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Mom Said No Way to Freeloaders at Her Daughter’s Wedding.  Bride-To-Be Is Full of Resentment.

Posted By Becausemomsays on Creative Lifestyle - Am I The A**Hole? (AITA) Readers recently created a lot of debate on Reddit in response to a mom refusing to pay for a free bar at her daughter’s wedding.  The Backstory The original poster Bluntandfiesty explained how she and her husband were paying for everything their daughter wanted for her wedding. Including flowers, catering,...
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30 Spring Crafts for Kids That Are Simple, Fun, and Sweet

Posted By ThankYouLady on Self Improvement - Spring is here, and it’s time to get out the craft supplies to celebrate. Spring crafts for kids are a great way to connect with kids of all ages. I love setting up a craft ...
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12 Tips to Blog away in the fun way

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - Bloggers come in many shapes and sizes. Not everyone blogs for the same reasons. There are niche bloggers who keep searching for the long tails, there’s brand blogs that wants to rank for premium keywords, there’s news bloggers who are keeping an eye out for trending topics and yet there are some bloggers who are … Continue reading "12 Tips to Blog away in the fun way"

Donald Trump Said He Is Being Arrested on Tuesday; Not Everyone Is Convinced This Is True

Posted By adimesaved on Finance - In a post on Truth Social, ex-President Donald Trump declared that he expects to be arrested this Tuesday,  in a long-awaited culmination to the prolonged inquiry into hush money paid to adult movie star Stormy Daniels. On March 18 at ... Read More

How To Plant Carpet Seeds In An Aquarium – The Ultimate Guide

Posted By FishKWisdom on Pets - How To Plant Carpet Seeds In An Aquarium – The Ultimate Guide Are you wondering how to plant carpet seeds in an aquarium? Whether you’re the creative type or a minimalist, attempting to grow a carpet from seed for your aquarium will be a challenging yet rewarding adventure. Learning how to plant carpet seeds in [...]
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10 Notorious American Cults: Where Are They Now?

Posted By Mdinich on Finance - Cults today are considered groups with unusually excessive spiritual, religious, or philosophical beliefs. While historically, cults were worship-focused groups that didn’t fall under an established ... Read More

The Price of Fame: 9 Public Figures Who Have Done Terrible Things But Are Still Revered by Fans

Posted By Mdinich on Finance - Many artists, celebrities, and public figures are revered for their talents and good deeds. However, there are some famous people who've done such terrible things ... Read More

How to Make Money on Discord in 2023 (11 Highly Effective Ways)

Posted By trendsandtactics on Finance - Discord has become extraordinarily popular as a chat app the last few years, and isn’t slowing down any time soon. With over 300 million followers, many want to figure out how to make money on Discord as this is still a generally untapped market. There are tons of options available to make extra money, so ... Read more
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How To Make 500k a Year – 15 Best Jobs To Pursue & Make Good Money

Posted By theradicalfire on Finance - Who doesn’t want a high-paying job? Your finance will surely be secure if you get a 6-figure job. But what work do you need to get paid that much money? There are many ways to land such a job of your dreams. Read on and learn how to make 500k a year.  Lucrative jobs exist ... Read more

Stay Ahead of the Game: Understanding Social Security Changes for 2023

Posted By fwo on Finance - Retirement can be scary, especially if you don’t have a plan. But thankfully, citizens of the US have Social Security as their safety cushion.  If you were considering applying for Social Security, 2023 is the right year! So why is this the right time, and how can you benefit from it? Read on to find [...]

All About Adaptogens: What Are Adaptogens and What Do They Do

Posted By Enerhealth on Health - “Adaptogen” is a term that is popping up all around us in protein drinks, supplements, food items and so on, but what does it even mean? When can something be deemed adaptogenic, and what good does it do for our bodies? Most people I talk to about them have heard the word and may have a vague understanding of what they are, but still don’t completely understand what role they can play in daily health. 
 Let’s start by breaking down the word itself. Coined by the Russian scientist N. V. Lazarev, this term is made of two key components: adapt- and -gen. Most of us are familiar with the word adapt, it is generally used to describe a situation where someone or something is altered or changed to better fit a specific environment, particularly a new one. When someone moves to another country, they learn to speak the language, become familiar with the culture and traditions and change their wardrobe to be more suitable for the climate. -Gen is a suffix that indicates the term is “an agent in the production of something”. String it together, and we find that an adaptogen is an agent that is used to help someone, or something, adapt to its environment. 

