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How Brother Office Talk Inspires Small Business Community

bbrian017 on Blogging - Brother Office Talk is part of the Brother International Corporation which focuses on helping the small business community. Their blog shares news, trends, reviews, opinions on different Brother products. One of the reasons that attracted me towards Brother Office Talk is because of their commitment to help small businesses. They are highly motivated and dedicated […]

The 1 Trick You Must Know To Remember Names

JaysonFeltner on Blogging - A strange looking and eccentric woman walked up to me and asked my name.  She said she had a strange ability to remember names.  I was in the middle of a class of 30 people and liked my odds.  I bet her should couldn’t remember names of every person.I told her my name, then promptly moved to a seat across the room. I convinced another few people to move as well.  This way, she couldn’t just remember a pattern of names.  She had to remember our names based only on our faces.My jaw was just as open as the other 29 jaws in the room when she went around naming each and every person.  First and last names!  …The post The 1 Trick You Must Know To Remember Names appeared first on

Link Exchange-How It Effects Website Seo

dasangamrahu on SEO - Link Exchange-How Link Exchange can effect your website Seo.A lot of people are going to say that all link exchanges are good for you, and that is not true, but it is misleading. Here Are some Advantages and Disadvantage of of Link Exchange

Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Never Works Out

AaronAgius on Marketing - Every content marketing strategy is different, and every business faces its own challenges. Addressing every one of these challenges in a blog post is impossible, but there are a few common faults that can be highlighted. These are some of the most common mistakes I see preventing the content marketing efforts of companies from bringing [...]The post Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Never Works Out appeared first on Louder Online.

10 Budget Conscious Marketing Tips from Our Back to Business Twitter Chat Party

BrotherOffice on Business - Last week we hosted the #BrotherBackToBiz Chat Party with the theme of branding and creating great marketing materials on a budget. It was a great opportunity for networking and the sharing of tips we’re hoping every small business will find useful. In fact, we had so many great suggestions from our small business community, we thought we’d Read More The post 10 Budget Conscious Marketing Tips from Our Back to Business Twitter Chat Party appeared first on Brother Office Talk.

How to Build Your Website’s Traffic from Zero to 10k in 3 months

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - The first couple of months that your website/blog is online are absolutely critical. Many webmasters and bloggers give up and shut down their sites just because they see very little traffic increase after a few months. That is why in this post, I’m going to share with you how I built up my site traffic from zero to 10k in 3 months, and I’ll highlight any useful things you can learn and take away from this post. But first, here’s a little background… My Site My website is Ghost For Beginners, which is a tutorials website about how to use the Ghost blogging platform (something akin to WordPress). The Ghost blogging platform just launched in the fall of 2013, and I first heard about it in December 2013 (so you can say that I was one of the first people to know about G

Parallax Pro Theme by Studiopress

bbrian017 on Blogging - One of the best Studiopress themes is the Parallax Pro Theme. The new role of website design is telling story. Parallax Pro provides a theme that helps in telling a story. Like all Studiopress themes, Parallax Pro is powered by the Genesis Framework. Parallax Pro Features Parallax keeps your page content in proper narrative order, […]

5 Reasons Why Natural Gas is the Future Fuel of Choice

JaysonFeltner on Blogging - When I graduated from college, natural gas prices were at an all time high.  The industry was booming and everyone was saying that natural gas is the energy of the future.  When prices fell by half almost over night, I was still saying‚ “natural gas is the energy of the future”.  It is as true a statement today as it was then.My career has been spent in the natural gas industry.  No matter what the price has been, the fundamental economics of natural gas continue to be solid.  Natural gas, more than any other fuel in the world, has all the makings of the best fuel choice for our future.As oil production continues to decline around the …The post 5 Reasons Why Natural Gas is the Future Fuel of Choice appeared first on

10 Crowdfunding Platforms You Should Know About

BusinessBanter on Business - Crowdfunding is booming into a billion dollar industry and as the industry grows, so does the number of crowdfunding platforms available. Choosing the right platform for your project is the first step to conducting a successful crowdfunding campaign. There are many niche platforms out there that target specific types of projects and it’s important to […]

They Did What!? 19 Secrets Of Successful Business Owners Who Took the Road Less Traveled

AaronAgius on Marketing - Western Australia is home to 211,203 small businesses, and you can bet that of those small businesses, no two share similar success stories. Millions of lifestyle business owners around the world are trying to make a living doing what they love. Success is measured in all sorts of different ways, and there’s certainly no one [...]The post They Did What!? 19 Secrets Of Successful Business Owners Who Took the Road Less Traveled appeared first on Louder Online.