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Havasu Falls Will Take Your Grand Canyon Adventure to the Next Level

Posted By iExplore 6 hours ago on Travel - Havasu Falls has quickly become a bucket list destination for travelers who want to amplify their Grand Canyon adventure. The people of the Havasupai Tribe pull their energy from the land, and they consider the surrounding area and its waterfalls to be sacred. They use this energy for strength and rejuvenation, and, lucky for us, have chosen to share this energy with the public. With several falls to choose from, paradise is but a few mile hike away. What are you waiting for?

What to do in Florence and Pisa in 2 Days (Guide)

Posted By HortenseTravel 7 hours ago on Travel - Italy is a country of outstanding natural beauty, there are thousands of amazing historical, archaeological and architectural sights to see, and the food is simply to die for. Two of the most popular destinations that travelers don’t miss are Florence and Pisa. Both located in the stunning region of Tuscany, these two enchanting cities are located just an hour’s train ride away from each other, making it perfectly feasible to combine them both into a two-day trip. Here’s A Guide on What to See in Florence and Pisa.What to Do Florence?Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region and considered to be a cultural, architectural and artistic wonder. There is plenty to see here, some of which may require advance booking, so keep this in mind when you are planning your trip.Piazza del Duo

Iceland festival of lights, brief introduction

Posted By alotoftrips 11 hours ago on Travel - Iceland is a magical place to celebrate the holidays. The culture is rich in Christmas traditions, and to be honest, for a festival of light, darkness is an asset.Icelanders celebrate 13 days of Christmas, and traditionally, the celebration is centred on good food and family. Loved ones gather to share food and have a good time.Iceland is one of the most active volcanic areas on Earth and usually experiences a volcanic event every 5 years on average.  The largest recorded lava flow in history occurred during the summer of 1783, when a 25 km row of craters, Lakagigar southwest of Vatnajokull, poured out 14 km of lava.Icelandic nature offers magnificent scenery, and it is easy to get distracted by ye sheer beauty of its surroundings.  All roads are not created equal in Iceland, du

Instagrammer Callum Snape Says Northern England Will Surprise You

Posted By iExplore 14 hours ago on Travel - We sent Instagrammer Callum Snape to Manchester and Northern England in search of the biggest adventures and coolest photo spots imaginable. His verdict? He had no idea such places existed in Northern England and was pleasantly surprised by it all.

You Must Try: Biking the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Whitefish, Montana

Posted By iExplore 18 hours ago on Travel - As if we weren't already obsessed with Glacier National Park enough already, we ventured out to Whitefish and Glacier National Park last month to experience the Going-to-the-Sun Road for ourselve. We agree with the experts: this is one life-changing adventure.

Go Back in Time: Explore Montana's Dinosaur Trail

Posted By iExplore 22 hours ago on Travel - Wild horses and buffalo aren't the only animals that call Montana home. Long ago, dinosaurs once roamed the land. While they're long gone, you can still rediscover them along the Dinosaur Trail.


Posted By Fashionedits 1 day 58 minutes ago on Fashion - A massive street festival on and around the 14th Street, Union Square area in New York City, had the potential of upstaging designer RON RAMOS Spring/Summer 2020 presentation, staged in an open storefront on Broadway near 14th Street. Models posed in front of hugeThe post SPIRAL RUFFLES AND FLOUNCES FROM RON RAMOS NEW YORK’ – AN OFFERING FOR SPRING/SUMMER 2020 appeared first on FashionEdits.No related posts.

Top 10 Summer Activities in Winter Park

Posted By iExplore 1 day 2 hours 32 minutes ago on Travel - There's plenty to do, to see, and to enjoy in the place that's known as the base camp to the Rocky Mountains. Here's a quick list of 10 of our favorite summer activities in Colorado's favorite playground.

Where to Stay in Italy – A Guide to Luxury Accommodation

Posted By HortenseTravel 1 day 7 hours ago on Travel - Italy is definitely a destination where travelers of all types can find something for them, but if you really have money to spend, this is where Italy comes into its own. Italians are known for being smart, well-dressed and sophisticated, so it should come as no surprise that in pretty much every city and region of the country, you will find upmarket districts and towns. While these are great to visit, if you want to extend your stay, you can opt to book yourself into one of the many luxury hotels that Italy is famed for. If you are looking to add a bit of bling to your vacation, here is an insider guide on where to stay in Italy – the best luxury areas and accommodation. Where to Stay In Italy?RomeMonti and Villa Spalletti Trivelli Dimora d’EpocaAs Rome’s most famous quarter, you w