 If you have a bit of understanding of biology, you may be familiar with the term “homeostasis”. This is a term used to explain that the human body is at its best when it is operating under specific parameters, and it will make necessary changes to return to that state. Body temperature is pretty consistent, and when it falls out of the normal range, we find ourselves with a fever or hypothermia. This is also applicable to pH levels, blood oxygen, and regular function of many different organs.  However, the weather outside changes, the food we eat varies, and we’re exposed to many stressors and toxins in our day-to-day lives. Our bodies recognize that, so we have a myriad of amazing processes in place that are responsible for considering these environmental changes and making adjustments to account for those changes.
 The body systems most important for maintaining homeostasis are the endocrine system (which is our network of glands and organs that produce regulatory hormones) and the nervous system (which produces a variety of chemicals responsible for living processes to take place). These systems do a pretty darn good job of keeping everything in order, but sometimes the stressors our bodies experience can be a bit more than they can handle. When the endocrine system starts to fail, certain problems arise such as adrenal burnout, weight gain or fatigue. The nervous system not being able to do its job can contribute to weakness, brain fog, anxiety and so on. Nobody wants to deal with these issues, and sometimes they are only subtle differences that we may not be able to pinpoint but they just make us feel like garbage.

 This is where adaptogens come in! Think of them as our army of backup fighters when our body feels overwhelmed. They work at the molecular level by acting in a similar way to the endocrine and nervous systems, and essentially “hack” the stress response in the body to chill it out. When regularly taking adaptogens, they won’t disturb the routine actions of homeostasis when the body is functioning properly, but they are there to jump in and help when the body goes out of whack. That’s why adaptogens have a building effect and are most effective when taken regularly in small doses.
 Many herbs are considered adaptogens because a lot of them include adaptogenic constituents such as polysaccharides, alkaloids, and phenolic compounds. Some of the most popular adaptogenic herbs include ashwagandha, ginseng, rhodiola and astragalus.

 Medicinal mushrooms are also gaining a lot of popularity for their adaptogenic abilities. We all are constantly under many different stresses in our lives, so these plant allies are an invaluable tool to add to anyone’s self-care routine. Plus, adaptogenic herbs are often considered some of the safest supplements to work with, so if you’ve never dipped your toes in using herbal medicine to your benefit, this is a great place to start!

Marjorie Taylor Greene Demands Biden Be Impeached For Going To Ukraine on President's Day

Posted By Womenio on Creative Lifestyle - Marjorie Taylor Greene claims that the US president, Joe Biden, should be impeached for visiting Ukraine.  The tweet comes after Biden's surprise visit to the war-torn country, the first after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine almost a year ago. During the visit, Biden promised further sanctions for Russia and new military assistance for Ukraine. ...Read More

How to Become a Multi-Millionaire in Real Estate | 5 Steps You Don’t Know

Posted By theparentportfolio on Finance - A real estate investor can become a multi-millionaire by acquiring the necessary skills and developing a successful investment plan. Real estate has diversified in recent years, giving rise to a plethora of fascinating investment options. You may flip homes, engage in exotic property investment, or diversify your portfolio with residential units, ready-made assets, or other...

The Silent Pain of Men: 10 Things They Desperately Wish Women Knew

Posted By Becausemomsays on Creative Lifestyle - You may think you know your man, but there are some things that he won’t ask for. To give you some insight into what he wants, here are ten things that men want yet won’t tell you.  Compliments We all love praise, yet guys won’t ask you for compliments. So, next time your man does...
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Lighten the Load: 5 Proven Strategies for Streamlining Your Business Operations

Posted By Thecameronjournal on Personal -

Getting your business operations right is essential to running your business well. Here's how to streamline your business operations.
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Nelis Dutch Village Holland Michigan Review

Posted By ChaChingQueen on Creative Lifestyle - On our recent drive from St. Louis through Chicago to Traverse City, we stopped at Nelis Dutch Village in Holland, Michigan. This was our second visit to the park in as many years. Last year we went on a super hot August day with our then four-year-old son and one-year-old twin girls. Our family had...
Cha Ching Queen -