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Top Best Niches To Start YouTube Channel For Money

Posted By Gurpreetdhillon on Blog Tips - YouTube is another great platform to make money online after blogging.People who want to make money online their minds would have thought about making YouTube channel to earn through internet.I am a blogger but i accept that YouTube is best way to make money because i have seen many people are earning Thousands of Dollars in a month just by creating few videos.It sounds good and easy but actually its not.Before moving towards niches for YouTube channel i would like to share Pros and cons of having YouTube channel to make money.

Extreme Budget Tablets: Hands On Comparison

Posted By dragonblogger on Blog Tips - Review of budget tablet models and how they compare, these are Android tablets less than $70 in price.Author informationIggy CastilloI have spent many years in the PC boutique name space as Product Development for Alienware and Dell through their acquisition and finally Velocity Micro. During these years I spent my time developing new products, technologies and configuration’s with companies such as Microsoft, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Asus and more. Gaming and new and old technologies are what drives my interests and passion. | Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | LinkedIn | The post Extreme Budget Tablets: Hands On Comparison appeared first on Dragon Blogger Technology.

The Best Blog Sites Know How to Argue, and You Will Too

Posted By darinlhammond on Blog Tips - When is the last time you got into a heated debate or fight?

Did anything productive come from it?

I choose to hang around with people who don't like to fight, but like to argue. What's the difference?

Fighting is violent, abusive, and loud, with both opponents looking silly, base.

Arguing, however, elevates both opponents by forcing them to clarify, justify, and reason to persuade an audience. Each opponent listens and responds to the other in turn.

How To Create Your Own Subtitles for Video Files

Posted By dragonblogger on Blog Tips - Hey there, if you’re reading this you probably know what we are going to do today, but just a quick recap; we’re going to write the subtitles for a movie or a video. Remember, this is going to generate a separate subtitle file, the video file (.mp4 , .avi etc) is going to stay intact [...]Author informationNabeel FarooquiI'm a teenager, trying to earn a few extra bucks to keep my gaming and tech dreams up to date, hence I'd appreciate it if you'd read/share and comment on my articles. I always welcome feedback and constructive criticism. I prefer writing about the latest gadgets and the happenings in the gaming world. Student by day, gamer by night.FacebookGoogle+The post How To Create Your Own Subtitles for Video Files appeared first on Dragon Blogger Technology.

How To Start A Blog With Great Blogging Habits

Posted By CatherineHolt on Blog Tips - Knowing how to start a blog is one thing, but knowing how to start a blog and do so with some great blogging habits is another. It’s like learning to drive.  Not everyone that learns to drive is a safe driver.  It will depend on how they learnt and whether they learnt any bad habits [...]The post How To Start A Blog With Great Blogging Habits appeared first on .

Survival Tips For Blogging

Posted By CatherineHolt on Blog Tips - Do you crave tips for blogging?   What tips will actually make a difference for you?  Have you considered survival tips? It’s not uncommon for new  bloggers to have a rush of excitement, only to feel that excitement come crushing down on them after the first six months or so.   Why? Generally speaking, many bloggers have not learn’t [...]The post Survival Tips For Blogging appeared first on .

Important things you should know about guest blogging

Posted By ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - Have you ever wondered what guest blogging is? While guest involves writing material that is published on a third party blog with the main aim of attracting traffic to your personal or business website. It works through two ways, one you can write an article on another person’s website or you can have another person write an article which he will post on you website. With the introduction of SEO marketing, guest blogging has become very important if you want to grow your business. A few require that you should be aware of before you under take guest blogging include; a well written article containing the information about your products, if you can post any picture the better it will be for you, the link to your site for those how will be interested in your work, lastly include the bio of

Blogging Tips From Sean Rasmussen At Learn How To Blog

Posted By CatherineHolt on Blog Tips - Today on Friday’s Featured Blogger, I am delighted to share with you an interview with Sean Rasmussen from Learn How To Blog.  I have had the privilege of knowing Sean both personally and professionally for the last couple of years, and if you want  to learn about blogging….this is the guy to learn from! Sean has made a [...]The post Blogging Tips From Sean Rasmussen At Learn How To Blog appeared first on .

Start Blogging With 4 Useful Tips

Posted By CatherineHolt on Blog Tips - Are you looking to start blogging?  How much time do you have available in your day?  Are you someone that sits there twiddling your thumbs wondering what to do next?  I didn’t think so!  I have not  met many people that say they have lots of spare time on their hands and I don’t expect [...]The post Start Blogging With 4 Useful Tips appeared first on .

Sell Online for Free: PrestaShop 1.6 Review

Posted By ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - Opening up a conventional brick-and-mortar retail store can be a very expensive endeavor. You have to rent the space, buy all those fixtures, and pay for your monthly utilities… and even then, you’re largely restricted to just local customers. This is why so many companies have decided to open online stores instead, either independently or in tandem with their brick-and-mortar locations. Maintenance costs are far lower and you can reach a worldwide customer base. If you’ve been thinking about getting into e-commerce, then you should take a serious look at PrestaShop, a free e-ecommerce solution that “provides everything you need to open, operate and maintain a successful online store.” E-Commerce Made Easy To provide your customers with the “best e-comm

Expert Chat: Adam Connell Teaches Us Content Creation

Posted By Josylad on Blog Tips - Hey! You are welcome to another edition on the “Expert Chat” Section of Blogging Tips Today where we get to have a chat with various Experts in the blogosphere on a “single” particular topic; it is really great to have you here. Today on expert chat, our guest is Adam Connell of Blogging Wizard. He is […]   Continue Reading...This article is copyright ©  Blogging Tips Today

Top 6 Web Design Trends of 2014

Posted By ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - In the fast-paced world of Internet commerce, web design trends come and go on a constant basis. The top trends that we’ve seen so far build on trends from the previous year and give us a glimpse of what’s to come in the future. There’s a greater emphasis than ever on user-friendly design, cultural influences, and the use of Smartphone and tablet devices. Top 6 Web Design Trends of 2014 In this article, we will see some of the top prevalent web design trends of 2014. Here you go: 1. Retina Support The concept of retina support was first seen with Apple’s iPhone 4, which features a crisp, clean screen display. A screen with retina support boasts twice the density for a regular LCD display, which means that there are twice as many digital pixels. Web designers can us