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This group discusses different methods of generating traffic to your website or affiliate link. Includes ppc, ppv, social (twitter, FB), and email marketing. Join and submit your content.

how to write an about us page

Posted By smartseoblogger 185 days ago on Marketing - An about us page is unarguably one of the most important pages on your website or your blog.

The reason for this is pretty straight forward.

If you are able to come up with a top quality about us page, you are on your way to having a very well established brand in whatever industry you find yourself.

Just the way an about us page is very vital for the success of any blog, it actually is also not so easy to write.

How to Make Better Landing Pages for Higher Conversions

Posted By christopherjanb 993 days ago on Marketing - Building landing pages is one of the best things you can do for your lead generation campaign. If optimized correctly, landing pages will help you turn visitors into leads. However, everything in them must be spot-on to be effective in converting your audience.

How To Develop Your Email Marketing Campaign On Valentine’s Day

Posted By christopherjanb 995 days ago on Marketing - Love is in the air during Valentine’s Day! The day is the time when lovers ignite their flames of desire once again. There is no better way to show your beloved how much you truly care for them than gifts.

The Anatomy of a High Converting Opt-In Form

Posted By christopherjanb 1021 days ago on Marketing - Building an email list is a proven way to grow your brand and establish a presence online. It allows you to keep in touch with your audience, maintain brand awareness, and bring traffic to your website.

How to Launch Your Freelancing Career Without Using Upwork - Freelance Blend

Posted By christopherjanb 1021 days ago on Marketing - There is freelance life outside WordPress! Read this post to learn how building a website, blogging, and SEO can help launch your freelance career.

How to Run an Ad Unit Exhaustion Analysis Using AdNgin

Posted By AdNgin 1301 days ago on Advertising - Even the best banner ads become less effective the more you see them. An ad that’s fresh and noticeable one day will gradually blend into the background the more often you see it, leading to a phenomenon advertisers refer to as banner blindness, ad exhaustion or ad fatigue.

Content Niches and Keywords to Avoid for Higher CPCs

Posted By AdNgin 1308 days ago on Advertising - You created some truly epic content and drove truck loads of quality traffic to your website. It makes sense to want to make the most money from every click, and avoid low-priced ads. So don’t say we never did anything for you. Here’s a complete guide to cutting out those low-cpc ads from your inventory.

Monetizing Right with Native Ads

Posted By AdNgin 1321 days ago on Advertising - Native advertising promised to be the savior of online and mobile content monetization, and the natural evolution of digital advertising. But only if you did it right. So is it worth the risk for YOU? Only if you know what you’re doing. And we’re here to help you along..

Optimizing User Experience for Google AdSense Publishers: A Complete How to Guide

Posted By AdNgin 1331 days ago on Advertising -
User experience and AdSense earnings are closely connected. This eBook covers basic and advanced knowledge necessary to optimize your website’s user experience and earn more from AdSense