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14 Multiplayer Games You Can Play With Your Friends Online

Posted By SuccessTrending 836 days ago on Personal - There are so many reasons these days that we cannot meet our friends and play with them. As we cannot physically hang out with our friends, playing online games is the second-best option. Today the distance does not matter. Here you can find the best multiplayer games to play with friends online or with your loved ones right from the mobile. Most of the games we listed here do not require downloading. These are online games you can play with friends over the internet or even we have listed online games to play with friends on different computers.So here is the list of multiplayer games for friends I have been playing and think these are really fun and hopefully you would also find them enjoyable and engaging.1. CodenamesIt's a really popular word association board game that plays in teams. In this game, you try to guess and get your teams to guess certain words that give one-word clues. Just go to the website and create a private room and send the link to your friends. And then all they have to do is join and then if you're the Spy Master you have a separate board where you can see what words you're trying to get people to guess if your regular agent, then you just look at the normal screen and then you click on the ones you think it is. Then it's the same way as if you get it right or wrong and you just turn the tiles either Blue, Red or neutral. So it's a great way to play Codenames online with friends again, you just have to do Google hangouts or Zoom or something and then you can talk it over with your team and then choose the tiles that you think are correct. 2. DrawphoneThis is the game where everyone starts off by either writing a phrase and then you pass it along to the next person and they guess a phrase and they draw a picture and they pass the picture off to the next person who looks at the picture and then writes what the phrase was. Usually, it's something totally different than what the person originally intended. But sometimes you'd be surprised so a fun way to play with this online is this website where you can go on you can create a private game and you can play with people where you're drawing under you.If you are using a trackpad or your mouse is a little more difficult, but you're taking turns guessing drawing, and guessing till the end. You kind of see the evolution of one person's drawing or saying until the end. So it is really fun because it's one of the funny online multiplayer games to see what people thought your drawing was or how people interpret certain sayings and it's just fun to look at all the drawings at the end. 3. How Well Do You Know MeIt's actually one of the most interesting quiz games you can play with friends. This how well do you know me quiz for friends is a pretty interesting online game where you set how well do you know me questions about yourself and correct answers. It then allows you to create a quiz about you which your friends should answer.  You can use the default questions or type in your own questions. You are provided a link and PIN on the creation of the quiz. You should share the link with your friends through your favorite messaging app or share it on Facebook or you can even email it to your friends. Your friends then can enter their names and answer the questions. You should be able to see how many of your friends have answered most of the questions about you correctly using the PIN that was provided when you created the quiz. You or your friends don't need to download any app to play this game and it's completely free.You can also play this game with your family. For that, you can change the questions from how well do you know me questions for friends to how well do you know me questions for the family. You can search how well do you know me quiz questions on the Internet for some sample questions.4. HousepartyHouseparty is like a combination of many games that you can play with your friends. You can play like Head's up, Trivia, and quick draw. Heads up is a card game where you need to guess the card on your head using the clues from your friends. In Trivia, you can challenge your friend. The one which I particularly like is "Finish the song lyric". It can make you and your friends sing out loud even after you have finished playing it. You will some songs stuck in your mind that you would repeat again and again.Quick Draw is basically Pictionary type game. You can play with up to 8 friends on the mobile version of the app.5. Ludo KingLudo king is one of the most preferred online multiplayer games for mobile that was played by many during the Lockdown period. It is kind of a strategic game where you can play with either 2 or 4 players who need to be online. The online board and dices make you get addicted and the zeal to win the game makes you play the game repeatedly. Kids or adults, anyone can play it in their free time. If you're free and getting bored, then this is one of the best games you can play.The game is available on all major platforms like Android, IOS, and Windows. It is also available on Facebook Games. It also features cool themes you can choose when you play it with your family and friends.6. UNOI usually play this game on Facebook. Players by turn match the cards in their hand with the card on the deck by number or color. The type of cards give powerups and using them you could devise a strategy to defeat others. Such as Reverses, Skips, Draw two, Draw four, and wild cards. You play by picking a card from the central pile if you can match. Once you are left with the last card, you should say UNO! It is just a step before you win that other people can hold you back. Once all the cards are given out you win. You should get rid of all the cards before the opponents win. You can continue to play to get 2 or subsequent runner-ups.Uno is now available on Facebook to play online. 7. Psych!There are a variety of categories to choose from when playing Psych. Like - The Truth Comes Out, Is That a Fact?, MovieBluff, Word Up, The Naked Truth, etc. To play this you make fake answers to the real trivia questions and make your friends choose your answers. You get points when you choose the correct answer from the bluff that your friends put up and when you make your friends choose your fake bluffed answer.It is the perfect game for the party but you can also play when you are a distance apart. 8. 8 Ball PoolThis is the best multiplayer pool game online. You can download the app to play or you could play 8 Ball Pool on Facebook. The app is available for IOS and Android. The rules of this classic game are quite simple. You just have to pot all your balls and finally pot the last eighth black ball before your opponent wins. There are a lot of rewards coins that allow you to play royally with different powerups. It's one of the best android game to play with friends .The app allows you to play variations of 8 ball pools such as 9 ball pools, tournaments, etc.9. CATANCatan Universe can be played on the browser or through the app with your friends all around the world. The game has certain pre-defined rules depending on the number of players playing it. The rules are mentioned on the website. It is very easy to play this game and it is a cross-platform multiplayer game that you can play online.10. Words with FriendsIt's almost similar to crossword puzzles. You scrabble to create words from the letters given to you. Whoever gets the highest point is the winner. Participants take turns that form a word. It's a very good game for a brain workout. It could be one of the best multiplayer games on the phone .11. LichessLichess is a chess game. If you have a love for chess and want to play it with your friends without being present at the board then you can play it using this game app. You can play it using a web browser or an app. There are many modes available and every mode has predefined time settings. This is the best multiplayer games mobile you can play with friends. It is lightning fast and you won't experience lag when playing online. There is an offline mode which you can use to play with the computer. You can also embed it on your website. It is open-source and free. Hence you won't see any ads too.12. FortniteFortnite is a battle royale with light-hearted graphics. Everyone including kids can play Fortnite and it is not so gory. It is similar to the well-known game PUBG. To be the winner you should be the last person or team standing. Takedown anyone in your way and make sure you survive as long as you can.Fortnite is available on PC and Android.Nevertheless, you will love it like you love PUBG.13. Clash of ClansIt is a strategy game where you have to build your castle with all the army and resources. You place everything strategically to protect your castle from attacks by others while at the same time you build capabilities to attack other's castles and steal the resources from them.This a fantastic game where your active participation is not necessary. You spend most of the time building capability and devising strategy. When your castle grows it gives you a lot of satisfaction that it will withstand all the attacks and you can easily overpower others.I always like playing this game. There is another game called Clash Royale if you want more action than strategy.14. Bowling KingIt is fun to play an exciting arcade game where you do bowling. It is an excellent addictive game where you strike the pins. The rules are the same as the physical bowling game. You can play this game with your friends without getting bored. You can find this game on IOS and Android app stores.These games are a great way to reconnect with friends and play with them again and again. I mean, everyone is just not as busy it seems and so I feel like I've been hanging out with friends more online than I have maybe in real life. So please take advantage of this time. And you know, you don't even have to just play games. You can just chat and just catch up with one another and check in on how they're doing. So comment below let me know if you have any other games you like which I haven't played online that I should try out or if you tried any of these.Try this quiz game and find out who is your bestie:

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