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Learning to Fly Indoor skydiving

Posted By elisebrown on Sports - Learning to fly at an indoor skydiving tunnel is fun and easy for all ages. So how do you get started with your first indoor skydive? Indoor skydiving athlete and tunnel instructor Elise Brown shows how easy it is to come along and give it a go. You will see the term indoor skydiving used a lot now that wind tunnels have become more available around Australia thanks to iFLY with their indoor skydiving facilities in Sydney, Gold Coast and Perth.

Is indoor skydiving the same as the real thing?

Posted By elisebrown 574 days ago on Sports - This is a question I get asked all the time. Is indoor skydiving the same as the real thing?

It is a great question and the answer is yes, but there are slight differences especially once you get past basic belly or flat fly skydiving. A modern indoor skydiving wind tunnel can provide the wind speeds, and the feel, of real skydiving but training and flying indoors is slightly different. It also depends on what training or flying you are are doing.