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What Super Engagement Bloggers Say is the Magic Ingredient in Blogging

Posted By worthblogger on Blogging - In the last few weeks, I have been reading awesome articles on reader engagement. In fact, the truth that must be told today is that blogging has graduated from the normal day by day post to something even more engaging.The concept behind writing an awesome blog is writing reader engagement blog posts. A blog is meant to be like a home for its readers and not just a place to look around and then zoom off.I have had the privilege of interacting via comments, guest posts and social media with some blog engagement superstars like Adrienne Smith, Donna Merrill, Ana Hoffman, Enstine Muki, Neil Patel, Darren Rowse, Ilean Smith, Kevin Duncan, Don Purdum, Yaro Starak and host of others, and I can comfortably say that blog engagement is worth doing. These online influencers have all shared their i

Blog Engage Profile Page Improvements

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - I am very happy to announce the upgrade and redesign of the Blog Engage profile pages. You will find the pages are now easier to navigate and present your profile data and information in a much more attractive way. Overall it’s been a complete redesign and I’m sure you’re going to love it. We have […]The post Blog Engage Profile Page Improvements appeared first on Blog Engage.

Arctic Z1 Pro Desk Mount Assembly Part 1

Posted By dragonblogger on Video Blogging - Arctic Z1 Pro Desk Mount Assembly Part 1I show you here how to put together the Arctic Z1 Pro Desk Mount Monitor Arm. This is part 1, more coming very soon and the total review of this coming soon to Blogger Technology and EntertainmentViews:0 0ratingsTime:15:03More inScience & Technology

Independence Day Giveaway ~ Free Credit Vouchers Up for Grasp!

Posted By worthblogger on Blogging - Hello friends, its independence day for my country Nigeria!I can’t tell you how much happy and proud I am right now! My heart is filled with love for my country and countrymen.Here in Nigeria, we celebrate our Independence Day on the 1st of October every year. Nigeria achieved independence in 1960 and so we think of October 1, 1960, as a day that represents the declaration of independence and the birth of Nigeria as an independent nation.Google, as always, celebrates history and has changed its Google Doodle to celebrate the Nigeria’s 2014 Independence Day!The artistic Doodle, shows different tribes of Nigeria, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba taking 3 of Nigeria’s major means of transportation – Keke (tricycle), Okada (motorcycle) and Danfo (bus).Now I wouldn’

Remove Matched 3rd Party Content Music From Your YouTube Video

Posted By Ileane on Video Blogging - Remove Matched 3rd Party Content Music From Your YouTube VideoIf YouTube discovers Matched 3rd party content in your video, you will no longer earn AdSense from that video. In this tutorial I show you how to easily remove that music from your video intro...From:Ileane SmithViews:2 0ratingsTime:02:51More inEducation

5 Techniques Every Blogger Should Use to Execute Professional Email Marketing Campaigns

Posted By worthblogger on Blogging - Some may think that email marketing is just for selling something, but as a blogger I have found that they are also good for something else; drawing in traffic and building a loyal audience – which actually is the foundation of selling anything. Like many things, an email marketing campaign can take a little time and a lot of effort to get it just right.It’s very important for us to approach everything on our journey with a solid game plan and professional attitude, it’s the only way we can truly standout and make an impact. And with the average return on investment for email marketing reaching as high as 4,300%, there has never been a better time to get it right.Image SourceSince I have been down this road before though, I am happy to help make your email marketing at least a little easi

$150 Blog Commenting Contest Winners Announced ~ 62 Authors, 349 Comments!

Posted By worthblogger on Blogging - Hello friends, 30th September 2014 marked the end of the very first blog commenting contest held on WorthBlogger blog.Today, I am happy to inform you that 62 comment authors with 349 comments were recorded in the month of September 2014 despite the Over 105 Comments Unapproved on the Contest after discovering some irregularities in commenting Well, that wouldn’t stop me from rewarding the folks who actually were participating in the contest but never made it look like it’s all about the money!I can recall vividly that faithful day when I announced this contest on my blog, and today, it’s reward time for you!Wondering why I said “it’s reward time for you?”Today It’s Bonus for all!Despite all odds and the short comings of some commentators who I ini

Joining The Amazon Affiliate Program Walkthrough

Posted By Mission0ps on Video Blogging - Joining The Amazon Affiliate Program WalkthroughJoining The Amazon Affiliate Program Walkthrough As part of the free Amazon affiliate training on - Just because you're...From:Tony BalthazarViews:2 0ratingsTime:04:22More inHowto & Style