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16 Creative Ways To Use Visuals In Your Landing Pages

Posted By adamjc on Marketing - Visuals are the emotional foundation of your landing pages. They have the power to make your visitors walk away feeling happy, informed, motivated or reassured. And most importantly – they have the power to boost your conversions. But how exactly can you incorporate visuals into your landing pages? Unsurprisingly, there are lots of ways to […]The post 16 Creative Ways To Use Visuals In Your Landing Pages appeared first on Blogging Wizard.

13 Content Marketing Trends Happening Now

Posted By uttoransen on Marketing - There are so many forms of content and so many ways to make it work for you.

While there are some dependable content strategies we can go to every time, there are some trends that are making the industry sit up and pay attention.

What’s happening now and what’s coming next in content marketing?


2017 College Football Top 20 Rankings Week 4

Posted By ReggieBreese on Sports -   A couple of teams moved up big time on my College Football Top 20 Rankings for Week 4. I’m somewhat different than the AP and USA Today College polls. Both polls have Clemson ranked second. I don’t. Below, I get into why. I also write about the other 19 college football teams in my...The post 2017 College Football Top 20 Rankings Week 4 appeared first on .

Why Business and Cryptocurrency Represent the Future

Posted By ivanpw on Blogging - Cryptocurrency became really popular in the last few years. Starting a business with the help of cryptocurrency can be amazingly attractive, given the fact that this sector started to gain… Read more »(c)

Email Marketing for New Bloggers

Posted By erikemanuelli on Marketing - One of the most common questions I hear from new bloggers is, “How do I start email marketing?”

Creating a newsletter for your blog is easy and can be a great way to drive traffic and income. In fact, the most financially successful bloggers I know owe it to their “list.” Here is what you need to know to get started.

Top 10 Landlord-Tenant Laws to Remember

Posted By loculogic on Property - Laws pertaining to rental housing are established to protect both parties of the landlord-tenant relationship.  Knowledge of and compliance with federal, state and local regulations is crucial for both landlords and tenants.  Rental property owners want to run a profitable business and protect their investment.  Tenants want to live peacefully in a rental home and […]
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Sponsorship VS Advertising: Which one is better for you?

Posted By Printsome on Blogging - Sponsorship VS Advertising: They both generate awareness but it is crucial to know what their benefits and advantages are to make the right decision...
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A Moment with Her

Posted By RelBlogger on Dating - And then walking along with her by a little stream by a little wooden bridge and a half moon hung in the sky, I feel that the pain is back. Why from where it came back I don’t know but it is true and has come back and I can feel that with each rush […]
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How to Increase Blog Traffic: Guest Posting

Posted By ZacJohnson on Blogging - As we continue with ways to increase blog traffic I want to dive into guest posting. When I asked my Facebook Friends the other day how they drive blog traffic Zac Johnson noted how guest posting is probably the best way to increase traffic to your blog. I agree with him. You get sweet SEO benefits plus introduce yourself to established, loyal audiences. I have written and published over 1,000 guest posts through a rich collection of blogs. Let me tell you; this traffic driving technique has been good to me. The benefits range from making friends with top bloggers The post How to Increase Blog Traffic: Guest Posting appeared first on Blogging Tips.

LEADING OFF: Cubs-Brewers meet in NL Central showdown

Posted By stlnews on News - September 21, 2017 (STL.News) – Cubs, Brewers, Twins, Colorado:  A look at what’s happening all around the majors today: ___ NL CENTRAL SHOWDOWN If the surprising Brewers are going to catch Chicago in the NL [...]The post LEADING OFF: Cubs-Brewers meet in NL Central showdown appeared first on STL.News.

Videos: Michelle Yeoh Talks About Taking The Captain's Chair On Star Trek: Discovery

Posted By themoviesleuth on Movies -    This is a new behind-the-scenes video for Star Trek: Discovery that features Michelle Yeoh discussing how Captain Philippa Georgiou's murky background and inherent optimism make her the ideal choice to command the U.S.S. Shenzhou. The new show will premiere on Sunday, September 24 at 8:30PM EST/ 7:30 CST, which may end up airing later due to NFL Football and 60 Minutes. It will also be made available on CBS All Access, with the second episode being available on the service right after the broadcast premiere of episode one. After the 24th, all of the new episodes will be available each Sunday on a weekly basis via CBS All Access. The 15 episode season will be split into two parts. Part one will run from September 24 through November 5, with the second half resum

Which Bulldogs Are the Best Betting Pick for College Football Week 4?

Posted By EricWilliams on Sports - Arguably the game of the day in College football Week 4 this Saturday is a potential SEC Championship Game between Bulldogs as No. 17 Mississippi State, one of the big early surprises and new to the Top 25, visits East Division favorite and No. 11 Georgia. It’s going to be a dogfight for sure, as […]
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