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Pick N Mix Your Photography Tuition

Posted By alanranger on Photography - Getting started in photography is difficult enough - you have to overcome the fear of failure, the myriad of technical settings and embark on a journey of exploration into creative thinking.I have met and provided photography tuition to literally thousands of people over the last 3 years -  in most cases that has been just a 3hr introductory photography evening class that has enabled them to get their camera of the Automatic Mode and take the next step of using Aperture and Shutter Priority mode.  

Save Chesterton Art Exhibition Ends

Posted By alanranger on Photography - The art exhibition from artists in Warwickshire is has now come to an end after being extended for an additional week due to demand and popularity.  The exhibition was organised at short notice but despite the limited time for artists and people to provide works of art and visit the exhibition it was very popular and well received.