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Facebook algorithm change: How to keep seeing posts from a liked page

Posted By supermonitoring 1711 days ago on Social Media - On January 12th, Mark Zuckerberg informed about a planned major change to the Facebook algorithm which determines the selection and the order of posts that are displayed in user feed. In short, updates posted by users (friends) will receive a much greater priority, while posts from brands (fan pages) will become even less important than they are now.

Best Marketing Software for Small Business

Posted By supermonitoring 474 days ago on all - Marketing tools are designed to make time-consuming tasks easier to execute, and they almost always do so faster. Some accomplish this through automating operations, while others allow you to do so manually but in quantity.

14 Tools to Craft the Most Amazing Content for Your App

Posted By supermonitoring 451 days ago on all - There is no lack of tools and resources to be used as you craft your engaging content. Whether you need great visuals or compelling text, here is a list that will satisfy those needs.

Website Change Monitoring – What is it & why your business

Posted By supermonitoring 239 days ago on all - Website change detection is a technique that alerts relevant people when a website is modified or updated. A web crawler can review a website on a regular basis to see whether there have been any changes since the previous time it was checked.