dining table at the same time daily (9:30 AM instead of 6 PM). I came up with this independently, though when Mistress approved, she said she’d been thinking of dictating something similar in the future… Continue reading →

Slave Positions: Some Quick Thoughts

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 33 days ago on Adult - The slave positions we use most evolved a lot more organically than some might expect.  Some were a part of other rituals, the same position coming naturally again and again and eventually codified that way.  Some sprang out of a repeated practical need.  Some simply got more and more specific as preferences were discovered over… Continue reading →

Service Is an Ephemeral Art

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 34 days ago on Adult - Service is an ephemeral art. I was thinking this recently as I realized exactly how much of my job is doing the same thing over and over again.  Not so much one special project so much as do the dishes, every day.  Do the laundry, every day.  Cook brunch and dinner, every day.  Make the… Continue reading →

On the Linguistics of Being a Kinky Author, Regardless of What You’re Writing

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 35 days ago on Adult - “Would you like to share?”  I… would not.  I’m on the weekly video call with my teacher and classmates for an online class offered through a writing workshop.  We’ve just done a freewrite, and what came out on the page this time was the beginning of a new plotline for an in progress work of… Continue reading →