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Norway: Electric Cars and Hybrids exceeded 50% of all new car sales

Posted By GlobalistTb 684 days ago on News - The Norwegian Road Federation (OFV) reported that EVs  and Hybrids cars accounted for 52 percent of new-car sales, making Norway the country with the largest EV segment market share of new car sales

Which Web Browser is best?

Posted By techwork 1095 days ago on Software - Which browser is the best to use surfing the Internet?
That is a question that many people are debating and never can agree on. I am not going to tell you which is best, but I will share some statistics and test reports with you and share my own experiences about web browser in 2016.

Awesome Free Photo Tools

Posted By techwork 1144 days ago on Software - Digital cameras and smartphones are something most people own today, but you don’t need to buy expensive software or be a photo editor expert to work with your photos. In this post I will introduce you to some of my favorite programs for screenshots and photo editing.

How to Schedule a reboot of Windows Server

Posted By techwork 1427 days ago on Technology - If you are looking for the good old AT command on Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 or newer OS, you will notice that the command has been deprecated. Instead you should check out the schtasks.exe command line tool, that also is a pretty powerful tool.


Posted By Lumetrics 1726 days ago on Technology - The international year of light is a global initiative to increase awareness and education on the many ways light effects our world. Rochester, being a huge player in the world of optics, has a great website. . .