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7 Ways to Save Money (Even When Your Wallet is Empty)

Posted By investedmedia on Finance - When inflation rears its ugly head, you've lost your job, or you're in another one of life's moments, how can you think about bills while covering life's daily costs? Saving money becomes a pipe dream for many when you find yourself in a difficult financial situation.

Nurture Deep And Lasting Friendships With These 99 Friendship Affirmations

Posted By webnosis23 on Self Improvement - There are few things more critical to our quality of life than the relationships we build with other people. Positive affirmations for friends can help us nurture and strengthen our friendships. A true friendship is precious, but anytime we interact with others, there is the potential for strife, trust issues, and other problems.  When you ... Read More

Fascist News Media Lies To Protect Big Pharma.

Posted By timomalum on Politics - [image source: David Avocado Wolfe via Telegram]If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know the covid jabs have caused tens of thousands of deaths and injuries. Even Pfizer's own documents reveal nine pages of known side effects (intended effects?) of the experimental goo many have called a bio-weapon. But the fascist news media, owned by the same billionaire globalists who own the pharmaceutical companies and most world governments, is working overtime to mislead the public about all the deaths we're now seeing among the vaccinated. The media's new buzz phrase is "sudden adult death syndrome", used to describe the now all too common instances of people dropping dead for no apparent reason. But rather than tell the truth and put the blame where it should lay, the media is suggesting everyday, ordinary activities are killing people. At first their lame disinformation was merely annoying, but now it's reached the level of total ridiculousness. The image above is a collage of the some of the craziest claims being made to explain away the many tragic deaths that appear to be directly linked to the covid jabs. We laugh to keep from crying.

Couples Questions Game: 300 Fun Questions To Ask Your Partner

Posted By Womenio on Creative Lifestyle - Are you looking for something different for you and your partner on the next date night? Having regular talks about the same old topics such as work, kids, or friends can get boring over time. Or maybe you've just started a new relationship and want to get to know your partner better. Instead of a...Read More

When Do Babies Crawl? Honest Knowledge for New Parents

Posted By holisticmomma on Medicine - According to science, about half of the babies begin to crawl as they reach their 8th month of life. However, there are some babies that might start crawling before they reach six months of age, and other babies may not start crawling until they reach 11 months to answer the question of when do babies...

Famous Warren Buffett Quotes Encompassing 9 Decades Of Wisdom

Posted By theparentportfolio on Finance - Warren Buffett is generally considered one of the best investors of our generation. Aug 30th was Warren Buffet’s 91st birthday. Warren Buffett has voiced his opinion on several topics over the decades in interviews, at the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meetings, and investor letters. While we may not agree with everything he says, there are...