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How to Build Your Blog, Dungeon Master Style

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blog Tips - If you’re a Dungeons & Dragons aficionado, and a blogger, too, have you ever noticed that both activities use a lot of the same skills? It may not seem like it as first glance, but there’s actually a lot of overlap in the two hobbies (besides their geekiness!). If you have the skills to build an epic D&D campaign, you definitely have what it takes to build a successful blog.

Still in doubt? Here’s why.

Top 10 Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blog Tips - With unlimited information becoming available with the click of a mouse, internet users have lost their patience, when it comes to waiting for a WordPress blog to load. If a page is taking too long to become legible, most internet users will move on to the next page that offers similar information, news, views, images or whatever else they are seeking. Therefore, if you want to capture your audience long enough for them to read what you have to say, you need to not only make sure that your blog is attractive to look at but that it loads quickly, before you lose a prospective reader.

The good news is that there are some easy tips and tricks that you can use to maximize the speed of your WordPress blog. Let me take you through a tour of the 10 best ways to speed up your blog. Some of thes
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e tricks are so simple that they might seem obvious to some of you but all of them work brilliantly when it comes to reducing the page load time.

Things To Do After Publishing A Blog Post

Posted By snakeair on Blog Tips - Don’t mind my art work in the image above. I was trying to get you to notice the social media follow buttons made possible by one of the premium plugins created by Elegant Themes. As a blogger, we create content and publish it on our blogs or other people’s blogs but what we do after that is what is most important in regards to reaching a broader range of audience.

9 Writing Mistakes That Makes You Look Like An Idiot

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blog Tips - In this post you’ll discover the hidden truth why you’ll never succeed and how to win.

Yes, you’ll learn the greatest writing lessons ever.
You‘ll discover the only reasons why you’ve stumbled around in the dark.

Here is the thing:

You are making some critical mistakes that are striping your content of its powers.

Lets show exactly what they are.

Top Free High PR Link Directory Submission Sites List

Posted By soltinidotcom on Blog Tips - Exclusive list of High DA PA free link directories. Do you know why they are important ? While talking about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) link building is one of the main factor for getting any website on top of Google and other Search engines. As we know, there can be variations of links that can be created for a website. Links from Link directories is one among the variations of Link Building. Link Directories also called web directories are the sites which are the directories of website links kept as archive.