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Up Close & Personal with Florida Manatees

Posted By alaJoAnn on Travel - You may swim with the Florida Manatees in Crystal River, AND it is the only place in the U.S. where you may also touch them. From personal experience, I can tell you: Getting up close and personal with these gentle aquatic giants is unforgettable.

Amazing 3 Day Historical Canoe Trip Down the Barrow River in Ireland (Itinerary Inside)

Posted By ivanpw on Travel - In this post, I'll take you on a canoe trip down the famed Barrow River. It's riverbanks are steeped in Celtic history, scattered with small towns that hold ancient dolmens, ring forts and castles once inhabited by Irish royalty.

Top 5 Destinations in Uruguay

Posted By ivanpw on Travel - Uruguay is a destination that is often overlooked, being sandwiched between two giants in the form of Brazil and Argentina. Whilst the country itself may be tiny, its travel options and destinations sure are mighty. These following top 5 destinations in Uruguay may even change your perception about the country and you could find yourself booking the next ticket there pronto!

Top 3 Wine Tasting Travel Destination in the World

Posted By ivanpw on Travel - Whether you're an experienced wine taster or someone who just enjoys a good bottle of inexpensive wine no and again, these top 3 wine-tasting travel destinations offer the best wines in the world, in addition to amazing cuisine, architecture, history, countrysides, spas, and so much more!

Best 10 places to visit in West Midlands, United Kingdom

Posted By ivanpw on Travel - Ever thought about visiting the West Midlands in the United Kingdom? There’s more here than meets the eye so take a look at these ten very good reasons why you should start planning that visit.

3 Quirky Tokyo Hotspots You MUST Visit!

Posted By ivanpw on Travel - Tokyo is pure madness and often a culture shock to most who first visit it. Here are 3 sites I’d like to recommend for your next Tokyo visit. You'll see many cool, strange, and downright bizarre goings-on at each location.

5 Must-visit Places in Colombia

Posted By ivanpw on Travel - When it comes to countries, Colombia nearly has it all: Beaches, rainforest, cosmopolitan cities, mountains, you name it, Colombia probably has it. And now Colombia is one of the biggest up-and-coming destinations, you’re probably planning a trip there pronto....

The amazing W Hotel Bali

Posted By Kenkai on Travel - Now this is a nice hotel. I first visited this on New Years Eve back in 2012. Such an amazing view once you’re in there. You get a whole view of the pools and it’s just stunning. Just a little further on is the beach which at that time, they held the fire works. This place was flash. The real ... Read MoreRelated posts:Traveling to Bali (Kuta, Jimbaran and more) Tanah Lot, temple of the giant snake – Bali, Indonesia Things to do in Bali, Indonesia

Welcome to Bombay

Posted By q4understanding on Travel - As I walked the streets of Mumbai a kind of peace came over me. It has been 4 long years since I traveled abroad. The dirty crowded streets, with people and cars crisscrossing each others paths was not as overwhelming as expected, but I rather felt a sense of calmness almost as if I had […]

A little hardship never hurt anyone right?

Posted By q4understanding on Travel - So it would seem everything was not quite under control after all. We got a couple of weeks delay due to our Visas. For some reason the Indian consulate in the US has a hard time with European passports. Oh well, Visa’s are here, tickets are booked and we will land in Mumbai in a […]