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Adding a Custom DNS Entry to CoreDNS

Posted By salgatt on Technology - I ran into a small problem recently when I was leveraging my site updating code referenced in Automating Static WordPress Updates. The problem was that I was unable to update content reliably for two reasons: The content was not properly switching out the hostname in the URL when I would crawl my backend WordPress site. ... Read more
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Comparison Is the Thief of Joy (Do This Instead)

Posted By practigalblog on Travel - Think about five things you want (material goods or otherwise) that you don’t yet have; how do they make you feel? Are you excited about going on the journey to acquire them, or do you feel bad seeing other people with them because you don’t have them yet?  You’re not alone if it’s the latter...

How to Clean Labrador Ears? 2 Easy Methods to Try

Posted By lisalightner on Pets - When you have a Labrador you need to learn how to groom them. Learn how to clean Labrador ears. Labradors are famous for being more prone to getting ear issues such as bacteria or infections. But thankfully, just by cleaning their ears at home, we can keep them healthy and free from infections.  As a...

Nouns That Start With C

Posted By BKania on Writing - A noun is usually the subject of a sentence that the other words describe. It is also often considered the most important word in a sentence. There are many different types of nouns that you will encounter when reading and writing. Keep reading this article to learn about them and see examples of types of […]
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A Trip to Orlando, Florida

Posted By InterstateAdventures on Travel - Despite being from the UK I had heard a few good things about this particular garden over the years. I have been to many botanical gardens in England and we have some beautiful ones in the UK ,arguably our most famous is Kew Gardens in London but there are other places in London and all […]
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Why Is Good Digital Marketing Essential For Your Business In 2023?

Posted By arrestyourdebt on Finance - Next year, 2023, is set to be the year that businesses tap into modern marketing strategies as they seek out … Why Is Good Digital Marketing Essential For Your Business In 2023? Read More »