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So You Want to Sell Your Rental Property – Here’s How

Posted By loculogic on Property - A landlords may choose to sell a rental property for a variety of reasons.   Perhaps you are moving and don’t want to be a long distance landlord. Maybe you inherited the property, with no intention of ever being a landlord. You may live in a hot real estate market and your ready to liquidate […]The post So You Want to Sell Your Rental Property – Here’s How appeared first on Rentec Direct.

Caught on with a bad apple? The hows & whys of spam trapping and how to overcome them in 2016

Posted By emailmonks on Marketing - SPAM…this four letter word can give any email marketer high blood pressure and headaches. Though, no email marketer considers himself as a spammer and follows the best practices for attaining deliverability. But, the number of undelivered emails is still high and increasing frequently, as a recently done study stated that 22% of permission based emails […]The post Caught on with a bad apple? The hows & whys of spam trapping and how to overcome them in 2016 appeared first on Insights to get the best from email marketing campaigns | Email Monks.

3 Great Ways To Get Traffic To Your Small Business Website

Posted By erikemanuelli on Web Traffic - Let’s see how you can turn your website into your gate for clients to walk through and how to get targeted traffic to it that will be easily turned into buying customers.

How to Make Money Passively With Email Autoresponders

Posted By erikemanuelli on Marketing - Email may be ancient technology compared to social media, but it’s still better at getting your message heard. On social media, messages are ephemeral and often drowned out in all the noise. An email, on the other hand, stays in your audience’s inbox, and doesn’t go away if it’s ignored.

And with email, you don’t have to deal with character restraints, image specifications, paid reach, or tortuous terms of use.

That’s why the money’s in the list. Here’s how to get your list working for you.

Should I Rent a House or an Apartment – Tips for Tenants

Posted By loculogic on Property - Depending on the housing market in your area, picking your dream rental property can be a even balance between price and property perks.  In other instances, when rental availability is tight, renters may find themselves in a “I’ll take what I can get”  situation.   In an ideal situation, every renter will have the luxury […]The post Should I Rent a House or an Apartment – Tips for Tenants appeared first on Rentec Direct.

Major keys to rocking SXSW 2016

Posted By leonhitchens on Networking - South by Southwest (SXSW) is a big party where music, film, and technology experts come together to share their knowledge, grab a taco, and have a drink together. South by Southwest Interactive dubbed ‘spring break for geeks,’ which means lots of drinking, networking, and brand activations.

How 'Content Shock' Has Led to the Rise of the Chief Revenue Officer at Financially Struggling Online Publications

Posted By erikemanuelli on Business - In 2016, many online publications are struggling with revenues.

The cash-flow bottleneck comes as a result of “content shock,” whereby audiences are constantly barraged with media, shortening our attention spans and raising our standards in terms of what captures and holds our focus.

Of course, there are monetization challenges to address with the rising share of content consumed via mobile devices.

Then there’s the rising prevalence of ad blockers, widespread banner blindness and the general lack of interest among the general public.

Studies indicate that the average click through rate for display ads is 0.06 percent, and ad blocking has grown by 41 percent in the last year. It’s more likely you’ll climb Mt. Everest than click on a display ad.

What do YOU think?

How Much Money Do You Need To Retire?

Posted By douglascarey on Finance - It is such an important question- How much money do I need to retire? But not enough people ask it. Even they do ask the question, they are not using the proper tools and analysis to correctly answer this all-important question.

First, you must use planning tools that are accurate. They should calculate your taxes properly, allow for different account types such as Traditional IRAs, 401(k) plans, Roth IRAs, 592 plans, and many others.

Tenant Tricks Landlord Into Signing an Altered Lease

Posted By loculogic on Property - Electronic lease agreements provide convenient options for landlords who want to streamline the leasing process with soon to be tenants.  Sending a lease agreement via email or through e-signature providers, like DocuSign for Rentec, eliminates the time consuming process of printing a lengthy document and coordinating schedules to meet in person for the lease signing. […]The post Tenant Tricks Landlord Into Signing an Altered Lease appeared first on Rentec Direct.

Rentec Direct Introduces New Academic Scholarship

Posted By loculogic on Property - Rentec Direct is honored to announce a new program to support the academic advancement of students pursuing a degree in computer programming, software development or computer science. The Tech Mastery Scholarship program from Rentec Direct aims to assist undergraduate and graduate students with achieving their academic dreams and future goals. “We understand that the investment […]The post Rentec Direct Introduces New Academic Scholarship appeared first on Rentec Direct.

Product Hunt Collections for WordPress - The Ultimate List

Posted By erikemanuelli on Networking - Here’s one for you: Where do you usually go if you want to discover some cool new WordPress-related tools?

Google works well, clearly. So does if you’re looking for plugins.

Last but not least, various list posts on your favorite WordPress blogs are a great source of inspiration too. I guess the number of times I got a good plugin or tool recommendation from a list article goes in the hundreds…

But there’s also a different way to discover cool WordPress-related tools.
Just like you’re seeing in the headline, it’s Product Hunt.