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Weekend Roundup, March 12, 2016

Posted By Gettinglaid on Adult - ‘The Hooker Monologues’ Shows The Hidden World Of Sex Work Maggie de Vries spent a good chunk of the 1990s trekking out to a small, grey house in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside trying to rescue her sister from a life of prostitution.  But after Sarah vanished and her DNA turned up on serial killer Robert Pickton’s farm, […]

The Best Pickup Lines You Never Hear

Posted By Gettinglaid on Adult - †For the purposes of this article, a 100% success rate means that you will be noticed, the form of notice may include drinks to the face, slaps, punches, angry boyfriends, being thrown out of a bar by a bouncer, or even starting a conversation with someone who doesn’t understand English I love pickup lines.  The […]

Online Dating: The Modern Norm

Posted By Gettinglaid on Adult - Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A guy and a girl are both walking down a hallway, perhaps in high school or perhaps outside a university lecture hall, the guy has his backpack and girl has her books clutched to her chest, somehow they bump into each other, and her books fall on the […]

12 Ideas for Great Sex

Posted By Gettinglaid on Adult - Here are some sex tips you can use with your partner whether you have been dating for some time and you are considering to spice things up or only looking to brush up on some sex tips that will help your overall enjoyment. Listed below are a whole host of notions to heat up your […]

Buying Your First Sex Toy

Posted By Gettinglaid on Adult - Statistics indicate that most women have more satisfying orgasms with sex toys compared to their male partner. In fact, according to, 44% of women have used a sex toy and half of those purchased their first toy in their 20s.  Many women would like to buy a sex toy but are shy to walk […]

9 Ways to Get a Girlfriend

Posted By Gettinglaid on Adult - 1- Be Ambitious Making money is fine, and there are certainly girls who put an inordinate emphasis on wealth. We are not talking about those girls.  Success in your professional life helps your romantic endeavors by highlighting your drive.  It is hot when a guy pursues a goal and is enthusiastic about something.  In the […]

Weekend Roundup, March 5, 2016

Posted By Gettinglaid on Adult - How to say ‘yes!’ to sex (and not just ‘OK, only if you shut up about it’) I had a good chat recently with a woman who loves sex, and she said that she never refuses her husband, that she always comes from a place of “Yes!”.  Apparently her mother had drilled into her that […]

Balancing Your Love Life With Your Work Life

Posted By Gettinglaid on Adult - Finding a balance between your love life and work is somewhat challenging in the 21st century. The world is extremely fast-paced, and the regular single can find it difficult to focus on their love life. A search for love can be even more of a challenge for an individual coming out of a recent breakup […]

9 Tips to Blind Dating

Posted By Gettinglaid on Adult - In many ways, blind dаting is nо different thаn any оthеr fоrm оf dаting. Thе bаѕiс еlеmеntѕ of dating ѕtill еxiѕt, but you must bе more саrеful to рrасtiсе a blind dаtе. Likе аnу date, уоu want a blind dаtе tо gо well to secure a ѕесоnd dаtе. Safety is one of the key differences, […]

Let’s Talk About the Happy Ending

Posted By Gettinglaid on Adult - First off, the happy ending massage is not an urban myth, they are very real. The last link there is a story from my hometown of Bryan, TX where cops took down one of these rub-n-tug parlors (three different locations from the same ring actually) last week. This bust is the biggest sex news in […]