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4 Ways to Blog Smarter and Build Your Traffic

Posted By erikemanuelli on Web Traffic - Bloggers have it tough nowadays. An overcrowded blogosphere is filled with blogs in every niche you can imagine, social media is growing without driving blog traffic and posts suddenly need to be over 1,000 words to get search engine positioning. Creating a successful blog has become a full time job – even when it doesn’t earn full time pay.

What’s a blogger to do? Throwing in the towel is one option, sure, but you can build traffic to monetize your blog and create a career as a freelance writer from it, if you learn to work smarter. Here are 4 ways to blog smarter to build your traffic – and your income.

3 Great Ways To Get Traffic To Your Small Business Website

Posted By erikemanuelli on Web Traffic - Let’s see how you can turn your website into your gate for clients to walk through and how to get targeted traffic to it that will be easily turned into buying customers.

Incredible SEO Tips That Can Increase Website Traffic!

Posted By erikemanuelli on Web Traffic - Everyone with a website is looking for the same thing. They all want to know how their site can get more visitors.
If a site has a lot of visitors, then it means you can make more money from it.
Here are three SEO tips that can help increase website traffic.