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The Power of ShopGi-tivity

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping - As a shop girl I was not only the face of the company I represented but an important brick in the wall of my local community.  This considered, those who work in grocery stores, Wal-Marts and Cost-Co stocking the aisles have the power to move mountains!  Don’t you believe me? I wore more bracelets than a gypsy and … Continue reading The Power of ShopGi-tivity

Retail Armageddon: 4 Reasons Amazon is Not to Blame

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping - It was the epidemic I wrote about in my first blog; the retail armageddon that very few else seemed to see coming.   Recently as I’ve been reporting on all the mass store closings of 2017, from brands we as a country took for granted as pillars of our society I’ve been receiving feedback on some … Continue reading Retail Armageddon: 4 Reasons Amazon is Not to Blame

UPDATE! Is There Hope after Bankruptcy for Retailers today?

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping - While walking along the Opry Mills Mall this weekend I stopped a moment to snap a quick pic of one of the many stealthily closing The Limited locations.  I had heard rumors and cries of bankruptcy over the past month and now here I stood witnessing those urgent red posters screaming with despair hanging like a … Continue reading UPDATE! Is There Hope after Bankruptcy for Retailers today?

Miracle Mile Shops

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping - Miracle Mile Shops Management: Boulevard Invest Location:   Las Vegas, NV Theme: Morrocan/Hollywood Type: Indoor (1.2 mile)     Perfect For: The Millennial Crowd Escaping the Desert Heat Must Stop Shops: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Desigual Kush Behind The Scenes For walkability, and optimal variety of shops and activities the Miracle Mile Mall was by far … Continue reading Miracle Mile Shops

The Limited Mission Statement

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping - We don’t sell products. We sell experiences The Limited was started in 1963, when Leslie “Les” Wexner took the knowledge he had gained from growing up in his parents retail shop, and decided with a $5,000 dollar loan from family to create his own women’s specialty shop.  The difference from his shop to his parents was … Continue reading The Limited Mission Statement

The Best Back to School Sales of 2015

Posted By hotbeautyhealth on Shopping -   August is the beginning of back to school shopping, the second biggest retail season. It’s also the best time to get the most bang for your buck. Mush-have items include stationary supplies, folders, backpacks, dorm essentials (for college students), as well as clothes and accessories. However, there’s no need to allow your shopping spree to plunder [...]