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Portrait Of A Gnome by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

Posted By MadeFromRI on Photography - I took a photo of a garden gnome in West Kingston, RI only to find out that it has become a symbol of a contemporary issue. Yes, a symbol or victim of my other profession of maritime transit. Recently (as of April 2021), there was a ship that blocked the Suez Canal in the Middle East.

The ship that blocked the Suez Canal is free now. Well, the ship is under arrest (one arrests the personality of a ship under Admiralty Law). There will be many issues to settle including the issue of "General Average".

But as a result of this global trade "hiccup", there is now a global shortage of garden gnomes. You can read more here: Gnome shortage: Lockdown and Suez canal blockage blamed - BBC News

So, protect and appreciate your gnomes. They may become sought after commodities.

Portrait Of A Gnome

Portrait Of A GnomeA portrait of gnome found along a school nature trail

A portrait of a gnome found along a school nature trail

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