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Second BA Landing Page

Posted By g2crowd on Technology - Talk to our Software Buying Advisors: (888) 555-1234 or Chat Now Chat Now We base all of our recommendations on reviews written by real users of thousands of software products. We have more business software reviews than anyone else. Because of this, we can drill down and provide the most valuable, relevant insights based on company size, industry and individual ... Read More
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Funding, IPOs and Acquisitions Digest: Edition XVII

Posted By g2crowd on Technology - Google Cloud added to its versatile toolbox this week with the acquisition of the cloud identity and access management product Bitium. In its statement announcing the acquisition, Google pointed to how the move from on-premise solutions to the cloud allows for much higher productivity and innovation. As enterprises continue to adopt cloud technologies, Google views Bitium’s cloud identity and access management solution as essential. “We ... Read More
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Game Dev Digest: Edition III

Posted By g2crowd on Technology - As of September 27, Blizzard will start enforcing permanent bans for “Overwatch” players who have accumulated three seasonal bans. This is an attempt to crack down on toxic players. Designer and programmer Charles Randall expressed that game developers would be more candid about the development process of games if they felt the gaming community was less hostile. Polygon contributor Mike Sholars wrote a powerful essay on ... Read More
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Is It Time to Invest in a Real Estate CRM?

Posted By g2crowd on Technology - On its face, real estate may appear to be the business of buying and selling properties. In truth, it’s a business about relationships. When I was in college, I worked in a real estate office, and my boss told me the most important part of her job was ensuring she had good relationships with all of her clients. A significant ... Read More
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CodeLobster PHP Edition: More Than Your Average IDE

Posted By erikemanuelli on Software - Software developers and programmers today have been given tools that just ten years ago might have been impossible to find. The most basic thing they need to do their jobs is the platform on which they code.

What used to be simple plain text editors have now given way to complete Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).

The IDE is where everything is done under one roof, from writing the code to compilation and sometimes even execution. What’s even more remarkable is that these IDEs offer so many functions that extend their power greatly. From auto-complete for code syntax, colour-coded text, to pre-made templates, there’s so much to explore.

For those in the field, today we’re going to take a closer look at CodeLobster PHP Edition.

12 Things You Should Know Before Using Google AMP

Posted By uttoransen on Mobile - Google is working hard to improve the mobile experience of website visitors. Google AMP is part of that initiative. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. The goal of the project is to provide an open-source platform for publishers and developers to use as they create faster versions of their websites for mobile devices

Why Turnkey Solutions Beat Generic Cloud Services in Virtual Training Delivery

Posted By erikemanuelli on Technology - There's no denying it - cloud has arrived. Cloud technology has seen adoption grow rapidly in recent years and is expected to be even bigger business. Forrester expects public cloud services to be worth $236 billion by 2020 and, if the new year hasn't sunk in yet, that's just three years away.

15 Israeli Startups to Watch in 2017

Posted By erikemanuelli on Technology - Israel is a tiny nation of about eight million people whose interest in hi-tech startups is passionate. Last year, I sought and found some of the hottest Israeli startups. This year, I again had the opportunity to visit this remarkable country and discover several startups worth watching. In keeping with a year-end listicle, I'm noting 15 startups to watch in 2017--the ones I was the most impressed with in Israel.

This year, I wanted to focus on companies, both large and small, that find themselves on the cusp of achieving great things. I believe that many, if not all, of these firms are on their way to becoming global disrupters and influencers.

Everything You Need To Know About Chatbots

Posted By tigertiger on Technology - Want to know more about chatbots? In this article, we look at what chatbots are, how to build one, and how chatbots can be a used by all businesses, even start-ups, to build their brand and improve their customer support.

Up Your Game with 14 Website Optimization Techniques

Posted By erikemanuelli on Technology - The Website Performance Bootcamp includes quiz materials on the following beginner and advanced topics.

For beginners:

- Protocol
- Website performance features
- Configuration topics
- Stale content
- Load balancing
- File compression
- System communication

For advanced learners:

- Domains
- HTTP protocol
- Forming connections
- Advanced caching
- Authentication
- HTTP codes

Check out new Incapsula online training portal: the Website Performance Bootcamp.

What You Can Learn at the DDoS Protection Bootcamp

Posted By erikemanuelli on Technology - Recent studies indicate that almost 75 percent of organizations have suffered at least one DDoS attack over the past 12 months. This is not a problem that’s going away. The DDoS Protection Bootcamp gives trainees the technical knowledge and skills to identify and block different types of DDoS attacks.

The training is divided into Basic and Advanced levels so you can choose the courses that best match your needs and proceed at your own pace. As noted, the educational content for each topic is followed by a quiz whose level of difficulty depends on the course level. The course concludes with a final exam covering all eight topics.

Integrate App Security Testing In Agile

Posted By erikemanuelli on Technology - Testing and rooting out bugs are integral parts of any successful application development process.

Contrary to popular belief, application security testing doesn’t need to be an arduous process.

In this post, I’ll introduce five easy steps that will help you to integrate security testing into your software development lifecycle seamlessly and without incurring too much technical and managerial overhead.

Five SQL Best Practices

Posted By erikemanuelli on Technology - You hear about it all the time on TV news, print magazines, and online articles … a new breach, a new attack, a new threat, a new vulnerability.

So, what is SQL and why is it so vulnerable to attack?

To save you and your company from an equally costly breach, there are five best practices you should implement immediately:
(1) authenticate outside of the SQL itself,
(2) remove unnecessary users,
(3) limit privileges,
(4) monitor failed login attempts;
(5) disable unused features or browser services.