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10 Easy Tips on How to Present Complex Information

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Regardless of the topic, all presenters share the common goal of ensuring that they keep their audience interested and engaged.  Exceptional presenters aim for much more; they want their audience to feel something, remember their key message and act on it.That’s all well and good but when you’re tasked with sharing complex information, achieving those goals doesn’t appear so easy.Many years of experience and coaching has taught us that it can however be far simpler than you think.Here are 10 easy tips on how to achieve those goals:1. Be a great Tour GuideA great tour guide will:- Never let you get lost- Make sure you can hear them at the back- Bring the facts to life- Tell you stories- Make sure you enjoy yourself2. Show them what to look atDirect your audience&rsqu

Embroidered polo shirts for schools: Tips for designing the best uniform

Posted By Printsome on Blogging - Find out the best tips for designing uniforms for schools! Embroidered polo shirts and more!The post Embroidered polo shirts for schools: Tips for designing the best uniform appeared first on Printsome .

How Global Companies Reduce Translation Costs

Posted By GuestCrew on Communication - One common characteristic of global communications departments is their constant state of being short-handed.

Even in times of corporate expansion, global communications departments rarely expand at an equivalent rate.

How to Secure Your WordPress Site Using “Wordfence Security” Plugin (Free)

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blog Tips - When was the last time you monitored the level of security of your Wordpress site?

This post introduces a very useful tool: "Wordfence Security" plugin (free).

Start a New Site & Double Your Money Challenge: From Zero to Blogging Hero #MBUstorm

Posted By erikemanuelli on Contests - Starting a blog from scratch is not easy.

You need to decide a good domain name, setting up the hosting service, installing WordPress and, most of all, producing constantly high-quality content for your audience!

And of course, monetizing the website and making money with it is really a challenge!

What if you had a strong motivation to start from scratch a new project to participate to an awesome contest?

Well, keep reading, because MyBlogU just organized a fantastic challenge you want to be in!

How to Increase Blog Comments and Engagement – INFOGRAPHIC

Posted By Cent on Blogging - Do you know why some bloggers get tons and tons of comments, while others only hear crickets chirping all day long? If your answer was: “Because some bloggers get more traffic”, you’re wrong. Although more visitors can help, traffic isn’t the secret. So, what’s the secret?

Pressure Creates Diamonds: 7 Startups Heating Up The Tech Industry

Posted By erikemanuelli on Business - The world might be ready for yet another ‘unicorn’ startup: that mythical company that will change the way we do things, earning their billions in the process.

Here are seven up-and-comers that are destined to make their own enormous dents in their respective industries.

21 Habits of Highly Successful Growth Hackers

Posted By GuestCrew on Marketing - For many markers used to print ads and direct mail, this new world is tough to understand.

Growth hackers, on the other hand, thrive in our new marketing environment.

These hackers know not only how to maximize the impact of online tools, but how to use those tools to grow a business – often exceptionally.

What makes a growth hacker so successful? Many things.