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Black Hat Meets White Hat: A Friendly Relationship

Posted By dlane1987 on Blogging -   In my time online I like many have explored both Black Hat and White Hat.  If you don’t know the difference then allow me to explain a little. Black Hat Black Hat is the term given to any strategy that is intended to trick google and other search engines.  It is also used for any strategy that breaks the rules in some way in an attempt to get massive results.  Black Hat is often synonymous with spamming. If you do Black Hat you risk loosing everything if you are caught, but the potential gain is definitely worth it if The post Black Hat Meets White Hat: A Friendly Relationship appeared first on Dans Passive Income.

The Art and Science of Presenting-Episode 10 – Body Language

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - In episode 9 we said that ‘If there’s a mismatch between what we are saying and how we are saying it then the impact of the words we use is significantly diminished; people won’t trust what you say.’ In other words when it comes to the way people feel about our message then what we say and how we say it both verbally and non- verbally are each critically important to building trust. In fact, we don’t have to utter a word to communicate as even if we aren’t saying a thing our body is still giving us away.The way we move our arms, heads, the way we stand, use our face and make eye contact are constantly sending messages. We’ve already looked in some depth at content and how we verbally express what we want to say so now let’s turn our attentio

19 Social Media Authorities Reveal the Risk Hidden in Your Profile

Posted By GuestCrew on Social Media - I decided to reach out to some serious influencers in Social Media to find out what they do to decrease risk by gaining connections and protecting them.

You may not know some of them, but if you don’t you’ll probably want to. Many of them don’t even need an introduction, so because of all of the great information that they have to share with you,

I’ll focus on their responses and include their contact info so you can get to know them yourself if you don’t already.

So You’ve Got A Popular Website – What Now?

Posted By erikemanuelli on Make Money - Building a popular website has involved a lot of hard work. You probably spent a lot of money too. So, it makes sense to monetize your domain and create income streams.
After all, that’s why you started the website in the first place. On this page, you will find some tips and advice that should help you to progress.
It’s important that your new business evolves and capitalises on the latest trends. The guidance you’re getting today comes from experts with ample experience. Use it wisely!