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5 awesome tips for asking a woman out on a date

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - I was the absolute King of no confidence back in the 90’s and early 00’s. I’d be the little shy guy lurking in the corner waiting for someone to come over and speak to me. Seriously, I was adverse to rejection as water is to fire. How did I overcome this? Well, I did what

Presenting – 4 Tips you don’t hear about body language

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - When it comes to presenting what you say is of paramount importance but disregard to the way you say it can undermine and destroy every good intention you have.Most presenters understand the need to project confident, open body language when delivering an important message but there’s a lot more you can do other than to stand tall, smile and uncross your arms.I read an interesting blog this morning entitled ‘The Simple Little Trick That Will Make Audiences Trust You’ which contained some sound advice, although the title concerned me a little. Trust isn’t something you should have to ‘trick’ your audience into; if you have it within you to give they will pick up on it.Here’s is what I’ve learned and teach about the impact of non-verbal langua