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The Blogger Recognition

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping - I am excited and honored to have been nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award! Thank you Fleur de Flamenco for this award.  Those who have not visited her blog, really should.  It’s the perfect dash of light hearted, and fun joy in this sea of what feels like heavy wastelands on WP of late.  She … Continue reading The Blogger Recognition

Weekly Shopgirl Photo Challenge

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping - It’s Food Court Cravings Friday and you know what that means…it’s time to post your favorite shot from any food court.  It doesn’t matter if you are a Blogger, Twitter user, Facebook User, or Instagram user, there are ways for you to play! RULES ARE SIMPLE: 1. Pics need to be taken in a food … Continue reading Weekly Shopgirl Photo Challenge

First Colony Mall

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping - Perfect For: Entertaining Friends/Clients Day To Day Shopping Date Night Must Stop Shops: William’s Sonoma Game Bros. Fancy Pops Think Geek Sugar Land, TX Sugar Land is a large portion of Fort Bend County, the most diverse county in all of Houston and in 2011 was rated the fourth most racially diverse area in the … Continue reading First Colony Mall

Connecting with Difficult Customers

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping - When I was just a young retail sapling, a customer by the name of John entered the store. His clean shaven scalp gleamed as brightly in the light as the Calcite orbs he found himself entranced by.  “I want one that’s black and white checkered,” he would say while adjusting his polo collar.   Calcite is … Continue reading Connecting with Difficult Customers

Snow Days & “No” Days

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping - It wasn’t until I had been a manager for the company for years that I even knew it was a possibility to opt out of opening your store for inclement weather and hazardous conditions. “I just tell the managers, if there hasn’t been one customer in an hour, go home,” she told me, just as if … Continue reading Snow Days & “No” Days

Confronting Employees: Unmotivated

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping - I was a college student who just happened to have the highest seniority in a store that had endured (barely) without a manager for nearly eight months.  I held no training, really in anything, considering I honestly had originally only intended this to be a part-time summer gig; a first and only intended experience in the world of retail. … Continue reading Confronting Employees: Unmotivated

Blog-aholic Award

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping - I was nominated for the Blog-aholic Award by the gorgeous and talented Beauty and the Ballroom.  If you have not checked out her blog, I strongly suggest it, her adventures in ballroom dancing and day to life are not only enchanting, but her support as a member of the blogging community is met by very few. … Continue reading Blog-aholic Award

Mall Review: Bridge Street Town Center

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping -     Perfect For: Entertaining Co-Workers/Clients Girls Night Out Family Fun Must Stop Shops: Cafe 153 Vintage Cigar Lounge Belk The Cummings Research Park spans over green lush rolling hills and Fortune 500 corporate headquarters over the stretch of 3,843 acres.  This is the second largest Research park in the country and the fourth largest in … Continue reading Mall Review: Bridge Street Town Center

Small Business Owners Stranded

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping - Imagine a mall developed completely around fostering local and small businesses?  Picture modern and local art scattered along the walks ways, halls’ walls, and ceilings.   Picture unique shops of collectibles, imports, flawless crafted home decor, and stores that pushed the limits and expand your imagination?  Imagine a mall where you could taste many of … Continue reading Small Business Owners Stranded

Gap, Inc. Mission Statement

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping -   Gap Mission Statement: “Gap, Inc. is a brand-builder. We create emotional connections with customers around the world through inspiring product design, unique store experiences, and compelling marketing.” Gap, Inc. includes: Banana Republic Old Navy Gap Stores INTERMIX   Which of their store locations do you feel fit the mission statement the most and how?   … Continue reading Gap, Inc. Mission Statement

Tired of Being Overcharged and Under-Appreciated by Airlines

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping - This Shopgirl is looking with apprehension at the plethora of upcoming travel in February.  I have not traveled since the life changing October trauma in flight, so my nerves are not quite calmed, and as the dates grow closer my nerves turn overwhelming.  It does not help that the stress of utilizing any of the check-in processes at the United … Continue reading Tired of Being Overcharged and Under-Appreciated by Airlines

TTFN Parkway Place Mall Review

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping - Perfect For: Day to Day Shopping Moms to Tots Must Stop Shops: St. Nick’s Knives ABC Toys Pottery Barn Williams Sonoma About the Mall This week I say goodbye to the mall that served as my refuge for the past two and a half years as a SAHM.   This is my daughters’ oasis and my … Continue reading TTFN Parkway Place Mall Review