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Top 10 Essential URL Shorteners

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - URL shorteners are services in which, let’s say, a long-ish URL is inserted and at the click of a button, the URL is shortened to a maximum 10-character code. When anyone clicks on this code, they are directed to the original URL. Use of URL Shorteners The important usages are: Sharing of blog posts on social networking sites; Tracking visitors & conversions   Top 10 Essential URL Shorteners There are 100+ URL shortening services. Here, I give you the best of the lot, according to my observation. Your choices can vary so feel free to share it with us. 1. This is the official tool from Google which not only allows you to shorten unlimited URL’s but helps you track traffic / visits from its very easy-to-access dashboard. 2. This is a popular and perhaps the oldest too

How to Strategically Use B2B Content Marketing for Branding

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - Over the last 2 years, Google has gradually tightened the screw on its search engine algorithms and has taken several steps to improve the overall quality of its search results. For common users, that is obviously good news. But for businessmen like you, who depend heavily on Google for website traffic and sales leads, this presents several challenges and opportunities at the same time – depending how you look at it. On one hand, you can no longer apply cheap SEO tricks to attract long term search engine traffic. But on the other hand, you now have a huge opportunity to demonstrate the true knowledge and expertise of your industry and make a name for yourself with high quality B2B content marketing. And while there’s still is a debate on how Google actually defines quality, three factors

Make More Green with the Evergreen FX Affiliate Program

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - Having holed up a bunch of my money is so-called “high interest” savings accounts for so long, I’ve always had an ambition to do something smarter with my money. The thing is that investing in the stock exchange, in equities or whatever else can sound so intimidating and so daunting. That’s why there are so many educational products out there, as well as professional advisors, that are designed to teach you how to get your money to make you more money. And, seeing how the world of money works, you can also make a bunch of money by convincing other people to invest in these educational products. You can do that through the Evergreen FX affiliate program. They don’t do the actual foreign exchange trading themselves, but they rather deal in foreign exchange educ

Manage and Organize Daily Business Task with ThunderTask

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - Anyone working online realizes the need for a compact task management tool to organize everyday tasks and follow it. Yes, we can note down all the little details of running an online business on post-its and notepads, but they don’t always help. Do they? What to do then? Use ThunderTask. How Does ThunderTask Help? ThunderTask is a project cum task management tool which is useful for both individuals and organizations. We will find it useful because: (1) It is flexible and very simple to use. (2) You just need to jot down the tasks, time it and save. (3) You can use this task management tool to collaborate with other team members. (4) It has a clean interface. (5) It will work on any computer. (6) You can download its mobile app and use it 24×7. (7) Your tasks are automatically sorted out

Revisiting Google SEO Guidelines

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - While Google continues to be elusive about practices that automatically give blogs higher authority, they have this 32-page long PDF guide which tells us the primary unavoidable factors from SEO perspective. Many of you may have already read this guide and other might be reading about this for the very first time. In both cases, it is a good practice to recon the technical aspects of any blog at regular intervals. Google SEO Guidelines Checklist Print out the checklist below and find out what’s wrong with your blog! Titles: Every blog page should have title tag for easy search engine scalability. The <title> tag should be placed within the <head> tag of the HTML document, says Google. Every blog page should have unique title, nothing even remotely vague. The same title tag

Google Breadcrumbs – Why should it matter to you?

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - What are Google Breadcrumbs? Whenever we search anything on Google, the URL of the search results are shown, right? What Google did was change the URL visibility status and introduce a “breadcrumb” system which consists of precise guidelines as to where the user clicking on the words will visit. The breadcrumb trails appear horizontally across the top of a webpage, below the title bars and/or the headers. The visitors are given a link back to the previous navigated pages in the hierarchical site structure. A breadcrumb for BloggingTips looks like: > About Purpose of Breadcrumbs Easy accessibility Easy navigation Easy URL display Google describes the tool with the following words: “The information in these new hierarchies come from analyzing destination web pages. For

Why Newbie Bloggers often Fall into a Pit of Despair

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - I have been doing blog critiques for a while now and I see the same mistakes over and over again with relatively new bloggers, and some who have been around for a while and should know better. 1. You create your blog on blogger or instead of going directly to I belong to several blogging Facebook and Google+ groups and the constant question I hear is, “How do I get my own domain and how do I get to use all those plugins you all talk about?” Many of them don’t know the difference between and and I explain it over and over again. I now have an article on my blog which I can refer them too, making everyone’s life simpler. I also hear about how they found someone to move their blog over from for them and now everything is a m

How is Performance Marketing Beneficial?

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - The performance marketing industry has evolved from affiliate marketing. Do not confuse it with affiliate marketing per se. Performance marketing is a good way to begin earning online either as a publisher or a merchant. In performance marketing, there is a mutually beneficial business model for merchant partners and website publishers, no matter whether they are in the relationship through affiliate partnership or through direct connectivity. In this business model, the job of the publishers is to drive traffic to the website of the merchant partner and the publisher is paid according to its agreement with the merchant, which includes sales, referrals and/or leads. Role of Performance Marketing in Publishing Performance Publishing is the vertical branch of performance marketing where web

How an Organized Work Space Can Increase Productivity

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - This post is sponsored by Visa Business and all content is the opinion of the writer. It doesn’t matter if you are a solo-entrepreneur, a blogger or even the CEO of a Fortune 500 company… the setup of your desk and work space can greatly influence your productivity and work flow throughout the day. As an entrepreneur who works from home, I have my own big office to work out of. My desk and office space is exactly the way I want it to be set up, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get messy from time to time. Clutter on your desk can add up quickly and sometimes you just need to take the time to throw everything in a pile, sort through it and get that distraction out of your way. A clean desk is a distraction-free zone! While the setup and cleanliness of your office and

6 Reasons Your Sucky Blogging Isn’t Converting More Sales Leads

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - You have all this blog traffic, but no sales leads. You must be wondering what you’re doing wrong. And I’m going to tell you. You don’t ask for what you want Also called asking for the money, you must tell people what you want them to do next. At the end of your blog, say, comment below or join my webinar. To the right side of your blog, offer a free newsletter or do a giveaway. Just tell people what to do next. Every action should lead them closer to a sale with you. Your keyword strategy is off Do not compete for generic high-value words unless you are ready to hit the ground running. You will be racing against big companies with budgets that depress me. You aren’t promoting to the right people My friends and I laugh when we see baby ads in our Facebook feed. And