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How to Build Your Website’s Traffic from Zero to 10k in 3 months

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - The first couple of months that your website/blog is online are absolutely critical. Many webmasters and bloggers give up and shut down their sites just because they see very little traffic increase after a few months. That is why in this post, I’m going to share with you how I built up my site traffic from zero to 10k in 3 months, and I’ll highlight any useful things you can learn and take away from this post. But first, here’s a little background… My Site My website is Ghost For Beginners, which is a tutorials website about how to use the Ghost blogging platform (something akin to WordPress). The Ghost blogging platform just launched in the fall of 2013, and I first heard about it in December 2013 (so you can say that I was one of the first people to know about G

7 Essential Facebook Business Apps for eCommerce Websites

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - If you are into online business then you are sure to use social media to promote your business. And for that, Facebook is no doubt a popular choice. If you own an online e-commerce site, then you will be certainly looking for new ways to market it. To start with, you need to set your Facebook business page and customize applications to boost the sales of your online business. However, do not think that as soon as you organize your Facebook business page, you will be driving high sales. It will take its time, but it’s sure to bring promising results. Creating a Facebook Business Page is different from setting a personal page, and to get started you need to learn some quick tips. And as soon as the page gets ready, you can use it for interactive business sessions. 7 Essential Facebook Busin

How to Decrease Bounce Rate?

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - Your blog’s bounce rate is the percentage of all visitors who view a single page and then leave. A ‘bounce’ is defined as a visitor either clicking on the link to a different website, closing the tab or window, entering a new URL, going back, or simply having their session time out, according to the analytical software used to monitor bounce rate. Bounce rate is important because it measures the effectiveness with which your blog captures the attention of visitors. 6 Ways to Decrease Bounce Rate Here are some tips and pointers to keep in mind if you are currently making plans to cut down on your blog’s bounce rate: 1) Enhance Blog Content Better content ensures that visitors will be more easily hooked on your blog and continue navigating through your blog in search of more posts to read.

Tag Cloud – To add or not to add!

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - In the previous post, I gave you an introduction to tag cloud, its types and how to add them. In this post, we will discuss whether you should display tag clouds on a blog or not. The blogosphere is very much divided about the issue of tag clouds. Let’s see both its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of a Tag Cloud Content Illustration Some say that adding a tag cloud works better than a search box because the keyword cloud gives a viewer a highlighted illustration of a blog’s content. With a widget, you can show what a viewer could expect to find on a blog. Keyword Classification Sometimes categories are less beneficial than tags as tags are more useful in performing keyword classification. This keyword classification shows not only the reader but the webmaster as well the main key

Guest Blogging SOS: 3 Ways

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - It’s damn hard to be successful in guest blogging. We also know how guest blogging is really one of the best ways to not only increase blog traffic and backlinks but also to establish a blog as an ‘authority figure’. Many bloggers outsource the guest blogging process these days and there are some who don’t. Whatever is the intention of your guest blogging efforts, the numbers of rejections are usually high. For instance, not everyone can get published on Search Engine Journal or Hongkiat. In this blog piece, I will highlight 3 ways to improve guest blog acceptance numbers drastically. Guest Blogging SOS – 3 Awesome Ways  1. Do not use Guest Blogging Templates Okay, most of us have heard how you found our blog and loved it. For a moment, we may even revel in its glory but when we receive 1

Fan Reach Decreased on Facebook with 55% since August 2013

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - Recently, Facebook pages have experienced a significant decrease in the number of fans they reach with their messages so if you are a blogger and you are sharing your blog posts on Facebook, you might have noticed this. According to a survey conducted by Komfo among 5349 Facebook pages, by March 2014 the fan penetration has dropped with 55% since August 2013 and the reason for this is the latest change in the algorithms of the social network. Fan Reach Decreased, but Engagement Increased The fan reach has decreased from an average of 25,2% in August 2013 to 11,3% by the end of March 2014. Despite those alarming news, it seems that pages‘ messages have become more viral and engaging. The CTR (Click Through Rate) has increased with more than 48% for the same period of time. Why is Facebook

Smarter Monkeys? Why You Need Pillar Blogging Posts

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - The amount of blogging data being tracked online via social media these days is enough to make George Orwell spin in his grave. Even he couldn’t have predicted the quantity of market research consumers are handing out for free with social media platforms – even lazy bloggers and hardcore picture sites are helping big companies make bank. So, after all the monkeys did their number crunching, they found something interesting that many of us hadn’t predicted; web surfers are getting smarter. Instead of the typical blogging keywords SEO copywriters have come to know and love, web cruisers are turning their search terms into more specific 8 to 10 word phrases. And you’ve got to react to the changes in a big way, too. How a Pillar Post Works in Blogging You have probably

Tag Cloud – Types & How to Add them?

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - Tag cloud is a visual representation or a navigation tool used to visualize the content of a blog or website. In more technical terms, it is an arbitrary arrangement of keywords displayed on the blog to help viewers search content easily and to help search engine bots classify the site. A tag cloud typically looks like this – When you see such a tag cloud, you will find that all the tags are linked to specific content pages. In short, a tag is a keyword in a link. Historic Significance of Tag Cloud The use of tag clouds arose in the early 2000 for Web 2.0 blogs and websites. Flickr, Technorati and were among the first high profile domains to use tag clouds. They are known as “mullets of the Internet” or “keyword cloud”. However, after few years, its use started declining becau