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Cigar Punches: What Are They and How to Use Them

Posted By crownhumidors 8 hours ago on Personal - Cigar punches are a common cigar accessory that smokers will carry around with them or keep stored along with their cigars. If you don’t know what a cigar punch is ... Read more

Don’t be mugged in Nairobi: Tips to stay safe from boda boda thieves

Posted By LifestyleAfrique 4 days ago on Personal - How to avoid mugging in Nairobi The boda boda sector has created many jobs for Kenyans. As Nairobians look for convenience, boda boda rides have become a cost-effective way to move around – after Uber! Nowadays, even international ride-sharing apps recognize the place of boda bodas in the Kenyan transport sector. With as low as […]

Meet Widson Ambaisi, landscape designer out to change Nairobi’s outdoor spaces with wild ideas

Posted By LifestyleAfrique 5 days ago on Personal - The world of Landscaping Come to think of it, the world as we know it is a stage, God is an artist and the smallest of flora to the biggest of fauna make up all the colourful characters that sums up life on earth. How incredible is it then to ‘play god’ in your own […]

How to start afresh after losing a spouse

Posted By LifestyleAfrique 8 days ago on Personal - Many things can steal your spouse, such as divorce, separation and death. It is not easy to move on after losing a spouse, yet modern marriages seem rigged for failure. Many people want out as soon as they get in. Lack of mentorship and preparation makes it hard for people to accommodate each other. Gone […]

Daily Journal: October 9, 1999

Posted By clifhaley 9 days ago on Humor - God I hate Ryan! The first thing I’m going to do when the band makes it big is kill him. I’m sooooo sick of the way he looks at me and transmits via telepathic rays “You’re just a big ol’ baby! Baby wanna go poo, poo? Baby wanna ride the magic Wheelbarrow of Happiness to The Land of Happy Happy Bouncy Shiny Things? Baby wanna DIE!” He acts like he’s not doing it, but I know he is. I mean, when I see him he’s all “Hey dude, what’s up?” but his eyes are saying “Hey you big fat baby, where’s your big fat pacifier, dumbhead?!” I don’t know…maybe it’s just me.
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No Humidor, No Problem: How to Keep Cigars Fresh

Posted By crownhumidors 11 days ago on Personal - If you aren’t a frequent cigar smoker and don’t want to invest in a humidor, that’s okay. In this article, you will learn how to store cigars without a humidor ... Read more

Daily Journal: February 2, 2000

Posted By clifhaley 12 days ago on Humor - I checked out this great band last night called WarehouseLarry. They sounded like a rocket powered freight train full of Black Sabbath crashing into a nuclear power plant at the speed of light. Awesome show. If I ever start another band I’m going to call it WarehouseHarry, and we’re going to play songs that sound exactly like WarehouseLarry’s but have different words that say pretty much the same thing. for instance: WarehouseLARRY has a song called “I Love You Baby” but WarehouseHARRY will have a song called “You Know, I Really Like You a Lot, I Mean, No, Really I Do, It’s Just That I’m in a Really Weird Place Right Now (Hey, Where You Going?)” I think that would be cool. Something else I think would be cool are shoes that look like feet. Or maybe just tiny, individual shoes for each toe. Damn, those are both pretty cool.
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Daily Journal: March 25, 2001

Posted By clifhaley 13 days ago on Humor - I met this great girl at the strip club the other night. She’s just like mom except for the stripping and the cocaine and bi-sexuality and the piercings and the mustache and the “big time debt” from the “operation” that she won’t tell me about. she gave me her phone number for ten bucks (what a flirt!), but I must have written it down wrong, because every time I call it I get Fong Wu’s Chinese Bistro. We really hit it off, though. She sat on my lap and asked me what my hobbies were and (get ready for this!) she ALSO likes building ships in bottles and covering them with rare, misprinted stamps from countries that no longer exist! I mean, what are the odds of that?! I bought her a ring today. Nothing fancy, just a two karat diamond set in a platinum band. Guess that whole “higher education” thing is going to have to wait a little bit! Ah, love. It’s a wonderful thing.
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Daily Journal: April 15, 2000

Posted By clifhaley 15 days ago on Humor - Well, it’s official: I like corn. It’s taken me years to do it, but I can honestly say now that I like corn. Corn on the cob. Creamed corn. Whole kernel corn. I don’t know why I didn’t like corn for so long. It’s sort of sad, really. All those years I’ve missed enjoying corn. I’ll never get those years back. And to think there are people out there, lost people, who STILL don’t like corn! Maybe I’ll rent a corn shaped suit and hand out pamphlets praising the glory of corn tomorrow. Nah, I think I’ll just sit home, watch some TV, and partake in a little bit of corn eatin’!
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