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My Typical Day, Told in Slave Positions

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 23 hours ago on Adult - Unleashing.  First thing in the morning.  Reaching over the edge of the bed for my phone and sending the message, Good morning, Mistress. May I get up, please?  Heart emoji.  Sleepily trying to get into position before she comes in.  Moving a cat off my leg.  Sitting up, cross legged on the bed, the leash … Continue reading My Typical Day, Told in Slave Positions

Day in the Slave Life #5

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 18 days ago on Adult - Note: What it says on the tin—fifth in a series, a non-fiction piece about one day in my M/s dynamic, hoping to answer some questions I frequently see about the day to day life of a slave. This particular piece is not exactly a typical day; it takes place over a sleepless thirty-eight hours and … Continue reading Day in the Slave Life #5

On Asking Permission vs. Being Offered It

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 29 days ago on Adult - My uniform code specifies no hair styling or makeup or jewelry unless you count my collar and watch; no tattoos, piercings, hair cutting or coloring.  It occurs to me very rarely to ask to shake it up; fashion has never been my thing, especially over convenience.    There’s one dress that’s not my uniform that’s… Continue reading →

Noticing the Fork: How the Little Protocols Add Up

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 47 days ago on Adult - 6 PM, and so dinner.  “You may sit,” Mistress said as she took her own place at the table.  I did.  I was moving my napkin to my lap when she added, “You may also start setting my fork on the right side.”  She moved the misplaced utensil.   I stared at the fork for a… Continue reading →

The Benefits of Silence

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 67 days ago on Adult - When I was fifteen, I decided to take a week long vow of silence for a school project.  It required a bit of negotiating with other teachers, and writing was deemed necessary, but a week without speech was deemed doable.  I carried a small makeshift whiteboard mostly to maintain participation points in class, attend extracurriculars,… Continue reading →

Protocols in a New Place

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 68 days ago on Adult - So, we bought a house and moved somewhat recently. Now, we moved in together eight weeks after meeting (and concurrently began our 24/7 power dynamic), so basically the entirety of our relationship has been living together in the one location we lived before we moved.  So for really the first time, we’ve had to see… Continue reading →

Setting Recurring Tasks: What Comes Next

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 80 days ago on Adult - I’ve talked before about adding your own recurring tasks in anticipatory service—or proposing them—and thought I should elaborate a bit on what it can look like after that new task gets added.  I recently went to a lovely Zoom class on anticipatory service, and discussion covered ways to serve throughout the day—from first thing in… Continue reading →

Uniforms and Challenges, the Literal and a Metaphor

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 81 days ago on Adult - Our contract is a simply formatted, single spaced seven or so pages, and this one phrase in it sometimes gives me more conundrums than any others: nice, clean, and of an appropriate size.  This phrase is in the uniform section, and the fact is, being a slave, as wonderful as it is, is messy.    Cooking… Continue reading →

Service Skill: Event Debriefs

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 103 days ago on Adult - Event Debriefs: What Are They? Event debriefs are relatively what they sound like.  The type I’m talking about here is the private post-event reflection for the host (sharing with co-hosts and whatnot can come later).   An “event” is what you make it out to be, and you should set your own standards for what… Continue reading →

Why I Chose Irrevocable Consent as a Label, What It Means to Me, and Why I Write About It

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 105 days ago on Adult - TPE, TAT, no safewords, no limits, no way out, no “no”, owned, CNC, irrevocable consent, blanket consent, slave, property—  There are a lot of words, phrases, and acronyms used to talk about this area, many of which have other definitions, too.  It’s a lot to sum up.  It can sound simple, but the totality of… Continue reading →