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Top 10 Essential URL Shorteners

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - URL shorteners are services in which, let’s say, a long-ish URL is inserted and at the click of a button, the URL is shortened to a maximum 10-character code. When anyone clicks on this code, they are directed to the original URL. Use of URL Shorteners The important usages are: Sharing of blog posts on social networking sites; Tracking visitors & conversions   Top 10 Essential URL Shorteners There are 100+ URL shortening services. Here, I give you the best of the lot, according to my observation. Your choices can vary so feel free to share it with us. 1. This is the official tool from Google which not only allows you to shorten unlimited URL’s but helps you track traffic / visits from its very easy-to-access dashboard. 2. This is a popular and perhaps the oldest too

Brother CreativeCenter Back to Business Contest $500 Prize Package with Free Printable Templates

bbrian017 on Blogging - What small business, blogger or consultant would not like to produce professional promotional materials? Most believe they don’t have the skills. But anyone who can use common software already knows how if they use the Brother CreativeCenter. Simply choose the type of project you want to create: mailers, posters, brochures, business cards – even calendars […]

This One Trick Increases Deep Sleep By 20%

JaysonFeltner on Blogging - I used to need 9 hours of sleep before I learned this one trick that increased my deep sleep so much, I now sleep less and have more energy each day. This is how it’s done.This simple trick requires little more than tapping into our primal sleeping patterns. In 1992, the Journal of Sleep Research published research results in which participants had no access to clocks or sunlight. Interestingly enough, the participants soon had no idea what time of day it was and thus relied on their primal instincts to decide when to go to sleep.Nearly all the participants adapted a primal sleep schedule where their deep sleep “was divided into two symmetrical bouts, several hours in duration, …The post This One Trick Increases Deep Sleep By 20% appeared first on

What David Ogilvy Can’t Teach You

BusinessBanter on Business - David Ogilvy is long renowned for his prowess as a copywriter and ad man. I still get goosebumps when I read about him or his work. He was an amazing craftsman who’s taught millions of us a thing or two about great selling. But what he can’t teach us is empathy. Why Empathy Matters Copywriting […]