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Best 10 places to visit in West Midlands, United Kingdom

Posted By ivanpw on Travel - Ever thought about visiting the West Midlands in the United Kingdom? There’s more here than meets the eye so take a look at these ten very good reasons why you should start planning that visit.

5 Must-visit Places in Colombia

Posted By ivanpw on Travel - When it comes to countries, Colombia nearly has it all: Beaches, rainforest, cosmopolitan cities, mountains, you name it, Colombia probably has it. And now Colombia is one of the biggest up-and-coming destinations, you’re probably planning a trip there pronto....

The amazing W Hotel Bali

Posted By Kenkai on Travel - Now this is a nice hotel. I first visited this on New Years Eve back in 2012. Such an amazing view once you’re in there. You get a whole view of the pools and it’s just stunning. Just a little further on is the beach which at that time, they held the fire works. This place was flash. The real ... Read MoreRelated posts:Traveling to Bali (Kuta, Jimbaran and more) Tanah Lot, temple of the giant snake – Bali, Indonesia Things to do in Bali, Indonesia

Welcome to Bombay

Posted By q4understanding on Travel - As I walked the streets of Mumbai a kind of peace came over me. It has been 4 long years since I traveled abroad. The dirty crowded streets, with people and cars crisscrossing each others paths was not as overwhelming as expected, but I rather felt a sense of calmness almost as if I had […]

A little hardship never hurt anyone right?

Posted By q4understanding on Travel - So it would seem everything was not quite under control after all. We got a couple of weeks delay due to our Visas. For some reason the Indian consulate in the US has a hard time with European passports. Oh well, Visa’s are here, tickets are booked and we will land in Mumbai in a […]