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Mid Century Modern turns Bohemian: How to Incorporate Decorative Souvenirs

Posted By StephPurcell 1 day 10 hours ago on Home Decor - Since my trips to the middle east this past year I have been stocking up on some great artifacts, textiles and souvenirs. I knew I wanted to include them in our new home and with our move done I am so happy to share how I have added these unique pieces to my design. While on my trip in Doha (you can read about it here!) I picked up the most magical lamp. It is absolutely swoon worthy and every time I see it all lit up I fall in love with it all over again. It matches absolutely nothing in my home-or so I thought. But upon closer inspection there are a lot of greens and blues which I tend to have a lot of in my home. Photo: Mandy McGregor

Mood Board Mondays are Back with a Serene Escape

Posted By StephPurcell 12 days ago on Home Decor - I’m bringing back Mood Board Mondays! After such a successful go of sharing a new mood board every Monday in June I have decided to reinstate them. This time, however, I will be sharing a new mood board on the first Monday of each month. As today is the first Monday in August, it means that today is one such day! You can get all the details on this month’s mood board below.MASTER BEDROOM SERENE ESCAPE Today I’m sharing a serene escape I created for a client’s bedroom. I wanted to design a space to escape and relax while creating the feeling of being on vacation in your own home. To achieve this spa like effect, I decided on soft neutrals with a subtle green for a contrast

Ceiling Lights and Fixtures that Won't Disappoint

Posted By StephPurcell 15 days ago on Home Decor - Recently I’ve been contemplating an upgrade in my home ceiling lights. Right now we have the standard fixtures that came with the house. Lighting, in my opinion, is one of the most over looked aspects of a room’s design. Not just the lack of lighting, but the lack of a fun variety and style of lighting. I don’t want to fall into this trap myself and have started to do some searching. Read on to discover some of my favorite finds to so far! Brass And Glass Dome Available at Cost Plus World Market I like this option as a possible solution over my husband

My Favorite Excursions from Abu Dhabi

Posted By StephPurcell 22 days ago on Home Decor - I’m back! It has been awhile since I have been back in the United States and had a chance to update my blog. A LOT has happened and I can’t wait to catch you all up. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts! In the meantime here is a recap of my recent trip to Abu Dhabi.Since my day job is working as a freelance producer I get to go to some amazing places and this past winter was a fun one-Abu Dhabi, UAE! It was perfect timing, because winter was in full force and I was ready to get away.

Last Minute Easter Ideas to Fill a Friend's Basket

Posted By StephPurcell 22 days ago on Home Decor - I love all things Spring and all things Easter-even more! Today I am sharing some great Easter finds that you can get through Amazon Prime (Hello two day shipping!)

Dubai Day Trip

Posted By StephPurcell 22 days ago on Home Decor - While I was in the UAE I was close enough to Dubai that I had to take a quick trip over to see it. It is one of those cities on my bucket list! It is such a fascinating display of wealth and architecture. I only had one afternoon here so my time was limited, but I knew I wanted to see the Burj Khalifa.

Found a Vintage Vanity and Now I Get Ready Like a Movie Star

Posted By StephPurcell 22 days ago on Home Decor - Lately I have been really successful in all of my thrift store searching. Sometimes you come away with nothing and sometimes you come away with a vintage vanity for $50!!! I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this forgotten beauty-I knew I had to have it and with a price that low it was probably destiny. The vanity is not in perfect mint condition, there are a few scratches here and there, a broken mirror clip and missing glass shelves-but all things I can replace and fix.

Decorative Motifs and Patterns

Posted By StephPurcell 23 days ago on Home Decor - If you’ve been following my blog then you know I spent this last winter in Abu Dhabi and what I loved so much about being there was not just the weather but also the great architecture and textiles I saw. I have started a habit of bringing back pieces I can decorate my home with and this trip was no exception.

DIY: New Wallpaper Bookcase Reveal (With Cheap & Easy Tips!)

Posted By StephPurcell 23 days ago on Home Decor - If you saw my Home Tour, you know that one of my favorite parts of our current house is all its built-in nooks and crannies. One particular favorite is our built-in bookshelf in the living room. It is on a curved corner and very much in plain sight. With the majority of my time being spent on the house’s layout at large, I didn’t have time to really focus on the little details (like this bookcase). I knew I wanted to add some extra pizzaz to it and came up with the idea to wallpaper it!

Sharing My Design Updates as a First Time Airbnb Host

Posted By StephPurcell 23 days ago on Home Decor - My husband and I recently purchased a triplex in Omaha, NE. We are keeping one of the units as our own so we have a place to stay and live while here and then renting out the other two as Airbnbs. This is something we have never done before but are learning-wish us luck.

See How I Transformed a Set for a Romantic Comedy

Posted By StephPurcell 24 days ago on Home Decor - Every once in awhile you meet someone that is at the same time inspiring, giving, passionate, talented and kind. I am lucky enough to know three such ladies and had the absolute pleasure of getting to team up with them on a new rom-com series called, “Confessions From the Friendzone.” I am one of the Producers and as luck would have it, also the Production Designer.With four different locations to shoot at, two weeks to shoot in, and countless hours of prep-we had our work cut out for is. Fortunately my collaborative team of girls let me run wild with my design ideas. Bless them for trusting me and letting me do my thing-it is always easier (and more fun) when your co-workers trust you and value your work. (Have I mentioned how much I love these girls and working with them?!?)

I Got a Sansevieria and Now I Really Want More Plants

Posted By StephPurcell 24 days ago on Home Decor - With Spring under way I am all about opening those windows and letting some natural sunlight in! There is nothing I love more than a warm day with a cool breeze. In my opinion few things are better than a beautiful spring day with the sun high, plants in bloom and all things fresh and green. Which has led me to my latest venture-house plants.I’ll be the first to admit I have no green thumb, I lack the patience, knowledge and routine required of keeping most plants alive. But I love them-none the less. So this year I decided I was going to try it and for my birthday I received a Sansevieria plant. It is a rather low maintenance plant-which I need and so far it is going good.All this has lead me to today’s topic on plants: the easy and the pet friendly.

Mood Board Mondays Every Monday in June

Posted By StephPurcell 24 days ago on Home Decor - You might be asking what this is, and no it is not a license to act moody on Mondays - although I get the urge. Every Monday in June I will be sharing a mood board with design ideas. Each week will be a new concept-from boho to mid-century modern and whatever else in between! It is a fun way to get inspiration and new ideas for your decorating dreams! And today is the first day! Check out my mood board below. Everything pictured is linked in the “Shop This Post” section should you see something that you really like! As always you can request my services by contacting me here through my website. I would be happy to create your very own mood board tailored to your needs and wants! For complete room designs you can book me through Decorist and remember to use the promo code: STEPHANIEPURCEL